US DOUGLAS DC-4s and C-54s - 1970s

A selection of my photographs taken in USA in the late 1970s

By the late 1970s the only DC-4s flying in USA were freighters or air tankers.
The majority were military surplus C-54s sold by auction from the storage grounds at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona. 
Florida Aircraft Leasing's N122AC at Opa Locka, Florida in October 1979 was previously a US Navy C-54D

N48216 at Miami International Airport in October 1979 was originally a US Navy R5D-5. It is having extensive  metal work
carried out on the cargo door out in the open weather, then very much the norm in Miami's Corrosion Corner

DC-4 N401AD at Honolulu in September 1977 was modified with the largest FAA approved cargo door ever installed in a DC-4.
Air Distribition Inc carried international airline freight pallets on a roller floor to the Hawaiian islands

DC-4 N88909 at Miami in October 1977

DC-4 N74183 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October 1979 was owned by Tiger Airplane Leasing of Miami

N43SB at Fort Lauderdale in October 1979 was previously a US Navy R5D-3

N4989K at Ft Lauderdale in October 1979 had just been ferried in from Davis Monthan AFB storage

Former US Navy R5D-3 N27MA at Ontario, California in September 1979 was used by Mercy Airlift for humanitarian relief work

Former US Navy R5D-4 N67062 is a typical C-54 fire bomber with belly retardant tank. Lancaster California, September 1979
It was one of a fleet of eight C-54s owned by Central Air Services, Wenatchee, Washington and Rantoul, Kansas

US Navy surplus C-54D N67019 tanker #157 was part of the large fleet of Aircraft Specialties Inc, Mesa Arizona.
Seen in October 1979 at home base Mesa-Falcon Field, near Phoenix, while fitted out as a sprayer

Biegert Aviation were also based at Mesa with 12 military disposals C-54s for specialised large scale spraying.
Some were tanked, while others like N44906 were parked at Mesa in October 1979 waiting their turn

N44911 was another Biegert Aviation C-54 at Mesa October 1979, fitted with fuselage tank and spray bars above the wings.
Aircraft Specialties Inc's sprayer B-17s and PV-2 Harpoons are behind

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