A selection of my photographs of Electra in USA in the late 1970s

Trans International was an experienced heavy charter operator, in 1979 using a large fleet of Electras, Hercules, DC-8s and DC-10s.
One of their windowless freighter Electras N852U is seen arriving at Miami international Airport in October 1979

N6106A at Long Beach, California in September 1977 was used for passenger charter by McCulloch Air, an associate of the
tool manufacturer. McCulloch specialised in carrying rock groups and entertainers such as Elton John on tours

N415MA was a freighter conversion, seen unloading at Miami International in October 1977

Aerocondor Colombia used Electras for passenger and cargo.  HK-774 was a freighter when seen at Miami in October 1977

Miami was a hot spot for Electra freighters. Short-lived freight operator Caribbean West's N5541B was at Miami in October 1977

Zantop International operated a large Electra freighter fleet. N281F seen in September 1979 in a long row of Electras
at Detroit-Willow Run, Michigan, loading motor vehicle parts for distribution across USA

Air California continued Electra passenger services into the 1980s. N124AC was at Lake Tahoe, California in September 1979

N5519E with hand-sprayed registration was having all four Allison turbine engines changed on the spacious ramp at
Mojave, California in September 1977. Two replacement engines had just arrived on the truck in the background

Former Zantop International Electra N284F visiting Anchorage, Alaska in September 1979

Reeve Aleutian Airways N9744C at Anchorage, Alaska in September 1979

More Electra photographs can be seen in PROPLINER FLIGHTS and DETROIT-WILLOW RUN in this series

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