US DOUGLAS DC-7s - 1970s

A selection of my photographs of surviving DC-7s seen in USA in the late 1970s

DC-7CF N8219H at Opa Locka, Florida in October 1979 had its windows faired over as part of the cargo modification

Two Fleming Internation DC-7CF freighters at Miami International Airport in October 1977

N9000T was a windowless DC-7CF retired and stored at Tucson, Arizona in October 1977

Two years later N9000T was back in service with Air Freighters Inc, at Miami in October 1979

Previously flown by Airlift International, DC-7CF N302G was retired at Honolulu, Hawaii in September 1977

DC-7C N75000 was parked at Long Beach, California in September 1977, apparently operational

DC-7s were used as heavy fire tankers.  Former BOAC Seven Seas DC-7C N90802 was at Chandler, Arizona in October 1979

DC-7B N1097 owned by Airtankers Inc of Maricopa, Arizona was having all 4 engines changed at Chandler in October 1979

Pyramid Oil Company's DC-7C N777EA at Phoenix-Goodyear in October 1979 with GPU hooked up at the nose wheel.
The old classic last flew in February 1976 and has been parked here sever since, with executive seating in the cabin

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