A selection of my photographs from the era, not intended to cover every aircraft type then in service

Pure nostalgia. RAAF Dassault Mirage A3-30 taxying at RAAF Pearce in March 1972

Mirage A3-33 in camouflage at RAAF Pearce in March 1972

Magnificent RAAF McDonnell F-4E Phantom II 90304 at RAAF Pearce in March 1972.
Australia leased 24 Phantoms from USAF in 1970 due to delivery delays with the ordered F-111s

 RAAF F-4E Phantom 97211 arrives at RAAF Pearce in March 1972

As the decade opened, the magnificent RAAF C-130A Hercules were still the backbone of Australia's military transport capability.
Here's A97-209 at RAAF Pearce in March 1972

The newer C-130E models are represented by A97-178, at Perth Airport on 27 December 1974.
It was taking part in the Cyclone Tracy shuttle of refugees from Darwin to Perth and was parked while waiting for a new crew

Dakotas were still in regular use. Here's RAAF Pearce-based A65-91 visiting Bunbury WA in May 1975

An earlier shot of A65-104 at RAAF Pearce in August 1968. The three cyclindrical shapes under the wings and rear fuselage are
Lindholme rafts, which could be dropped to survivors at sea during a SAR operation. The containers were roped together,
the larger one had the inflatable raft while the two smaller containers carried survival equipment

A65-102 at Geraldton WA in July 1978, supporting a group cross-country navex by Macchi trainers from RAAF Pearce

Fourteen Macchi MB.326s were in the navex at Geraldton that day in July 1978

Australian built GAF Canberra A84-245 at RAAF Pearce in March 1972

RAAF Lockheed P-3B Orion A9-298 arrives at RAAF Pearce in March 1972

The predecessors of the Orions were the RAAF's Lockheed Neptunes. 
SP-2H A89-280 fires up its two 3200 hp Wright Turbo Compound engines at Pearce in March 1972

RAAF DHC-4 Caribou A4-159 at Fitzroy Crossing WA in October 1972

RAAF Caribou A4-208 at Corrigin WA, during Army cooperation exercises in May 1979

HS.748 A10-603 during a refuelling stop at Kalgoorlie WA in Auguist 1971

RAAF HS.748 A10-595 lands at Fitzroy Crossing in the far north of WA in October 1972. 
Operated by No.34 Squadron on VIP duties, it was carrying Princess Margaret and Tony Snowden on a Royal Tour

Other VIP aircraft operated by No.34 Squadron, Canberra included Dassault Mystere 20s. 
A11-090 brought a federal politician and his party to Port Hedland WA in August 1975

Two BAC-111s gave long service as VIP transports with 34 Squadron. A12-124 at Perth in June 1979

The first two RAAF Boeing 707s were received from Qantas on 30 March 1979 as A20-624 & A20-627.
Here's A20-627 (ex VH-EAG) at Perth on 12 April 1979, still in Qantas colour scheme with the RAAF roundel on the forward fuselage

A20-627 at Perth in December 1979, now in full RAAF paint scheme

RAAF Bell UH-1B Iroquois A2-389 at Northam WA in November 1978

Australian Army Air Corps Bell 206 Kiowa A17-042, seen at Jandakot WA in October 1976
This Kiowa was one of 43 built by Commonwealth Airccraft Corporation at Fishermans Bend, Melbourne

The Australian Army retired the last of its fleet of Cessna 180s in 1975, replaced by Pilatus Turbo Porters.
Here's Cessna 180A A98-351 back in September 1963 at Adelaide, while in Army service

These three former Army Cessna 180s seen at Eildon Vic in March 1976 had been sold by disposals the previous year.
They retained the Army khaki paint scheme and, helpfully, also the "last three"of their previous serials: thery were (left to right):
Cessna 180D VH-TVB ex A98-063, 180A VH-TVC ex A98-336, and 180A TVD ex A98-350

Royal Australian Navy also operated Bell 206 Kiowas. This is N17-025 at Northam WA in October 1976 painted maritime blue

Royal Australian Navy still had a strong fixed wing element in the 1970s, including Grumman Trackers and Douglas Skyhawks.
Here's S-2E Tracker N12-153604 at Broome WA in October 1975 with a detachment based there for coastal surveillance

The crews of the RAN's three Trackers deployed to Broome WA during 1975 embraced the local tropical lifestyle

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