By the 1990s, old age and high maintenance and fuel cost had caught up with many Beech 18s.
A selection of my photos of retired Twin Beechs taken on USA visits that decade.

Beech C-45H N9538Z was looking down-at-heel when seen at Whiteman Air Park CA in November 1990.

Beech D18S N44607 was found in a junkyard at Fabens, Texas in November 1992.

The stripped airframe of Beech E18S N4289A was languishing at Blackfoot, Idaho in October 1992.

Some former military Twin Beech models had honorable retirements displayed in aviation museums.
Here C-45H N87694 has been restored in original USAF markings at Travis AFB Museum in California.

Beech C-45H N87688 restored in USAF markings displayed at Hill AFB Museum, Utah in October 1992.

Beech TC-45J 89468 at Planes of Fame Museum, Chino CA February 1995 retains its original US Navy paintwork.
Despite civil registration N4606 painted on the fuselage sides, it was never given a civil conversion overhaul.

The following group of retired Twin Beechs were photographed at Sanford, Florida in November 1991. They were stored for parts at the maintenance base for Beech 18 freight operator Express Airways. The county airport was the former Sanford Naval Air Station until 1969:

                                                                                                             D18S N1111B

                                                                                                     D18S N44651

                                                                                    D18S N203W with Volpar trigear

                                       D18S N279AG fitted with Volpar trigear andConrad 9800 modification kit

                               D18S N118L had been modified in 1963 to the single fin Pacific Airmotive"Pacaero Tradewind"
Another Pacaero Tradewind N481E, rebuilt from a Beech C-45H airframe, had faded Nevada Airlines markings.

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