A selection of my photos of jet warbirds seen in the United States on visits during the 1990s

N99184 at Chino CA in September 1992 was an airshow performer The Red Knight. It was a licence-built Canadair CT-133 Silver Star
variant of the Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star previously operated by the
Royal Canadian Air Force.

Former Argentine Air Force North American F-86F Sabre N105BH was at Santa Monica CA in September 1992.

Former South African Air Force Canadair Sabre 6 serial SAAF 365 at War Eagles Air Museum, Santa Teresa NM in November 1992,
where it was
maintained airworthy as N106JB.

Australian production CAC CA-27 Sabre Mk.32 A94-954 on loan to Planes of Fame Air Museum, Chino CA in September 1992, prior to
being repainted in USAF marklngs. it had been shipped from Australia to Chino three years earlier for planned resale as a flier, but the
project was not completed. In 1999 it was returned to Australia and is now with the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Northrop T-38A Talon N538TC photographed at Chino CA in November 1990. It had just completed an extensive rebuild reportedly
based on a damaged scrap yard airframe and military disposals spare parts.

Swiss licence-built De Havilland Vampire FB.6 N152RD at Chino CA in September 1992 painted in a token RAF scheme.
Large numbers of retired Swiss Air Force Vampires and Venoms were sold to American owners during the 1980s-90s.

Former RAF Folland Gnat T1 N18GT was undergoing engine runs during overhaul at Carlsbad-Palomar CA in November 1992.

One of seven former Indian Air Force Gnats and Ajeets imported by warbird trader David Tallichet's Military Aircraft Restoration Corp.
E1076 was a Folland built Gnat T.1 which was traded to the USAF museum at March AFB CA. Photo taken in March 1995.

Former Spanish Air Force Hispano HA-200A Saetta N5485G was parked at the airport restaurant at Santa Monica CA in October 1991.

Former Finnish Air Force Fouga CM.170 Magister N903DM parked in a line of interesting aircraft at Santa Monica CA in October 1991.

Fouga Magister N315VB at California City CA March 1995, in faded former French Air Force markings with dayglo orange areas.

This former US Navy North American CT-39A Sabreliner N39RG was at Lancaster-Fox Field CA in March 1993.
It was based here in its new post-military career, being flown by doctors from a local medical group to remote clinics.

Two former Chinese Navy Mig 15s at the David Tallichet hangar at Chino CA in November 1990: N51MG above and N90598 below

The following were taken at Mojave Airport
, 100 miles inland from LAX in the Mojave Desert, home ot many exotic warbird jets

Former Swiss Air Force licence-built De Havilland Venom FB.4 N502DM, in November 1990 in a fanciful paint scheme.
Behind are F-100 Super Sabre target drones modified by Mojave military contractor Flights Systems Inc

F-4D Phantom N401AV seen in November 1990 was being flown by Flight Systems Inc on military contract work

USAF F-4D 65-704 was among Phantoms on the Flight Systems line in November 1990 waiting civil certification. It became N404AV.

Despite the USAF T-33 paint scheme, this is a licence-built Canadair Silver Star N306FS owned by T-Bird Aviation based Mojave.
The USAF "serial" on the tail is actually its former RCAF serial.  Mojave November 1990

Parked next to N306FS was this stored ex-RCAF Silver Star Mk.3PT N99179 which T-Bird Aviation had recently acquired.
It had been stored at Mojave by Flight Systems Inc for many years, but took to the air again in 1992 on operations using its camera nose.

Flight Systems's storage compound at Mojave airport in November 1990 held these ex South African Air Force Canadair Sabre 6s.
All were to be made airworthy and on-sold to American private owners

These ex South African Air Force Aermacchi MB.326M trainers were in storage at Mojave in March 1995 for Flight Research Inc.
All were to be US civil registered to Flight Research and its Mojave-based associate National Test Pilot School.

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