USA 1990s - DOUGLAS DC-6 & DC-7

A selection of my photographs of DC-6s (also military C-118s) and DC-7s seen in USA on my visits during the 1990s

DC-6A N32RU parked at Santa Rosa, New Mexico in November 1992 while operated by Nord Aviation.

DC-6B N1125J was another bare metallic freighter, seen at Tamiami, Florida in November 1991

Caicos Caribbean Airways N43867 at Fort Lauderdale FL in November 1991 was a former USAF C-118A.

Another former USAF C-118A, Mexican operator Maya Cargos's XA-RIK was at Tamiami, Florida in November 1991.

Long-established tanker company Hawkins & Powers Aviation used two former US Navy C-118Bs for spraying in 1980s-90s.
N233HP shows the above-wing spray bar installation at home base Greybull Wyoming in October 1992.

Alongside N233HP was N51599 which at that time was being used as a freighter by Hawkins & Powers Aviation.

C-118B N777SQ had been purchased ex US Navy disposals by Sis-Q Flying Service, Santa Rosa CA which operated a fleet
of DC-6 fire bombers. It was being used for parts at Santa Rosa in November 1990, showing its Navy serial 131594.

A row of US Navy C-118Bs in a civil contractor's yard along the boundary fence at Davis Monthan AFB AZ November 1991.

DC-7C N90251 operated by T&G Inc was at home base Chandler-Gila River, Arizona in November 1991 returned from a
large-scale locust spraying contract in Africa.

T&G Inc's DC-7C N90804 "African Queen" limped back to Chander from the African contract after repairs in Morroco from
a terrorist missile attack which resulted in one engine falling away.  The third DC-7C N284 on the humanitarian mission was
shot down by the same missile attack, killing the seven personnel on board.

DC-7C HI-599CT was with Aerochago, Santa Domingo when seen at Miami FL in November 1991 on a cargo run from the
Dominican Republic. This aircraft had been rebuilt the previous year by T&G Inc at Chandler, Arizona after 22 years storage.

DC-7BF N756Z was held as a spare aircraft by DC-7 tanker operator Butler Aircraft Co at their Redmond, Oregon base.
It had not been tanked when I photographed it there in October 1992.

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