USA 1990s - BEECH 18

A selection of my Twin Beech photos taken on USA visits during the 1990s

Beech C-45H N214S was looking smart in November 1990 parked at Whiteman Air Park, California.

Beech G18S N610RB basks in the Florida sunshine at New Tamiami FL in November 1991.

Beech D18S N123M at Whiteman Air Park CA in November 1990 had passenger seating despite "Fly By Nite Airlines".

N123M from the other side shows mispainted fuselage registration and inscription "Chicken Ranch Express".

This 1948 model Beech D18S N90552 seen at Blackfoot Idaho in October 1992 looks fresh from the factory.

C-45G N2833G painted in an E18S factory style scheme was at Camarillo CA in March 1995

Late model Beech G18S N9210 seen at Coeur-d'Alene Idaho in October 1991 was a freighter with Methow Aviation.

Beech E18S N8111 was an anonymous freighter seen at Fort Lauderdale-Executive Airport FL in November 1991

C-45G freighter N9889Z at Sacramento-Executive CA late evening November 1990, before its night freight runs.

D18S freighter N122V at New Tamiami FL in November 1991 with Miami Air Charter Cargo.

Parked alongside N122V was N498BH, a former US Navy JRB-6. Both had oil drip trays hung under their P&Ws

This early wartime US Navy Beech SNB-1 N68635 at Palo Alto CA December 1990 had been restored as a warbird,
complete with bombardier nose similar to the better known air force AT-11 Kansans.

Highly polished Beech D18S N5804C was a showpiece restoration in early Northwest Airlines markings as "City of Lacrosse".
It was parked at the Museum of Flying's restaurant on Santa Monica Airport CA in October 1991.

N372PS at Chino CA in March 1993 was a final production model Beech Super H18 with factory option Volpar trigear.

Beech C-45G N9903Z modified with Volpar trigear was flying parachutists from an ag strip at Arvin CA in November 1990.

Beech C-45H freighter N314WN at Rialto CA in February 1995 had the G18S raised roof and cab modification.

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