WWII military-surplus Curtiss C-46s were by now coming to the end of their civil careers, some going to aviation museums.
A selection of my C-46 photos taken during the 1980s

Aero Norte Colombia's C-46F HK2716X at Miami, Florida in September 1981

Aerolineas Mundo C-46A HI-495SP visiting Tamiami, Florida in August 1989 from Santo Domingo,  Dominican Republic

Also at Tamiami, Florida in August 1989 was Miami Air Lease C-46D N625CL

Long-time Miami resident, C-46A N355M seen there in October 1981 between freight runs

Challenge Air Transport C-46A N9900Z pulls away from the Customs ramp at Miami, October 1981

Caribbean Air Services C-46F N1871C at home base San Juan, Puerto Rico in October 1981

Caribbean Air Services C-46F N7560U wears an earlier Casair paint scheme at San Juan October 1981

The Caribbean sun had faded the paintwork on Casair's C-46A N9840F at San Juan, Puerto Rico October 1981

Alaskan scenery doesn't get much better than this: Everts Air Fuel's ramp at Fairbanks Airport, September 1981

Everts Air Fuel's Commando liquid fuel tankers delivered diesel, oil and other fuels to isolated Arctic communities.
C-46As N1548V and N1419Z at Fairbanks in September 1981

Cliff Everts' C-46 storage area at Fairbanks: C-46D N54584 in faded Japanese Self Defence Force dayglo matkings was
one of several ferried up to Fairbanks for parts use

Confederate Air Force Oklahoma Wing's C-46F N78774 The Tinker Belle seen at Norman, Oklahoma in November 1981.
The name refers to Tinker Air Force Base at Oklahoma City. It was one of two former Zantop C-46s purchased by the CAF.

A welcome sight on approach to a warbird airshow at Madera, California in August 1989

N78774 was now with CAF Southern California Wing, repainted as China Doll

C-46D 44-77635 at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona in 1981. This was one of the last USAF C-46s at the
neighbouring Davis Monthan AFB storage area and has been displayed at Pima since the museum opened in 1975.
Painted in wartime markings with nose art "Syracuse Shackrack"

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