A selection of my photographs of Australian aerial agricultural aircraft during the 1990s

The Cessna 188 Agwagon series was still in widespread use across Australia during the 1990s. From base model imported in 1966,
Cessna had developed the type into a highly efficient range of ag machines such as the Agtruck and Aghusky
Here Cessna A188B Agtruck taxies from the loading dock at Ayr Queensland in February 1994 for another spraying job.

Cessna T188C Aghusky VH-SOY with Liddle's Air Service at Ingham Qld in August 1990.

Another T188C Aghusky VH-JRL with Liddle's Air Service, seen at Ingham Qld in February 1994

Aghusky VH-LCP at Dalby Qld in January 1990 owned by long-established Dalby agricultural operator Keyland Aviation

1969 model Cessna A188 Agwagon VH-KQC at Coffs Harbour NSW in October 1994

VH-KQC again, proving what a difference a paint scheme can make. Ayr Qld in August 1998 now operated by Burdekin Cropcair

Cessna A188B Agtruck VH-UWJ at home base Albury NSW during January 1990

The Piper PA-25 Pawnee continued to be another mainstay of the Australian aerial ag industry.
1967 model Pawnee C VH-PPS at Benalla Vic in January 1990 was fitted with spreader gear.

Pawnee C VH-IGM in August 1998 at Ingham Qld, where it had been based since 1974 with Ted Blanch's Aviation.
At this time it had been fitted with unusual modifications in front of the cockpit.

1963 model Pawnee B VH-TPE still going strong at Atherton Far North Queensland in August 1991 with sister Pawnee VH-LGT.

Pawnee C VH-CUR seen at Innisfail Qld in November 1990 was one of a number of used Pawnees imported from New Zealand, ex ZK-CUP

This Pawnee D VH-HZQ seen at Mareeba Qld in September 1990 was another second-hand import, from USA in May 1989 ex N9577P.

An Australian Pawnee two-seater modification, originally carried out for Hazair in 1966, allowed side-by-side pilot training as well as a seat
for the essential loader-driver. A number were converted. VH-SMS was at Forbes NSW in January 1990 as a glider tug.

After Piper discontinued PA-25 production in favour of the larger PA-36 Brave, demand for orginal Pawnees remained strong in Australia.
The enterprising Gippsland Aeronautics at Latrobe Valley Airport Vic specialised in rebuilding crashed Pawnee airframes, while introducing
improvements, resulting in their two-seater Gippsland GA-200 Fatman design, a rebuilt PA-25 with many structural changes.
Here's brand new Fatman conversion VH-BCE at Innisfail Qld in July 1991.

Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave was Piper's successor to the Pawnee, but the type did not enjoy the same acceptance in Australia.
PA-36-375 VH-PXZ seen at Toowoomba Qld in February 1994 was a Kiwi import previously ZK-EIZ.

Central Western Air Spray's VH-FUU was a long way from its Forbes NSW home when seen at Boggabilla near Moree in January 1990.
It wsd leased st the time to Moree operator Aircare to supplement their feet of Ayers and Thrushes, covered in Part 2.

VH-BBY was a 1976 production PA-36-285. Photographed at Ingham Qld in August 1991 while owned by Blanch's Aviation

The Intermountain Callair A9A was a Pawnee competitor of the 1960s, 28 being imported to Australia. By the 1990s most surviving
Callairs had found new careers as glider tugs, like this former Airplanters' VH-APC seen at Benalla Vic in January 1990.

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