USA and Canada 1980s  - DOUGLAS SUPER DC-3 / C-117D

Douglas built only five Super DC-3s, but rebuilt a hundred US Navy R4Ds to the design as R4D-8s, later redesignated C-117Ds

Douglas Super DC-3 N540S was at Denton, Texas in November 1981 in service with Geodata International Inc, Dallas.
It was built in 1950 for Capital Airlines and later flown extensively on specialist earth survey by various US companies.

N540S had a ground air conditioning unit plugged into the left side keeping its scientific sensor equipment cool

US Navy and Marines C-117Ds stored at Davis Monthan AFB Arizona were sold as surplus to civil buyers during the 1980s.
Bu50834 and Bu17175 were at the end of a line of C-117Ds in DMAFB storage area in November 1981.

These C-117Ds at Davis Monthan in November 1981 had been stripped for parts and were waiting to be scrapped

N873SN was a civilianised surplus C-117D from Davis Monthan, seen in August 1989 at Detroit-Willow Run,
where it was based as a night freighter with Intercoastal Airways.

N456WL was still in faded US Navy markings at Fort Lauderdale, Florida in August 1989

N5598B in bare metal finish at Tamiami, Florida August 1989 was a freighter with Green Aircraft Services, Miami

Wyoming fire bomber company Hawkins and Powers Aviation received a number of C-117Ds from the US Navy museum for
their ex-military aircraft traded to the museum. H&P's N2123Y was photographed at LAX March 1984 by the late John Wegg.

Millardair acquired six C-117Ds for their freight services, C-GGKG seen at Toronto in August 1989

Another Toronto air freight operator was Air 500, which had C-117D C-FALL at Toronto in August 1989

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