A selection of my pictures of the high performance pressurised Mu-2s, which were popular in Australia until their reputation
became tarnished
by a series of of troubling worldwide accidents involving control loss on the cruise.

Among the first Mitsubishis imported was Mu-2G VH-CJP. Seen at Essendon in May 1981 with North West Airlines operating
third level airline services from Melbourne to Warrnambool and Portland

Here's VH-CJP two years earlier, refuelling at Ceduna SA in June 1979 on ferry flight flight from Perth to Essendon.
It had been based in Perth since 1971 flying Altair's daily courier run to Barrow Island and later with Pilbara Air Services

Dawn over the Nullabor Plain in VH-CJP during the long Perth-Ceduna leg. Pilots were Errol Driver and Dick Tippett

VH-CJP departing Ceduna for Essendon on delivery to the dealers Forrestair

Pilbara Air Services became Jet Charter Pty Ltd at Perth Airport before reorganising as Skywest Airlines in 1980.
Mu-2L VH-ENH was used for WA mining industry charters until sold, departing Perth 21 April 1982 for Europe

Mu-2L VH-MIU seen at Essendon Vic in May 1981, recently arrived for Cascade Charter Co, Moree NSW

VH-MIU at Perth six years later in December 1987 while leased by Interair to Great Western Aviation

Melbourne's Essendon Airport was awash with Mu-2s during the 1980s, most being handled by new dealer Interair.
Mu-2L VH-MLU at Essendon April 1983 was registered to Cascade Charter Co, Moree NSW

Mu-2L Marquise VH-MVU at Essendon April 1983

Mu-2L VH-ORE at Essendon June 1983 had been imported the previous year for Air Support  Corp, Melbourne

Mu-2L VH-SMZ at Essendon in June 1983 had several Melbourne owners during the 1980s

Mu-2G VH-UZB in November 1984 at Essendon where it was based by Transecutive Airlines

Mu-2G VH-UZN with windows faired over was a night freighter, operated by Jetcraft Py Ltd, Brisbane

Mu-2G N142MA at the Interair hangar Essendon in June 1983 prior to becoming VH-JES

Short fuselage model Mu-2P N218MA at Essendon in May 1981. It was registered VH-MSU two months later

Another Interair import, short fuselage Mu-2K N61DX at Essendon July 1984.  It became VH-MWZ

Mu-2K VH-MUO, seen at Geraldton WA in August 1987 with Great Western Aviation

Great Western Aviation at Perth were leasing Mu-2J VH-JMU from Penair in June 1987

Mu-2J VH-JMZ at Perth Airport in May 1988

Mu-2L VH-MUA seen at Perth in September 1988 had been imported the previous month by Great Western Aviation

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