Part Two: General

A selection of my Tiger Moth photos taken during trips to the "Eastern States" from my home base Perth WA in the 1970s

VH-BFD in August 1974 on Cec Hecht's sugar cane farm at Bambaroo, north of Townsville Qld

VH-BGT at Ingham, north Queensland in August 1974

VH-ADW was a long-term rebuild project, passing between owners in Melbourne and Sydney before it was completed at
West Maitland NSW in 1973 for Alan D. Wilson. Photographed there in October 1974

VH-SSI at Sunbury Vic in April 1978 was a former Super Spread Aviation cropsprayer at Moorabbin

Vic Mucha climbs from VH-AUK on arrival at Joe Drage's farm airstrip at Wodonga Vic for a fly-in during May 1973.

Joe Drage taxying his canopy Tiger Moth VH-BSD on his farm at Wodonga in May 1973.  Joe established the
Drage Historical Aircraft Collection and built the large hangar behind for his impressive collection of vintage aircraft

VH-AYW at Mackay Qld in April 1978. The growing warbird movement caused many Tiger owners to paint their aircraft
in RAAF World War Two colours, usually trainer yellow.  Happily, the majority used the correct former RAAF serials,
but not in this case: VH-AYW was DHA-built in Sydney as RAAF A17-365

VH-ATN near Benalla Vic enroute Albury to Berwick for the Gipsy Moth Anniversary Airshow in February 1975.
I am in the front cockpit photographing the accompanyimg Tiger VH-BKC and Moth Minor VH-ACS

Dave Prossor flying VH-BKC as we approached the outer suburbs of Melbourne

Don Bunn's DH.94 Moth Minor VH-ACS formates inbound to Berwick

The Gipsy Moth Airshow at Berwick in February 1975 celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the DH.60's first flight.
It was a memorable weekend which attracted a wide range of DH types. Here are some of the Tiger Moths

The rural Berwick airfield so close to Melbourne was a perfect venue for airshows. Sadly the land was sold for real estate

North to tropical Far North Queensland to finish this selection. VH-SNR at Ingham in August 1974

Owner Sean Sheahan taxies VH-SNR at Ingham for a sunset flight in August 1974.
The airfield is cloaked in smoke from the annual burn-off of the surrounding sugar cane fields

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