A selection of my photographs taken at the sport aircraft airfield at Serpentine WA

Late afternoon at Serpentine on a hot February 1987 day. Aircraft are parked while SAAA members gather at the club house.

      During the 1970s the WA Division of the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia leased an area of of sandy scrub near Serpentine WA to develop into an airfield for the use of its members.  A runway, taxiways, parking areas, fencing were built during numerous members' working days followed by evening BarBQ gatherings at the the club house, which in the early years was the only building on the airfield.
      By 2010 Serpentine airfield boasted a hundred private-owner hangars with over a hundred based aircraft. The association, renamed Sport Aircraft Builders Club of WA achieved its dream of a dedicated airfield where its members can fly, restore and construct their aircraft.

Alan Mitchell going flying in his Druine D.5 Turbi VH-CPD, Serpentine March 1979

Continuing with more French designed home-builts, Jodel DR1050 VH-MAA seen in March 1985

Ron Knapp's just competed Jodel DR1050M Sky King made its debut at Serpentine in February 1987.
Ron built this larger model to replace his Jodel D.11 VH-FVK.

Jodel D.11 Sky Prince VH-DII at Serpentine February 1987

Another Jodel D.11 Sky Prince VH-JSP at Serpentine in February 1987

Canadian designed kit built Heintz CH300 Tri-Z VH-JRH at Serpentine in February 1987

Vintage aircraft were always part of the Serpentine scene. DH.82 Tiger Moths VH-FAS and VH-BAR in March 1979.

Narrogin Flying Club's Tiger Moth VH-CKF arrives at Serpentine in March 1979.

1928-built DH.60G Gipsy Moth VH-UAO taxies past the first Serpentine hangars in February 1987

Auster J1B Aiglet VH-KAB was a regular at Serpentine events, seen here in March 1979.

SAAA Federal President Peter Crooke flew his Auster Aiglet VH-KBI to Serpentine from Melbourne in February 1987.

Rutan Long-EZ VH-LDL with VariEze VH-DED in front of the first hangars in February 1987

Rutan 33 VariEze VH-DED at Serpentine earlier in May 1982

Bryan Davies' Bushby Mini Mustang IIRG at Serpentine in February 1987

Bryan Davies shows VH-MMI's clean lines with landing gear retracted over Perth in July 1981

Wittman W-8 Tailwind VH-JPB at Serpentine March 1985 was built by MMA Captain John Bird

High performance Thorpe T-18 Tigers were popular home builds in the 1980s: VH-OTM at Serpentine in March 1985

Thorpe T-18C VH-MYN at Serpentine in February 1987

A more basic kit-build type was the US designed Evans VP-1 Volksplane. VH-IWD at Serpentine in February 1987.

VH-CPK was the two-seater VP-2 Volksplane, seen at Serpentine in October 1978

The Wag-Aero Super Sport was a kit build replica of the 1930s Piper Cub.  VH-JLH was at Serpentine in March 1985

I took this view of a Serpentine flying event in March 1979 from Alan Mitchell's Druine Turbi.

A feature of Serpentine airfield's early years was SAAA President Charlie Urwin's former RAAF Martin Mariner nose caravan
tucked in the trees near the club house. Charlie, Lyn and family camped in the "Maravan"during the many events while the
aifield was being established. The unusual WWII relic was on loan from the Airforce Association aviation museum in Perth.
Photo by Charlie Urwin

Serpentine airfield in 2013 with a hundred hangars and the scrub landscaped with lawn patches surrounded by the tell-tale
brown stains of WA bore water.  This superb photo came from a wing-tip camera fitted to Pietenpol Air Camper VH-XHE.

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