VH-FEK at Kalgoorlie WA in October 1970 as entrant No.56 in the annual Weekend News Air Trial from Perth

The same Chipmunk at Narrogin WA in January 1975, looking hard-worked after years as a glider tug at Cunderdin

VH-FLC was one of a number of former Royal Aero Club of WA Chipmunks now with WA private owners.
Seen at Jandakot in December 1969, retaining the distinctive red and white aero club paint scheme

VH-FLC nine years later, parked on flat tyres at Kununurra WA in January 1979 with weathered original red and white paintwork.
The good news is that it was restored and is still flying in WA

VH-RHW was another former Royal Aero Club of WA aircraft to retain the red and white paint scheme.
Seen at Beverley WA in November 1974

Another Chipmunk in aero club red and white: VH-RIW at Albany WA, January 1970. The canopy cover appears to be original RAF issue

VH-RSK at Beverley WA in November 1970 was a former Royal Aero Club of NSW aircraft, now owned at Northam WA

Former Royal Aero Club of NSW Chipmunk VH-RSQ at Bankstown in August 1974, owned by Sydney land developer
Hockey Treloar who had owned Chipmunks since 1956.  It was modified with a Continental O-470 engine and anti-spin tail strakes

VH-RJK was fitted with some Aerostructures Sundowner modifications in Sydney in 1968: Lycoming O-360 engine, metal skinned
wings and redesigned tail, but retained the original cockpit area structure.  Pictured at Cunderdin WA in January 1976 as a glider tug.

An earlier Chipmunk glider tug at Cunderdin was VH-TUG. It was a structural write-off after rolling forward into a deep drain
while having a propeller hand-swing engine start at Cunderdin in December 1968

Civil Flying Services purchased VH-UEU for aerobatic training at their Jandakot flying school during 1970-1971.
Seen in December 1970 in dark blue and white, with yellow tailplane with the CFS emblem

Here's VH-UEU at Jandakot in April 1975 in same paint scheme except for the tail, now with WA Flying School

VH-WCR at Beverley WA in November 1970, was all red with white trim

VH-WFH at Parafield SA in Augiust 1974 was painted glossy khaki all over, with military style markings

VH-BCA was a Sasin-Aerostructures SA-29 Spraymaster Chipmunk conversion, one of 3 completed in Sydney in 1965-67.
Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin used it as sprayer, duster also glider tug, in which role it is seen at Beverey WA in November 1970

The sad sight of VH-BCA with weathered paintwork, parked in high grass at Mareeba Qld in April 1978.
It had been retired following use as a glider tug here. It was saved and restored, later to be rebuilt as a stock Chipmunk

Three 1974 RAF disposals Chipmunks were purchased by a syndicate of Melbourne enthusiasts, who mounted a successful challenge
to DCA's ban on ex-military aircraft. The three were shipped to Australia and assembled at Melton Vic.
Here's VH-SSJ (ex WK507) at Berwick Vic in March 1976 in University Air Squadron markings

High spirits as VH-AFL (ex WP919) arrives at Berwick in February 1976

Third of the recently imported RAF trio was VH-PUB, which had been returned to all metallic finish, at Berwick in March 1976

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