Part One: Western Australia

After being transferred to Perth ATC in late 1969, I found that Western Australia was a happy hunting ground for Tiger Moths.
Many were based on farms and when visited, their owners were happy to take a break and roll them out of their sheds for photographs

Les Kordys taxying his VH-AMY for a flight from a farm near Trayning WA in December 1969. Silver with blue trim

VH-BTT was stored in the farm shed where Les Kordys kept his airworthy VH-AMY

Tom Lance runs VH-AMW's Gipsy Major on his farm at Elgin, near Boyanup WA in January 1974. White with blue trim

VH-APQ & VH-PCI both lived on Sheoak Springs farm, Wongan Hills WA, where they are seen in January 1974.
Alfie Felcman's red and white APQ has an anti-spin tail strake, unusual for Australian Tigers.  PCI was all over silver.

Peter Millstead's canopy Tiger VH-PCI at Sheoak Springs earlier, in December 1969.
This was a cropsprayer for many years, before being rebuilt as a two-seater with standard Australian canopy modification

Chris Temby's blue and white VH-CKI on his farm at Peringellup WA in February 1974

Geoff Lawrence rolled VH-CKF out of its shed on his property at Benjaberring WA in December 1969. White and red.
This was formerly DCA's VH-CAG, modified with a tailwheel and the main undercarriage sloped forward

The harsh reality of rural life. In April 1972 VH-CKF, now all silver, was included in a clearance auction of all farm equipment
at the Lawrence property at Benjaberring. The Tiger attrtacted five visiting aircraft with bidders hopeful of a bargain.
It was knocked down above the reserve price to the Narrogin Flying Club

Now based at Narrogin WA, seen in July 1973 while being flown by Ross Jones.
This view clearly shows the forward slope of the undercarriage, giving a "lowered" look

VH-CKF arrives at an airshow at Serpentine WA in March 1979. 
The upper decking has been painted white with blue trim and the Narrogin Flying Club badge is on the rudder

Arthur Davies going flying in his VH-SSH at Tandara Station, Coorow WA in September 1975

Flash-back 10 years: VH-SSH as a retired Super Spread Aviation ag Tiger, at Moorabbin Vic in February 1965

VH-AMU at Beverley WA, November 1970. Formerly a WA crop sprayer, it was now based on a farm at Kellerberrin.
It retains the agricultural overturn truss behind the rear cockpit, which has an unusual lowered design.  All silver

VH-WFN arrives at an airshow at Beverley WA in November 1974

VH-AZA was a glider tug for the Gliding Club of WA at their Cunderdin base when photographed in August 1969.
The large aerial ag company Bob Couper Pty Ltd on the same former WWII airfield provided tugs on contract

After a long agricultural life, VH-FAS was rebuilt as a two seater for the Parkes Aero Club in NSW during 1966.
Purchased by a Perth businessman for a planned flying air museum, it is seen on arrival at Jandakot Airport, Perth
on 22 February 1970 after Ron Tutt ferried it from Sydney over 5 days with 22 refuelling stops

VH-FAS at Serpentine WA in March 1979, repainted in RAAF WWII training scheme with original serial A17-37

A number of Tiger Moth rebuild projects were found around Perth in the 1970s. This is VH-CKA at a motor garage
 in the Perth suburb of Belmont in August 1971. The canopy on the wall came from DCA Tiger Moth VH-CAH

I located this derelict Tiger Moth fuselage in a Perth suburban backyard in December 1971.
It was British-built VH-BKS, a former cropsprayer with David Gray & Co, Perth whose name was still readable on the rotting fabric.
Acquired for a token price, it was donated to the Airforce Association museum group in Perth

Teh fuselage and parts of VH-BKS were moved to Adelaide for rebuilding by enthusiast John Boden.
Seen in May 1973 at his home workshop in the suburb of Salisbury, BKS is on the left with fresh woodwork, while John's own project
A17-255 stands on its undercarriage in the main shed

Restored as an ag Tiger with David Gray emblem on the rudder, VH-BKS was displayed at the AFA Aviation Heritage Museum
at Bateman, Perth, later being sold to Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra where it was photographed by Nick Sayer

Canopy Tiger Moth VH-ALU parked on the red earth of WA's north, at Exmouth in September 1975.
Owned at the time by Westway Air Services proprietor Brian Hoey, who usually kept it at Carnarvon WA

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