Beech AT-7C N86 (c/n 5666) at Le Bourget, Paris in 1963 was a US Government aircraft with an intriguing diplomatic history. "US Embassy Paris" is painted under the US flag, and quasi Italian Air Force identity "C.45 MM.61831" on rear fuselage. A Dominican embassy DC-3 HI-40 is parked behind. Photo: Bob Neate collection
Beech AT-7C N9109R (c/n 5676) at Oshkosh July 2010, giving a spectacular display by Bobby Younkin Airshows Inc. Photo: Gordon Reid
Beech AT-7C N57 (c/n 6043) at LAX in 1959, one of many Beech 18s operated by FAA. It has liberal areas of orange dayglo paint. Photo: Eddie Coates
Beech AT-11 CF-DXN (c/n 907) with AT-11 glass house nose replaced by a C-45 style nose.
Photo: Bob Neate collection
Beech AT-11 N63008 (c/n 3303) in 1949 owned by Fairchild Aerial Surveys, fleet #19, with trailing magnetometer "bird" under the belly. Photo: Robert Parmerter collection
Beech AT-11 N23L (c/n 3993) at Santa Monica CA in 1962, with 3 enlarged cabin windows, Lear emblem and titles "Lear Auto Pilot & Lear Integrated Flight Equipment".
Photo: Eddie Coates
Beech AT-11 N75573 (c/n 1348) at Brackett Field, La Verne CA in 1965 with C-45 nose and enlarged windows. Photo: Eddie Coates
Beech AT-11 9-930 (c/n 4561) at Turkish Air Force Museum, Istanbul-Yesilkoy in December 2006. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Beech SNB-1 N145SC (c/n 3815) at Oshkosh WI July 1997, restored as "SNB-1 51025" complete with turret. Photo: Gordon Reid
Beech SNB-1 N12718 (c/n 3211) at Oshkosh July 2010, in 1950s US Navy SNB-5 scheme. Photo: Gordon Reid
Beech SNB-1 HK-1111 (c/n 3596) rebuilt as a Hamilton Turboliner, at Tucson AZ in November 1981. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Beech SNB-1 N9231 (c/n 3829) rebuilt as a Hamilton Westwind II, at Oklahoma City OK, June 1981. Photo: Charles E. Stewart
Beech SNB-1 N68635 (c/n 3833) at Oshkosh July 1997, restored with gun turret and painted in the wartime scheme of the B-17 flown by the owner's father. Photo: Gordon Reid
Beech SNB-2 N3785A (c/n 4252) at Honolulu in September 1979 with Horizon Cargo Transport, showing signs of hard work carrying freight between the Hawaiian islands. Note the recently installed pilot door. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Beech SNB-2 N90282 (c/n 4252) at Agana, Guam in passenger service with Micronesian Airlines in the late 1960s. It was sold in Philippines as RP-C719.
Photo: Allan Bovelt collection
Beech SNB-2 (c/n 4252) RP-C719 at Manila, Philippines in September 1986. Photo: Mike Vincent
Beech UC-45B N231LJ (c/n 6125) at Oklahoma City in March 1980 as a Hamilton Westwind IISTD. Photo: Charles E. Stewart
Beech UC-45B N6410C (c/n 5704) at Van Nuys CA in 1961 adorned with KSHO Channel 13 World's Only 24 Hour TV Station and Pilot Jimmy Desanto under the cockpit.
Photo: Eddie Coates
Beech UC-45B (c/n 6836) became RCAF Expediter Mk.3T HB111, seen in August 1971 derelict in Hamilton Aircraft Co's Beech 18 storage yard at Tucson Airport, Arizona. N6690 was hand-painted for the ferry flight from Canada. Photo: Gordon Reid
Beech UC-45F N6756A (c/n 6291) at Douglas-Bisbee AZ in February 1980 with drop chute in front of the tail wheel. It was part of a large fleet of ex US Navy Beech 18s engaged in a US Department of Agriculture screw-worm eradication program. Photo: Charles E. Stewart
Beech UC-45F N44573 (c/n 7678) on floats at Rice Lake, Minnesota in August 1997.
Photo: Gordon Reid
Beech C-45F N7391C (c/n 8460) was a sprayer with Hawklins & Powers Aviation, based at Greybull Wyoming. Seen here in their airfield junkyard in September 1979. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Beech UC-45F French Air Force 753 (c/n 6381) visiting London-Heathrow in June 1964.
Photo: Gordon Reid
NC-45J trigear N45861 (c/n 4721) at Oklahoma City in March 1981, still wearing its former US Army paint scheme. This aircraft began life as a standard US Navy SNB-2 before going into the SNB-5 rebuild program, later re-designated UC-45J and when transferred to the US Army it was modified as a NC-45J with Volpar trigear, for use as a staff transport. Photo: Charles Stewart