A selection of my photographs

      Designed by Australian Henry Millicer and put into production in 1962 by Victa Ltd, a newly formed aviation subsidiary of Victa Consolidated Industries in Sydney, 168 Airtourers were built before production abruptly ceased. Despite continuing sales demand, the company shut down its aviation division in 1966, blaming the Australian Government's refusal to allow trariff protection for the local aviation industry to compete against American imports. The Airtourer was an all-metal two-seater with fixed undercarriage, giving excellent performance for training or travel flights. There were two models:
Victa Airtourer 100:  100 hp Continental O-200
Victa Airtourer 115:  115 hp Lycoming O-235

      Later in 1966 Victa sold the design rights, production line jigs and tooling, plus unfinished airframes to Aero Engine Services Ltd in New Zeasland, which went on to successfully market a range of NZ-built AESL Airtourers and military AESL CT-4 Airtrainers.

Victa Airtourer 115 VH-MVA c/n 1 photographed at Bendigo Vic in December 1965. This was the prototype,  first flown
at Bankstown in December 1961 as an Airtourer 100, before being re-engined to become an Airtourer 115

Victa Airtourer 100 VH-MFO c/n 132 shows the shorter nose design of the lower powered model.
One of a number of Victas operated by the Mid Murray Flying Club, it seen at Kerang Vic in February 1966

Another Mid Murray Flying Club Airtourer 100, VH-MFN c/n 58 was at home base Swan Hill Vic in March 1965

Airtourer 100 VH-CFK c/n 95 with Civil Flying Services' flying school at Moorabbin in February 1965.
The pine trees backdrop were a feature of Moorabbin Airport until chopped down for more aircraft parking space.

Airtourer 100 VH-CFL c/n 99 of Civil Flying Services, Moorabbin in February 1965

Airtourer 115 VH-MBD c/n 21 of the Murray Border Flying Club, Tocumwal NSW was one of many Victa competitors
in the three-day Ansett Air Race from Brisbane to Adelaide in April 1964. Seen at Adelaide-Parafield at the finish.

Airtourer 100 VH-DER c/n 43 of the Whyalla Aero Club, Whyalla SA at the end of the Ansett Air Race

Airtourer 100 VH-MOA c/n 3 of the Latrobe Valley Aero Club, Morwell Vic was another Ansett Air Race entrant

Airtourer 115 VH-UQX c/n 47 in a new black and white factory paint scheme, was also in the Ansett Air Race in April 1964

Airtourer 100 VH-BWA c/n 14 of the Royal Aero Club of South Australia, at Parafield in January 1964

VH-BWB c/n 62 heads this line-up of Royal Aero Club of SA Victa Airtourer 100s at Waikerie SA in August 1963

Airtourer 100 VH-MVI c/n 54 was a Victa demonstrator in March 1965 when it attended an airshow at Horsham Vic

Airtourer 115 VH-RSL c/n 128 was one of six operated by the Royal Aero Club of NSW.
Seen at Bankstown Airport, Sydney in September 1965, with the club's insignia on the fuselage.

Airtourer 100 VH-RVE c/n 39 of Royal Victorian Aero Club at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne in February 1965

Airtourer 100 VH-IAY c/n 4 of Illawarra Flying School, at Bankstown in May 1963

Airtourer 100 VH-MOF c/n 162 of Latrobe Valley Aero Club, in front of the club house at Morwell Vic in August 1967

Airtourer 100 VH-WAW c/n 41 of Wangaratta Aero Club, photographed at Wangaratta Vic in September 1965

Airtourer 100 VH-MTE c/n 4 owned by Blythe Flying Club, Blythe SA was visiting Waikerie SA in August 1966

Airtourer 115 VH-TWE c/n 109 of Tamworth Aero Club, was a visitor to an airshow at Orange NSW in February 1966

Privately-owned Airtourer 115 VH-FME c/n 9, parked with Airtourer 100 VH-GBS c/n 69 of West Wyalong Aero Club NSW,
were both visitors to an airshow at Swan Hill Vic in March 1965

Airtourer 100 VH-MTB c/n 81 privately owned at Portland Vic was at an airshow at Whyalla SA in May 1965

Airtourer 115 VH-MUV c/n 96 at Albury NSW in September 1965

Privately-owned Airtourer 115 VH-MUA c/n 63 was parked with Royal Aero Club of SA Victas at Parafield in June 1965

THE END stencilled on the canopy, the final Airtourer awaits painting at Bankstown in January 1967

What might have been. Also designed by Henry Millicer, the 4-seater Victa Aircruiser 210 did not enter production in Australia.
The prototype, registered VH-MVR in recognition of Victa founder Mervyn Victor Richardson, is seen at Parafield in September 1966. 
It was sold to New Zealand in 1967, but returned to Australia in 1979 and is still flying.

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