A selection of my photographs of Convairs seen in USA in 1970s

View from the First Officer's seat on Mackey International Airlines Convair 440 N446JM inbound to Miami from Bahamas.
All Convairliner models were powered by two P&W R-2800 Double Wasp radial engines

Original model CV-240 N24927 at Lancaster, California in September 1977 stored for a proposed Antelope Valley Air Museum.
It and the executive Douglas A-20 behind were both Howard Hughes aircraft, parked in the open at Culver City for two decades

CV-240 N777DC with extended weather radar nose and corporate paint scheme. Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October 1977

Another corporate CV-240 N1002S at Ft Lauderdale in October 1977, with a thimble nose weather radome

CV-340 N4818C at Ontario, California in September 1979 operating a Dow Jones nightly financial courier service

CV-340 N1179 at Fort Lauderdale in October 1979. International Field Studies was an educational organisation which used
a number of propliners at that time to carry students to remote locations

Convair CV-340 N477KW of Air Sunshine, at Miami Florida in October 1979. 
The airline used the "KW" registration suffix on its Convairs and DC-3s in recognition its major port, Key West, Florida

CV-440 N446JM of Mackey International Airlines at Treasure Cay, Bahamas in Octonber 1977.
Mackey had a long history of airline services between Florida ports and Bahamas islands with DC-6s and Convairs

Mackey International was taken over in 1979 by Sunny South Air Services, and continued with a new paint scheme.
CV-440 N444JM seen ariving at Mackey's Fort Lauderdale ramp in October 1979

N900WC was one of several CV-580s introduced to the Mackey fleet in 1979 when Willian Cousens of Sunny South Air Services
took over the airline. Seen at Ft Lauderdale October 1979, this was formerly Australian CV-340 VH-BZD of Ansett Airlines

CV-580 N9012J in another variation of the Mackey International Airways scheme, at Fort Lauderdale in Opctober 1979

Sea Airmotive Inc at Anchorage in September 1979 operated a mixed fleet of floatplanes, Convair 580s and Caribous to remote
Alaskan communities. Their ex Allegheny Airlines CV-580 N5805 was parked on the sloping ramp to Lake Hood

This immaculate CV-580 N5126 at Miami in October 1979 was part of the corporate fleet of General Motors Corp at Detroit

CV-600 N129AJ was a windowless freighter for Midwest Air Express, operating on charter to Airborne Charter Express.
Photographed at Wilmington, Ohio in September 1979 after its nightly freight schedule

Rows of retired Texas International CV-600s stored at Ryan Field, near Tucson Arizona in October 1977

Until the mid 1970s, surviving Convairs were mostly former airline aircraft, with only a few military-surplus T-29s and C-131s.
However from 1976 the remaining stocks of USAF and USN Convairs were released for civil disposal.  Large numbers of ex military Convairs were ferried from the Davis Monthan AFB storage grounds in Arizona to maintenance companies for civil certification,
with hand-painted N numbers applied over the roughly obliterated military markings. Here's a selection of those I came across:

VT-29D N74798 was one of many ex-military Convairs waiting for civil conversion at Tucson, Arizona in October 1979.
They were on the parking ramp of Hamilton Aircraft Co which had been in the heavy aircraft maintenance business for decades

Former USAF T-29B N64797 had made the short flight to Tucson from nearby Davis Monthan Air Force Base

US Navy T-29B had been allocated civil registration N99383. Tucson October 1977.
Note the training position housings along the fuselage roof

T-29A N87949 was at Tucson  in October 1977 on the Hamilton Aircraft ramp

Retired USAF T-29A with hand-painted civil registration N64798 at Tucson, October 1977

T-29C N23024 was with a group of disposals Convairs stored at Miami Airport in October 1979

T-29B N9618A at Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October 1979

USAF T-29D bombardier trainer for 6 trainees with windows faired over, as N8041T at Fort Lauderdale in October 1979

This former T-29B N92937 navigation trainer was an early civil conversion. Seen at Fort Lauderdale in October 1977

Yakutat Seafoods' Convair T-29B N64725 at Anchorage, Alaska in September 1979 retained its basic USAF paintwork

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