USA 1990s - DOUGLAS DC-3s

A selection of my photographs of DC-3s seen on USA visits during the 1990s

Parachuting jump ship N129H at Deland, Florida in November 1992.

Another parachuting jump aircraft was DC-3 N45366 at its Lodi-Acampo CA base in November 1990

Most remaining operational DC-3s were freighters, like N57626 at Santa Teresa, New Mexico in November 1992

Majestic Airlines of Denver operated DC-3s and Beech 18s on night freight schedules. N305SF at Billings MT in October 1991

Executive DC-3 N596AR with Maximiser power plant modifications was at Santa Monica CA in October 1991.

N132BP "Miss Angela"with partial Maximiser mods at Chino CA November 1990 owned by Bob Pond.

N7500A was having work done on its P&Ws at California City CA in March 1995

Dominican Republic freighter HI-502 at Sanford FL in November 1991 after purchase by Express Airways as N688EA.
It still wears former Royal Canadian Air Force paintwork.

Typical of retired DC-3s waiting an uncertain fate by the 1990s was freighter N4797H at Opa Locka, Florida in November 1991

Basler BT67 N115Z at the US Forest Service smoke jumpers school at Missoula Montana in October 1992.

Former US Navy Douglas C-117D "Super DC-3" N9796N at Honolulu in September 1981 with Genavco as a freighter.

C-117D N212DD at Miami-Opa Locka Florida in November 1991 was leased out by D & D Parts Inc.

C-117D N9663N at Fort Lauderdale FL November 1991 still in former US Navy paintwork with hand-sprayed registration.
A freeway on-ramp made an good vantage point to photograph stored aircraft in this inaccessable corner of the airport.

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