USA and Canada 1980s  - DOUGLAS DC-3s:  Part 2

Continuing a seelction of my photographs of the many DC-3s seen on North American airields, also the US Virgin Islands

N37FL at Fort Lauderdale-Executive Airport, Florida in October 1981 had a plush furnished corporate cabin

N7772 at Fort Lauderdale Executive October 1981 was a corporate aircraft with a Miami business

C-47 N54610 at Fort Lauderdale Executive October 1981 was one of several ex-Moroccan Air Force C-47s present,
included  in a purchase of a cache of .Moroccan T-28 Trojans by warbird trader David Tallichet.

N230F at Tamiami, Forida October 1981 was used for pilot training by Burnside-Ott Aviation Training Centre

This attractive privately owned DC-3 N600JD was at Fort Lauderdale in August 1989

Miami Air Lease Inc DC-3 N902VC at Miami International August 1989 before its sale to Venezuala

Canadian freight operator Millardair had a fleet of DC-3 Cargoliners and DC-4s at their Toronto base in October 1981

Millardair DC-3 C-GNOA at Toronto October 1981

C-GYBA of Yellow Bird Air Ltd at Toronto in October 1981 has uprated power plants

Questor Mineral Surveys DC-3 C-FIMA at Toronto October 1981, modified with magnetometer sensor system.

Questor Mineral Surveys DC-3 C-FYED-X had a nose probe and magnetometer loop aerial.

Former Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-3 CF-CPY was flown by other Canadian operators before being retired at Whitehorse,
Yukon Territory, where it was mounted at the airport as a rotating wind vane.  Photographed September 1981.

Over the Carribbean in a Delta L1011 in October 1981, bound for the propliner haven of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

DC-3s waiting to load passengers at the San Juan, Puerto Rico terminal building in October 1981, with a Dominican Republic
freighter Super Constellation parked behind.

San Juan maintenance ramp area, taken from a departing DC-3 during a tropical downpour.

I took the following set of photos in this area on a fine sunny morning

San Juan Airport, Puerto Rico had a graveyard of derelict DC-3s in 1981 dumped to the side of the freight ramp

The pleasant scene at the airport on the island of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands in October 1981

Aero Virgin Islands DC-3 N25695 at St Thomas, USVI

Aero Virgin islands DC-3 N100SD taxies away from the terminal at St Thomas, USVI.

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