A selection of my photos of warbird bombers seen on USA visits during the 1990s. 
(Douglas A-26 Invaders have a separate page)

David Tallichet's Boeing B-17G N3703G "Memphis Belle" at Chino CA in November 1990, having just flown the Atlantic
returning home from England after filming scenes for the movie of the same name.

Bob Pond's B-17G N3509G "Miss Angela" have maintenance at Chino CA in February 1995.

Evergreen Heritage Collection's B-17G N207EV at Marana AZ in November 1991 on completion of a rebuild from Evergreen
fire tanker back to WWII bomber configuration, complete with gun turrets.

Former fire tanker B-17G N3702G displayed as "Virgin's Delight"at Castle AFB Museum, California in November 1990.

Douglas B-23 N777LW at Moses Lake, Washington in October 1991 flown by veteran fire bomber operator Bob Schaefli
between his fleet of SLAFCO Inc Catalina fire tankers. After WWII many B-23s became executive "boardroom bombers".

B-23 N880L had been a VIP executive transport with a number of US corporations before the bizjets took over.
It was saved from the scrapman by Castle AFB Museum, where it is seen in November 1990 in prewar USAAC markings.

This Consolidated B-24M Liberator was transferred from USAAF to US Navy as a PB4Y-1 before being civilianised post-war
and later sold to Bolivia as freighter. It was a stripped hulk at La Paz, Bolivia in 1982 when acquired by Castle AFB Museum,
dismantled and moved to Castle for a 6 year rebuild. Seen in November 1990 displayed as USAAF 44-41916 "Shady Lady".

North American B-25J N3675G at Chino CA in March 1993 during one of Planes of Fame museum's regular flying days.

B-25N N898BW painted as a RAF Mitchell was at Kissimmee, Florida in November 1991.

Early 1940 model B-25 N2825B was a widely flown warbird which was at Chino CA in November 1990 for maintenance.

TB-25N N9856C "Pacific Princess"was flown for 30 years by B-25 rebuild specialists Aero Trader at Chino CA.
She was parked at the Aero Trader hangar in March 1993 in USAAF markings, replacing the previous US Navy blue.

Martin B-26 40-1464 was one of three which MARC salvaged from a remote valley in northern British Columbia where they
had made forced landings in January 1942 during delivery to Russia. It was restored by MARC at Chino as N4297J, using parts
from the other two stripped hulks and made its first flight at Chino in April 1992 and was purchased by Kermit Weeks.

David C. Tallichet's Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation owned over 160 ex military aircraft, many foreign imports,
which added to the variety of the US warbird scene. The MARC storage yard behind their hangars at Chino CA was an
Alladin's Cave of aircraft relics. These two photos in November 1990 show (above) a Grumman TBM and a B-24 nose
section, while (below) shows nose sections of a Martin B-26 Marauder, Lockheed Hudson and B-24.

Boeing B-29 44-86408 restored and displayed as "Hagarty's Hag"at Hill AFB Museum, Utah had been salvaged from
a nearby desert proving range where it was a derelict target.

B-29 42-65281 at Travis AFB CA maintenance section in October 1992 was being assembled for the base museum, using
components from other derelict target B-29s at the NAS China Lake firing range.

Boeing B-29A 44-61535 at Castle AFB Museum, California was a composite rebuild by the museum using sections from
three derelict B-29 targets salvaged from the NAS China Lake desert proving grounds.

North American B-45 Tornado 47-8 at Castle AFB Museum was saved from test range target use at NAS China Lake.

Boeing B-47E 52-166 was the last B-47 to fly when it was ferried in June 1986 from NAS China Lake to Castle AFB
Museum, specially named Spirit.  Photographed at the Castle AFB Museum in November 1990.

  Boeing B-50D 49-351 became a WB-50D weather recce model before retired in March 1965 to Davis Monthan AFB Arizona.
It made the last ever B-50 flight when delivered to Castle AFB Museum CA in December 1980, named Flight of the Phoenix.

Consolidated PBY-5A N2172N at Medford Oregon in October 1992, painted with its original US Navy serial Bu46522.
This former Canadian fire bomber was now part of the aircraft collection of Jack Erickson, of Erickson Sky Crane fame.

PBY-5A Catalina N9521C painted as wartime US Navy Bu48294 was at Santa Rosa California in November 1990.
Owner Gus Vincent later restored her with nose turret and rear fuselage blisters.

Grumman US-2B Tracker N7141D (ex US Navy 136636) was at Santa Monica California in March 1993.
Owner American Warbird Co at Nut Tree Airport, Vacaville California later repainted it in full Navy markings.

Chinese Air Force Tupolev Tu-2 20465 was being assembled at Santa Teresa New Mexico in November 1992.
It was one of a group of Tu-2s just acquired from China by John MacGuire's War Eagles Air Museum on the airport.

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