A selection of my photographs of US Navy and US Marine Corps aircraft at Perth

US Navy VRC-50 Squadron coded RG based at NAS Subic Bay in the Philippines regularly sent aircraft to Perth in support
of US aircraft carriers and other vessels when their crews were on shore leave in Perth. C-130F Bu149787 RG787 in June 1981

C-130F Bu149793 RG793 from VRC-50 on arrival from Subic Bay in August 1988

VRC-50 also supplied the Carrier-Onboard-Delivery COD flights between carriers at sea when inbound or outbound Perth.
Grumman S-2A Greyhound Bu152794 RG421 seen in March 1982 while flying between carrier USS John F. Kennedy

C-2A Greyhound Bu152790 RG423 in October 1985 parked at Perth with folded wings while on stand-down during the week
that its carrier USS Midway was at Fremantle for re-supplying and crew R&R

C-2A Bu152792 RG427 in May 1981 was operating COD flights to the carrier USS Midway

Grumman C-2A Greyhounds were replaced by Lockheed S-3A Vikings. 
US-3A Bu157994 RG715 taxies past the old Tower at Perth in July 1985 on a COD run to the carrier USS Constellation

The last Douglas C-118 to visit Perth was this highly-polished C-118B 128424 which arrived from Jakarta in August 1980.
It had a VIP cabin and was carrying a US 7th Fleet Admiral on an inspection tour, leaving next day for Brisbane and Hawaii

The admiral's flag displayed under 128424's cockpit.  This venerable transport was first delivered to the US Navy in 1951
but in 1980 still had much flying ahead, having just been repainted at NAS Alameda California in January that year

US Navy P-3C Orion Bu161009 LK9 in August 1980 was a Medivac from NAS Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

P-3B Bu154579 QA22 in February 1986 from VP-22 Squadron

P-3C Bu161762 RP-17 from VP-31 Squadron at Moffett Field, California in March 1987

VP-3A Bu150504 PR00 from VQ-1 Squadron in Hawaii was the Admirals Barge for a tour by the Commander of the
US 7th Fleet in May 1985

Another VQ-1 Squadron VP-3A was Bu152746 PR41 which brought a US Navy Admiral in June 1981

VP-3A Bu149675 arrived from Sourabaya, Indonesia in February 1987, bringing US Navy top brass to a conference

VP-3A Bu150515 carrying the Commander in Chief US Marines Corps, ready for an evening departure in July 1982

RP-3D Bu158227 from VXN-8 Squadron, NAS Patuxent River in Maryland was a familiar visitor on Project Magnet,
recording changes to the earth's magnetic variation. On this May 1988 mission, the Orion arrived from South Africa via
Port Hedland, then from Perth flew an eliptical track south to Antarctica before recovering into Hobart, Tasmania.

The Paisano Tres road-runner nose art on 158227 dates back to the US Navy Super Connie days

This colourful US Marines North American-Rockwell CT-39G Sabreliner Bu159364 in June 1981 brought a USMC General
from Bangkok to join the USS Belleau Wood attack carrier in port at Fremantle

This US Coast Guard HC-130H 1700 was a most unexpected visitor in September 1983.  Photo by Dick Siudak

US Marine Corps KC-130F Hercules Bu150689 BH689 visited from Manila in September 1986

KC-130F Bu148891 BH891 of VMGR-252 Squadron brought 60 US Marines troops for an exercise in February 1982

Marines KC-130F Bu148247 QD247 of VMGR-152 Squadron in July 1987

Douglas C-9B Nightingale Bu159119 JU119 of VR-56 Squadron was the first of its type to visit Perth in February 1982
when it bought a 4 star Admiral to join US ships at Fremantle. Name City of Charleston on the nose.

C-9B Bu59113 RU113 City of Alameda of VR-55 Squadron in January 1987

C-9B Bu59117 JU117 City of Norfolk parked at Perth's new international terminal building in November 1986

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