USA 1980s - MARTIN 404

Airline days for Martin 404s were coming to an end.  A selection of my photos taken during the 1980s

Martin 404 N40436 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October 1981 shows the type's attractive lines and wing dihedral .
Built in 1952 for TWA, at the time it was owned by Magic Carpet Travel Club.

Music group The Doobie Brothers used Martin 404 "Doobie Liners" for their touring, with a DC-3 "Crewbie Liner" to carry
their road crew and equipment.  Martins N467M and N404DD at Chino, California in September 1981.

N467M at Chino, California September 1981 with Doobie Brothers coat of arms on the tail.

Former Eastern Airlines Martin 404 N3711K replaced N404DD as the second "Dobbie Liner" during the 1980s
It is seen at Chino in August 1989 in Doobie scheme but without titles

N404DD was donated in 1984 to the George T. Baker Aviation School on the boundary of Miami Airport, Forida.
It is seen at the school in August 1989 with other instructional airframes.

N974M at Billings, Montana in August 1989 had been acquired by Denny Lynch of Lynch Air Tankers, Billings just for parts
from its P&W R-2800 engines, needed for his Douglas B-26K Counter Invader N4988N. This Martin was built in 1952
for Eastern Airlines and wears the attractive paint scheme of a former operator Marco Island Airlines in Florida.

The sad sight of a Florida Airlines Martin 404 being broken up by scrap metal dealers at Miami Airport in August 1989.
Martin 404s had been used by a succession of Miami-based airlines.

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