A selection of my photos taken at Seletar Airport, Singapore in August 1981

Since my last visit a year earlier, Kris Air's freight operations had been taken over by a new company Air Tenggara, which
was also Australian-backed.  Kris Air's Armstrong Whitworth Argosy N37807, leased from Australia, continued with
Air Tenggara. It was having mantenance after removal of Kris Air markings including name Sir Stanford Raffles.

Air Tenggara had just taken delivery of Vickers Vanguard Merchantman freighter G-APEG leased from UK

I was pleased to catch G-APEG outside four months later at Perth WA on 29 December 1981, when it arrived from Seletar
direct on a freight charter, carrying a single piece of drilling equipmernt weighing 6.5 tons.
The flight plan quoted the operator as an Australian company based in Singapore

Back to Seletar, where this Thai Airways HS.748 was visiting

Another HS.748 operator was Australian-owned Airfast Indonesia PT which was based at Seletar. Airfast had used
Douglas DC-3s to carry oil drilling workers since 1974, but now most DC-3s were replaced by turbine equipment.
HS.748 PK-OBV had just entered service. It had been in their Seletar hangar as VP-LIW on my 1980 visit

F.27 Friendship 100 PK-OBP was another recent addition to the Airfast fleet, purchased from Merpati Nusantara

Airfast purchased DC-3 N1QJ in 1979 just for engines and parts. Its smart freshly painted appearance belied its true condition.
As N64422, it had been brought to the SE Asia war zone by Continental Air Services (CASI).  Later in 1970s it was operated
by Tri-9 Corporation at Seletar, Sahakol Air at Bangkok,  Golden Eagle Airlines in Cambodia, Aereos Timor in Timor
and others, in a variety of colour schemes. N64422 visited Port Moresby PNG in March 1977 with Tri-9 Corp titles.

Grumman HU-16 Albatross PK-PAM in Pelita Air Service scheme with flying sea horse motif on the tail.
This was a Grumman-remanufactured G-111 civil model, delivered from Florida earlier that year

 Dirgantara Air Services Albatross PK-VAA was being operated for the Conoco oil company.
This was previously with the Indonesian Air Force as PB-522 as a UF-1 Albatross

SE Asia Air Transport's ex Saudi Arabian Convair 340 N99875 languished with its nose wheel chained and mould growing
on the paintwork.  It was later scrapped.

Hornbill Skyways Short SC.7 Skyvan 9M-AXM arrived from Sarawak with passengers

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