A selection of my photographs of float equipped aircraft taken during the 1990s

The Cairns Esplanade was home to Aquaflight Airways floatplane Beavers all through the 1990s. VH-AAD January 1995.

VH-IMR at Green Island, off Cairns in July 1993

VH-NAQ at Cairns in June 1990

Shute Harbour, Queensland August 1990. Seair Beavers at their terminal for tourist flights to Great Barrier Reef locations.

Seair's Beavers changed paint schemes for various contracts. Here's VH-HQE at Shute Harbour in August 1990

VH-HQE a year later back in Seair scheme, visiting Cairns in August 1991 on a charter.

VH-SSG at Shute Harbour in December 1998 was painted as Coral Air Whitsunday.

This Beaver floatplane was working out of Cairns Airport in January 1993.

N77WK visiting Cairns in July 1991. It became VH-BVA the following year.

VH-IMU at Mackay Qld in February 1994 based here with Frederickson's Air Service, their Cessna floatplanes are behind.

At Shute Harbour, Seaair took over the Air Whitsunday fleet of Lake LA-4 Buccaneers. VH-EJY in January 1990.

By 1998 the Shute Harbour operation changed name to Air Whitsunday Seaplanes.
Time-expired Buccaneer VH-AWY was mounted as the airfield entrance sign with the imaginative registration "VQ-AWS".

Air Whitsunday Seaplanes Lake LA-250 Renegade VH-AWI at Shute Harbour in December 1998.

Maule M-7-235 Super Rocket VH-IWM flew off rivers in the Innisfail area. Seen at Cairns in August 1992.

Mackay Seaplanes' Cessna A185F VH-EGB was at Mackay Airport in February 1994.

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