A selection of my photographs of DH types other than Tiger Moths, which have their own section

Airco DH.9 G-EAQM which Ray Parer and John Macintosh flew from England to Australia in 1919-1920 in an epic 206 days.
Held by the Australian War Memorial, it was displayed at the RAAF Bicentenary Air Show at Richmond in October 1988

1928 model DH.60G Moth VH-UAO still going strong at Serpentine WA in February 1987

Australian-built DH.84 Dragon VH-AML attended a fly-in at Beverley WA in November 1980

VH-AML eight years later, repainted with its orginal RAAF serial, now being operated by the RAAF Museum

Another Australian-built Dragon, Adelaide-based VH-AQU arrives at an Aldinga SA flyin in January 1984

VH-AQU's owners had applied token wartime RAAF markings over its civil paintwork

Ahhhh De Havilland.... the sleek lines of DH.87A Hornet Moth VH-UTE, seen at Mangalore Vic in April 1983

The Hornet Moth DH.87B model featured redesigned squared wings. In 1979 VH-UXY was imported from England
ex G-AEZG by Don McBain of Port McDonnell SA and seen at his airfield at nearby Mount Shank in June 1983

The Drage's Historic Aircraft Museum collection of mostly airworthy aircraft was based at Joe Drage's farm near Wodonga Vic
until 1985 when it moved to Drage Air World at Wangaratta Vic.  DH.89A Rapide VH-BGP at Wodonga in September 1984

Rapide VH-IAN at Mangalore April 1984 while owned by vintage aircraft enthusiast Ken Orrman of Shepparton Vic

DH.94 Moth Minor VH-AIB was Australian-built at Mascot in 140. Photographed at Mangalore Vic April 1984

DH.94 VH-ACS was built by DH at Hatfield in 1939 as G-AFOW for Yorkshire Aviation Services & Country Club Ltd.
However the outbreak of WWII saw it instead shipped new to Australia.  Seen visiting Wodonga Vic September 1984

The attractive lines of the DH.104 Dove series are shown by this Dove Mk.6 VH-DHA, photographed at Essendon May 1981

Dove Mk.5 VH-DHK at Parafield SA in May 1983, retired by CSIRO after a research project

Dove Mk.5B VH-DHD's gleaming polished metal finish belies its 1947 vintage when it was built as a Dove 1.
Seen at Tyabb Vic in December 1989 owned by Rudge Air at Essendon, whose fleet of Doves flew charter and night freight

Late model Dove 8 VH-JGZ was a 1963 executive version owned by various British businesses as G-ASMG until 1988 when
it was shipped to Melbourne to Ted Rudge of Rudge Air.   Here it is at Tyabb Vic in December 1989.

VH-ABM ws a Riley Dove conversion, modified at Luton, England in 1969 with 400hp Lycoming IO-720 series engines
It is seen visiting Perth in May 1985 on a passenger charter, while owned by Pay's Air Service at Scone NSW

In March 1986 Riley Dove 2 VH-ABM was acquired by Maurice Maloney at Essendon for his Penguin Express operation,
taking tourists to Philip Island for the nightly penguin parade. Pictured at Essendon in September 1986, with name Lady Di

Airlines of Tasmania DH.114 Heron VH-CLZ at Wynyard, Tasmania in April 1984 on a schedued service.
Previous owner Connair at Alice Springs had re-engined their Heron fleet to Riley Heron standard with Lycoming IO-540s

Sad sight of the protoype DH.114 Heron, which first flew in 1950, retired and abandoned at Jandakot WA in June 1984

Australian subsidiary De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney built the all-metal trimotor DHA-3 Drover as a Dragon replacement.
Drover Mk.2 VH-ADN pictured retired at Morwell Vic in March 1983, was restored to airworthy there a few years later

DHA-3 VH-AZS parked outside the Drage Historical Aircraft Museum hangar at Wodonga Vic in September 1984

Drover Mk.2 VH-DHM visiting at Richmond NSW in October 1988, freshly restored by Hawker De Havilland Ltd at Bankstown.
This Drover still flies today, operated by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society at Albion Park NSW

Finishing with De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunks, which were the mainstay of Australian aero clubs in 1950s-1960s.
Here's VH-AFG in a rural setting at Joe Drage's farm near Wodonga Vic in September 1984

VH-DBS arrives at Wodonga Vic in September 1984

VH-BSV, VH-SSJ and VH-AFL atended an airshow at Ballarat Vic in February 1985

VH-FLC had just completed a restoration and repaint at Jandakot WA when it was rolled out in November 1982

VH-RHW at Serpentine WA after being repainted in RAF markings

VH-RSM at Tyabb Vic in December 1989

Highy modified Chipmunk VH-BVP at RAAF Richmond NSW October 1988 taxying for an aerobatic display

VH-WCR's once striking red paintwork was faded and weathered when seen at Beverley WA in November 1980

VH-WCR three years later, after being refurbished and repainted. Mangalore airshow April 1983

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