Last updated 25 June 2020

A summary of WA aerial ag companies up to the 1980s compiled by Geoff Goodall

Based on notes I made while living in WA where I met some of the operators and pilots listed. While not pretending
to be the full story of the
early days of WA aerial ag, this places on record these basic histories and photographs.

Smartly uniformed pilots of Aero Service Pty Ltd with their Tiger Moths at home base Maylands Aerodrome, Perth in 1960.
Photo via Cyril Flood

Doggett Aviation Tiger Moths VH-DAH, DAL, DAO and loader driver hard at work spreading superphosphate
dry fetilizer on wheat crops at Kondinin during January 1960.                        Geoff Goodall collection

In the beginning...
The earliest experimental aerial dropping of fertilizer in West Australia was carried out in 1951 when an Airlines (WA) Ltd Avro Anson was contracted to make trial drops at Perth.  Bags of super dust were simply emptied from the open rear cabin doorway by a well-secured crew member. The earliest known WA commercial dusting operator was former RAAF wartime pilot Robert S. Couper at Abany WA, who went on to form Bob Couper Co, a major aerial ag business at Cunderdin.

Airlines (WA) Ltd Avro Anson dropping superphosphate fertilizer near Perth on 10 August 1951.      Geoff Goodall collection

WA aerial agricultural operators:

Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd, Perth
Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd, 141 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, to 7 Sherwood Court, Perth.
Formed in 1957 by Max Taylor financed by Mr.W.H.Benyon, Perth who was Managing Director: see D.M.Taylor, W.H.Benyon
Chief Pilot Donald Maxwell Taylor.
In early 1958 the first two Tiger Moihs were returned to Benyon's ownership. probably indicating the end of the partnership. Max Taylor purchased a replacement Tiger VH-TSC from Tigerspread, Wagga NSW in his own name, changing it to Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd and flew it to finish the 1958 season in the name of Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd.
DH.82 VH-ARU 4.57 Tfd ex Aerial Enterprises, Perth.          Tfd 4.58 to W.H.Benyon, Perth
DH.82 VH-BTM .57   Tfd ex Aerial Enterprises, Perth           Tfd 4.58 to W.H.Benyon, Perth
DH.82 VH-TSC   7.58 ex Tigerspread, Wagga NSW              Sold 10.58 to R.B.Asplin, Bridgetown

Aerial Enterprises, Perth  (1953-1957)
Manager and Chief Pilot Donald Maxwell Taylor.
Max Taylor became a widely known WA ag pilot who formed new companies with new partners and financial backers every few seasons over the next 20 years.   Aerial Enterprises was his first operating name. On 22.1.53 he applied for a State Licence quoting "I have two Tiger Moths equipped in readiness for the coming season. I have considerable experience and have carried out experimental work at various research stations in WA." A licence was issued, but Taylor did not purchase his first Tiger Moth until 4.53, followed by two RAAF disposals Tigers which completed civil conversions at Maylands  until 7.53 and 5.54.
-DCA Airwork Licence was issued to D.M.Taylor trading as Aerial Enterprises on 14.5.53, with Tiger Moth VH-ARU equipped for spraying.
-Pilots included Hal Watts, George J. Meadows, K.F.Funker. In September 1955 Taylor was injured in a car accident and there was a dissolution of his partnership with a Ballidu farmer. 
-Taylor wrote to DCA in 4.57 stating "Aerial Enterprises was disbanded in November 1956 and a new company is now formed."
DH.82 VH-ARU 4.53 to 57 tfd to Aerial Agriculture(WA) Ltd
DH.82 VH-BTO CofA 16.7.53 after civil conv. at Maylands, crashed Miling 10.8.54, wreck sold 5.57 to Airwork Pty Ltd, Perth
DH.82 VH-BTM CofA 5.5.54 after civil conv. at Maylands, tfd .57 to Aerial Agriculture(WA) Ltd
Max Taylor's next company was Aerial Agricuture (WA) Ltd

Aero Service Pty Ltd, Perth  (1952-1962)
Founded in 1947 at Maylands Aerodrome, Perth by experienced aircraft engineer Stanley C. Doggett and wartime RAAF pilot Cyril A. Flood as a light aircraft maintenance and sales company.  Became the principle maintenance business at Maylands, purchasing RAAF Tiger Moths for civil conversion and importing Austers and other types from England for WA customers.
-During 1952 Cyril Flood was keen to enter the aerial agriculture field and a Tiger Moth VH-BNW was purchased 4.52 and modified in their Maylands hangar with a hopper in the forward seat position. It was test flown 14.6.52 as a duster and operated for the 1952 & 1953 seasons.
- Stan Doggett left Aero Service Pty Ltd to establish his own maintenance and charter business at Maylands named Doggett Aviation and Engineering Co. Later Doggett was to add aerial agricuture operations contracting with Elders, in direct competition with Cyril Flood. It is reported that the two remained good friends.
-Agricultural operations grew and more Tiger Moths were acquired. Cyril Flood was Manager/Check Pilot. 
-Pilots included R.Coombs, Darcy Devendish, John Forrest, E. Gray, R.J.Hardwicke, Bernard Holmes, Alex Henry, Victor Mason,
Harold Summerfield, J.Turner, R.Teichman, Ben Ward.
-In 1959 the Tiger Moth fleet was re-registered into the VH-WF block to recognise their partnership with Westfarmers Pty Ltd, which supplied their fertiliser and insecticides.
-During 1961 Aero Service egan operating in association with former competitor Basil Taylor & Co Pty Ltd.
-In October 1962 Aero Service Pty Ltd and Basil Taylor & Co Pty Ltd merged to form Agricultural and General Aviation Pty Ltd, Maylands.
Directors of the new company AGA included Cyril Flood and Basil Taylor.
DH.82 VH-BNW 6.52    rereg 11.59 as VH-WFU.   Tfd 11.62 to AGA
DH.82 VH-AMZ 5.54     rereg 12.59 as VH-WFT.   Tfd 11.62 to AGA
DH.82 VH-AMX 11.56   rereg 2.60 as VH-WFQ.   
Tfd 11.62 to AGA
DH.82 VH-BLW  1.58                                               crashed 27.8.59 Bruce Rock
DH.82 VH-BUZ   9.58    rereg 5.60 as VH-WFW.    Tfd 11.62 to AGA
DH.82 VH-BTS    7.59   
rereg 3.60 as VH-WFV.    Sold 7.62 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 VH-RNO   8.59    rereg 8.59 as VH-WFN.   
Sold 12.60 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 VH-RNR   8.59    rereg 8.59 as VH-WFO.    Sold 10.61 to No.4 Light Aircraft Purchase Group, Perth as VH-CKA
DH.82 VH-RNW  8.59    rereg 8.59 as VH-WFP.     Sold 11.60 to Trojan Aerial Spraying, Adelaide as VH-TSJ
DH.82 VH-WFX  .60.                                                Sold 12.60 to Pastoral Aviation, Albury NSW as VH-PVA
DH.82 VH-WFY   7.60.                                              Sold 10.60 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin as VH-AMU
Cessna 180D VH-WFZ 10.61                                     Tfd 11.62 to AGA
Cessna 180E VH-WFY 1.62                                      
Tfd 11.62 to AGA

Aero Service's first crop dusting Tiger VH-BNW at Maylands in January 1953, showing the faired-over front
cockpit where the superphosphate hopper was installed.                            Photo by John M. Smith

The same aircraft as VH-WFU after a forced landing near Williams WA 3 July 1960. It was quickly repaired.
Geoff Goodall collection

Tiger Moth VH-AMX in 1957 loading super from a lifting hoist attached to the Aero Service truck.
Geoff Goodall collection

VH-AMX at Maylands on 31.1.58 after its wheels struck an airfield boundary earth embankment during a
low landing approach. Pilot Harold Summerfeld was not hurt.                   Geoff Goodall collection

Tigers VH-AMZ and VH-BLW working from a strip at Mandurah in May 1959.      Geoff Goodall collection

VH-WFW having its spraying intallation tested at Mayands in September 1960.  Aero Service removed the rear fuselage
fabric from its Tiger Moths to avoid internal super dust build-up and for ease of maintenance.   Geoff Goodall collection

Aero Yandee Pty Ltd, Toodyay  (1973-1983)
See Rob Poynton Aerial Spraying

Airwork Pty Ltd, Perth  (1957-1962)
Managing Director and Chief Pilot William Gerald Boulden
-Founded in early 1957 as an air charter and aerial agricultural business by Bill Boulden, a wartime RAAF pilot who had flown Avro Ansons for Airlines (WA) Ltd from Perth in the early post-war years. Until early 1957 he was Chief Pilot of Westralian Oil Ltd's Anson VH-BXV, Miles Gemini VH-BMW and Auster VH-KAL
-13.6.57 DCA Airwork Licence issued for Airwork Pty Ltd, using Tiger Moth and Wackett Cropmaster types.
-20.6.57 Application for WA State Licence, states its activities would be confined to aerial agriculture only. Chairman of Directors was former RFDS (WA Section) pilot A. J.Williams. Chief Engineer Cliff J. Brown.
-The company commenced with a Tiger Moth but from the start Bill Boulden was an enthusiastic supporter of the Kingsford Smith Aviation Service agricultural modifications of RAAF post-war disposals CAC CA-6 Wackett Trainers in Sydney. He invested in the project and took delivery of two of the original KS.3 Wackett-Cropmasters with wooden wings and ferried both from Sydney to Perth:
see FROM WACKETT TO CROPMASTER in this series.
-Airwork was a specialist spraying operation at a time when most competitors were dusting
-by 1958 Airwork leased a hangar at Geraldton Airport with workshop facilities. Much of their work was in the Geraldton district.
-Pilots included N.A.Gordon, Gordon Lewis, Hal Watts

-In early 1959 Bill Boulden's  involvement with thee Wackett Cropmasters and KSAS associate company Yeoman Aviation's all-metal YA-1 Cropmaster development resulted in him leaving Airwork Pty Ltd to establish a new business Air Culture Pty Ltd, Perth to operate and market the YA-1 Cropmaster 250.
- A DCA WA Region report in 2.60: "Mr.W.G.Boulden as a member of Airwork Pty Ltd arranged the original procurement of VH-FBF and FBD from Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Sydney, Airwork Pty Ltd has now changed ownership completely and the original shareholders have sold all their shares held in the company. The new shareholders do not intend operating the Wackett Cropmasters, but will continue operatioms with Tiger Moths. Boulden's connection with Airwork Pty Ltd has been severed and he is now working in conjunction with Yeoman Aviation, Sydney. Airwork, other than Boulden, were never very keen on the Wackett and with Boulden's departure from that company there was some difficulty, or rather diffidence, in the supply of spare parts by Yeoman to Airwork Pty Ltd. On the reorgansation of Airwork Pty Ltd the Wacketts were offered to, and accepted by, Boulden."
- by 1962 Airwork Pty Ltd had ceased to operate. A closing down auction of company assets held in the Geraldton hangar included workshop equipment, damaged Tiger VH-ARU (to a Geraldton farmer who was a shareholder in the comany), airframe sections of Tiger VH-ARU (to John Forrest, Carnamah) and airworthy Tiger VH-PCI (sold for 75 to Steart Stubbs, Comet Gold Mine, Marble Bar WA).
DH.82 VH-BTO 6.57 purchased as wreck. Rebuilt. Crashed 19.5.59 near Geraldton
KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBF 3.58 purchased new.  Sold 2.60 to Air Culture, Perth
KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBD 7.58 purchased new. Sold 2.60 to Air Culture, Perth
DH.82 VH-PCI 8.59. Sold 7.62 at closing down auction
DH.82 VH-WFO 8.59 ex Aero Service, Perth, resold .59 to Aero Service, Perth
DH.82 VH-BTM early 60 wreck purchased from W.H.Benyon, Perth. Not rebuilt.
DH.82 VH-ARU 7.60 hired from W.H.Benyon, Perth. Crashed 1.8.60 Wongan Hills

Bill Boulden reloads the chemical hopper of an Airwork Pty Ltd KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster.
Photo: Ben Dannecker collection

Two rare views of the Airwork Pty Ltd Wackett-Cropmasters VH-FBD & FBF taken from a Cessna.
Both had SPRAYING SERVICE on the fuselage sides.          Geoff Goodall collection

Airwork Pty Ltd Tiger Moth VH-ARU at Wongan Hills WA on 1 August 1960 after the pilot struck trees
while crop spraying. Damage was not excessive by the standards of the day, but the wreck was stored in
the company's Geraldton hangar and auctioned in 1962. It flew again in 1971.    Geoff Goodall collection

Air Culture Pty Ltd, Perth    (1959-1970)
Managing Director and Chief Pilot William Gerald Boulden
Perth commercial pilot Bill Boulden had entered the aerial agriculture business in 1957 when he formed Airwork Pty Ltd, Perth (see above).  
He believed that the Wackett-Cropmaster agricultural modification of war disposals CA-6 Wackett Trainers by Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Sydney were an inexpensive improvement on the ag Tiger Moths in widespread use across Ausralia. He ferried two original model KS.3 Cropmasters with wooden wing and tailplanes from Sydney to Perth and flew them as sprayers  for Airwork Pty Ltd.  
By early 1959 Boulden's financial involvement in KSAS associate company Yeoman Aviation's development of the all-metal YA-1 Cropmaster 250 resulted in him leaving Airwork Pty Ltd to establish a new Perth ag company to operate and market the YA-1.
He took with him Cliff J. Brown to be Chief Engineer
-4.59 new company registered in Perth as "Air Culture Pty Ltd in association with Yeoman Aviation Pty Ltd". Yeoman engineering staff travelled to Perth to carry out major inspections and annual CofA renewals on the KS.3s for the first year,
-contracted with Elders as exclusive providers of all fertilisers and insecticides
-6.4.59 DCA Airwork Licence issued to Boulden
Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBE & AJHfor WA operations in the name of Yeoman Aviation Pty Ltd
-by 1960 company name was simply Air Culture Pty Ltd, Maylands Aerodrome, Perth
-4.59 commenced ops with two KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBE & AJH acquired from Yeoman Aviation, Sydney
-5.59 carried out first aerial seeding of wheat at Beacon WA
-2.60 Report: W.G.Boulden is Managing Director of Air Culture Pty Ltd and Operations Manager of Yeoman Aviation Pty Ltd.
-2.60 purchased the two Airwork Pty Ltd  KS.3
Wackett-Cropmasters VH-FBD & FBF
-10.60 Boulden negotiated a contract with Ross International Fisheries to carry live crayfish from fishing ports north of Perth. Avro C.19 VH-BIX was leased from Carsair Air Service, Brisbane and flown by Boulden and John Grummels. The Avro was badly damaged in a forced landing near Lancelin 22.3.61. Bob Carswell supplied his Lockheed 12A VH-ASG as a replacement for several weeks until the contract ended 4.61.
-6.61 first YA-1 Cropmaster 250 VH-CXQ delivered from Sydney
-Air Culture grew rapidly, adding more YA-1s and other types, offering a full range of aerial application

-30.6.61 Maylands Aerodrome closed to operations. Air Culture moved to a newly-built hangar at the new Jandakot Airport.
-22.12.65 Letter from Simpson Aviation, Jandakot (Cessna dealers) to DCA advising they are negotiating the takeover of Air Culture Pty Ltd. The takeover was completed in January 1966. Air Culture continued under its own name but Simpson operated their SAMAV Flight School Cessna 150s from the Air Culture hangar and office block until their own hangar area was extended.
-10.66 Air Culture purchased its first non-ag aircraft Cesna 337 VH-RZO from Simpson Aviation to be used for charter work.
-67 W.G.Boulden operated an associate business Boulden Air Charter. Hired Cessna 182F VH-CMN and Cessna 337 VH-RZO from Air Culture and Cessna 337 VH-RDY from Simpson Aviation. All three had "Bouden Air Charter" painted on for a period.
-4.67 Air Culture submitted bids to DCA for the first issue of Reg 203 Supplemental Airline Licences, but unsuccessful
.67 James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton NZ purchased a financial interest in several Australian agricultural firms including Air Culture. James offered NZ-built Fletcher Fu24s on favourable terms and Boulden operated 5 Fletchers.
-6.68 Trans West Air Charter Pty Ltd, Jandakot took over Air Culture Pty Ltd. The combined companies are owned by Jardine Matheson & Co (Australia) Ltd and James Aviation Ltd, Hamilton NZ.
-68 Air Culture Pty Ltd operated Fletchers for its last two seasons.
.70 All operations ceased early 1970.

Pilots: R.Adams, M.Clarken, J.Grummels, J.McKeachie, M.Lourie, P.Maarleveld, M.Ogilvie, H.Summerfield, D.D.Switzer, F.Synott
Boulden was still Managing Director to the end, the last Operations Manager was G.D.Vanderfeen.
Bill Boulden died 10.June 1986 due heart attack on Cottesloe Beach, Perth after a 400 metre swim with the Cottesloe Crabs winter swimming club. He was aged 76. After RAAF service he had played football for Claremont and been a champion swimmer and high-tower diver.
KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBE 3.59 from Yeoman Aviation. Crashed 26.4.60 Geraldton
KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-AJH 5.59 from Yeoman Aviation. Retired at Jandakot 5.64, stored.
KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBD 2.60 from Airwork Pty Ltd.  Crashed 27.11.61 Borden
KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBF 2.60 from Airwork Pty Ltd.   Crashed 16.4.61 Northampton
Avro Anson C.19              VH-BIX 10.60 hired for contract          Crashed 22.3.61 near Lancelin WA
YA-1 Cropmaster 250       VH-CXQ 6.61 new                               Crashed 20.6.65 Narrogin
Cessna 180A                      VH-KIH 12.61                                     Crashed 8.2.62 Jeramungup
Cessna 180                         VH-DBN 12.61                                   Crashed 26.3.66 Albany
YA-1 Cropmaster 250        VH-CYW 6.62 new                             Sold 6.7.70 to E.C.Stein, Perth
Cessna 180                         VH-CXG .64 hired for a season           Returned to Westair, Coonabarabran NSW
Callair A9A                        VH-MPG 7.65 new                              Sold 14.4.66 Western Aerial Services, Cunderdin WA
Cessna 180                          VH-BGB .65 hird for a season            Returned to Hazelton Air Service, Cudal NSW
PA-25 Pawnee 235             VH-KSD .65 hired for a season           Returned to Duttons Aerial Sowing, Glen Innes NSW
DHC-2 Beaver                    VH-AAJ .66 hired for a season           Returned to Aerial Agriculture, Sydney
DHC-2 Beaver                    VH-IDM .66 hired for a season           Returned to Aerial Agriculture, Sydney
DHC-2 Beaver                    VH-IDH .66 hired for a season            Returned to Robbys Aerial Services, Parafield SA
Cessna 182C                       VH-CKO 5.66                                     Sold 10.66 to Simpson Aviation, Jandakot (Cessna dealers)
Cessna 182C                       VH-DBX 6.66 Sprayer                        Sold 10.66 to Simpson Aviation, Jandakot (Cessna dealers)
Cessna 182C                       VH-CMN 5.66 Sprayer                       Tfd 6.68 to Trans West Air Charter, Jandakot
Cessna 337                          VH-RZO 10.66                                   Tfd 6.68 to Trans West Air Charter, Jandakot
YA-1 Cropmaster 250         VH-BAK 12.66 hired for a season      Returned to Hazelton Air Services, Cudal NSW
Cessna A188 Agwagon      VH-KVA 3.67 new                             Crashed 23.3.68 Bridgetown WA
DHC-2 Beaver                    VH-IDD  3.67 hired for a season        Returned to Robbys Aerial Services, Parafield SA
Fletcher Fu24-950M            VH-CYT 3.68 ex James Aviation      Sold 4.70 to Westair, Coonabarabran NSW 
Fletcher Fu24-950M            VH-CYU 3.68 ex James Aviation      Sold 4.70 to AG Airwork, Stawell Vic
Fletcher Fu24-950M            VH-CYV 5.68 ex James Aviation      Sold 4.70 to Westair, Coonabarabran NSW  
Fletcher Fu24/A1                 VH-EOF 7.68 ex James Aviation       Sold 10.69 to Aero Engine Services, Bankstown NSW
Fletcher Fu24/A1                 VH-EOG 7.68 ex James Aviation      Tfd 7.70 to James Aviation Ltd, Hamilton NZ               

Air Culture's first KS.3 Wackett-Cropmaster VH-FBE at Beacon WA in May 1959 flown by Bill Boulden.
Geoff Goodall collection

The first Yeoman Aviation YA-1 Cropmaster under construction at Bankstown in 1959..
(L-R) Bill Boulden, Yeoman's chief designer Bill Smith, Brian Wagner

Air Culture's Wackett-Cropmaster VH-AJH at Perth-Maylands in November 1961.     Photo by Ern Flanders

Avro Anson 19 VH-BIX after Bill Boulden's forced landing on rough terrain near Lancelin WA 22 March 1961.
Painted on the fuselage sides was "Crayfish Transporter - We Bring Them Back Alive".
The tail section was torn away and the airframe was a write-off.         Geoff Goodall collection

Air Cuture's first Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250 VH-CXQ outside the Yeoman hangar at Bansktown.
Photo by Dave Eyre

VH-CXQ struck trees while spraying webworm infestations near Narrogin on 20 June 1965.
Pilot Richard B. Adams, an American living in Australia, was killed.     Geoff Goodall collection

Yeoman Cropmaster 250 VH-CYW in Air Culture's hangar at Maylands in March 1963.
A Wackett-Cropmaster fuselage is stored against the wall behind.   Photo by Mike Madden

Cessna 180 VH-DBN at Air Culture's hangar at the new Jandakot Airport in 1964.   Photo by Alistair Coutts

Cessna 180 VH-DBN's demise at Green Range near Albany 28 March 1966.
Pilot Harold Summerfield was seriously injured.     Geoff Goodall collecion

Air Culture purchased this Callair A9A VH-MPG new in 1965.  Photographed at Jandakot by Merv Prime

Cessna 182s were an unusual mount for spraying but in 1966 Air Culture acquired a pair fitted out by Hazelton
Air Services, Cudal NSW. Here's 182C VH-DBX at Jandakot in July 1966.               Photo by Alistair Coutts

1956 model Cessna 180 VH-BGB while leased by Air Culture from Hazelton Air Services, Cudal NSW
Seen at Jandakot in April 1965 outside the Air Culture hangar.
                         Photo by Merv Prime

Pawnee 235 VH-KSD was leased by Air Culture during 1965 from Duttons Aerial Sowing, Glen Innes NSW.
On 16 July 1965 it suffered the humiliation of a forced landing without damage on an oval at Willagee, Perth.
Here the Air Culture pilot gives his details to a policeman, surrounded by school children.

DHC-2 Beaver VH-AAJ at Jandakot during its 1966 hire from Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd, Sydney.
Photo by Merv Prime

Cessna A188 Agwagon VH-KVA at Jandakot in October 1967.                                    Photo by Merv Prime

Air Culture Fletcher Fu24 VH-CYU at Bunbury in October 1969.                     Photo by Geoff Goodall

Fletcher Fu24 VH-CYT at Bunbury in January 1970.                                     Photo by Geoff Goodall

Air Culture's Fletcher Fu24A/1 models VH-EOF and VH-EOG were fitted with cabin windows. 
VH-EOF photographed at Jandakot in July 1969 by Roger McDonald.

Agricultural and General Aviation Pty Ltd (AGA), Perth  (1962-1986)
Founded March 1962 by the business merger of two Perth aerial agricultural companies Aero Service Pty Ltd and Basil  Taylor Co Pty Ltd. The two had been operating in association over the previous year.
AGA was to provide agricultural work, general aviation aircraft maintenance, and charter flying.
AGA commenced operations in its own name in November 1962 after required licences and DCA approvals had been finalised.
Base was Maylands Aerodrome, Perth
AGA Directors included Cyril A. Flood from Aero Service and Basil Taylor.
Operations Managar was Cyril Flood, General Manager Basil Taylor, Chief Pilot Arthur Andrews.
Initial fleet on formation:
DH.82  Tiger Moth    VH-BTF, BTW, BTX (ex Basil Taylor Co) and VH-WFQ, WFT, WFU, WFW (ex Aero Service)
PA-25 Pawnee 150    VH-BTY (ex Basil Taylor Co)
Cessna 180                 VH-RDO (ex Basil Taylor Co) and VH-WFY, WFZ (ex Aero Service)

- Concern within the aerial agricultural industry and DCA over the high pilot casualty rate for Tiger Moth accidents compared with other aircaft types resulted in DCA ordering that Tiger Moths be phased out of agricultural flying.  From 1963 each operator was required to reduce its Tiger Moth fleet by a third each year. To replace retired Tiger Moths, AGA ordered 3 new Cessna 185As for delivery early 1963.
AGA sold all its Tiger Moths plus spare engines and parts to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin WA in a package deal in May 1963. Five were ferried to Cunderdin, the remainder moved by road.
- 10.62 an early contract was to base a Cessna 180 at Kununurra in the far north of WA for 10 months for spraying of experimental cotton crops. Resukts were poor and in 11.63 chief pilot Arthur Andrews brought up Cessna 185A VH-AGG fitted with a new rotary atomiser  dispenser.
-30.6.63 Maylands Aerodrome closed to operations. AGA moved to a newly-built hangar at the new Jandakot Airport. Their hangar was the hangar with office block was the largest of the agricultural operator hangars, designed to allow expansion of general aircraft maintenance.
- Early AGA pilots included W.R.Rayner, B. Stanaway, Ben H.Ward, C.H.Whitburn
- By 1970s AGA at Jandakot was an established ag and maintenance organisation. General manager was still Basil Taylor, Works Manager Allan K. Boothey, senior engineer Brian Hepple. Maintenance was carried out on pressurised and turboprop aircraft.
The AGA hangar was the base of other operations such Kevron Photographics' growing fleet of survey aircraft, Cliff Brown Aircraft Sales and Service Pty Ltd and charter operators Altair and Airwork Australia.
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-BTF   11.62   tfd ex Basil Taylor Co   CofA expired 24.5.62    Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-BTW  11.62  tfd ex Basil Taylor Co   CofA expired 7.6.62      Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin 
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-BTX  11.62  tfd ex Basil Taylor Co    CofA expired 1.7.63      Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFQ  11.62  tfd ex Aero Service        CofA expired 6.6.63      Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFT  11.62  tfd ex Aero Service        CofA expired 17.6.63    Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFU  11.62  tfd ex Aero Service        CofA expired 24.6.63    Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFW 11.62  tfd ex Aero Service        CofA expired 18.6.63    Sold 5.63 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-BTY  11.62  tfd ex Basil Taylor Co                                           Sold 6.65 to Bob Couper Co, Cunderdin
Cessna 180              VH-WFY  11.62  tfd ex Aero Service                                               Crashed 18.1.66 Gin Gin
Cessna 180E           VH-WFZ   11.62  tfd ex Aero Service                                               Sold 6.69 to private owner as 4 seater
Cessna 180              VH-RDO  11.62  tfd ex Basil Taylor Co                                           Crashed 23.2.66 Boddington
Cessna 185A           VH-AGF  11.62  AGA, purchased new                                            Sold 9.71 to private owner as 4 seater
Cessna 185A           VH-AGG  12.62  AGA, purchased new                                           Sold 1.70 to private owner as 4 seater
Cessna 185A           VH-AGH  12.62  AGA, purchased new                                           Sold 8.73 to private owner as 4 seater
Cessna 185A           VH-AGI    3.66    ex VH-CXO                                                         Sold 1.75 to private owner as 4 seater
Cessna 185A           VH-AGK  3.66    ex VH-APS                                                          Crashed 22.4.69 Pearce
Transavia Airtruk    VH-TRE    7.68   6 month evaluation                                                Returned to Transavia, Sydney
Cessna A185E         VH-DGL   1.70   new                                                                       Crashed 21.4.74 Northampton
Cessna A188           VH-KVE    8.72   ex Doggett Aviation                                             Sold 8.75 to Symes Bros, Geraldton
Transavia Airtruk    VH-AGK   12.73  new                                                                      Crashed 4.6.86 Bunbury
Cessna A188B        VH-SFM     8.74                                                                                Sold 7.86 to Kevron Aviation, Jandakot               Transavia Airtruk    VH-SUO    7.75   ex Bunbury Aerial Topdressing Co                      Crashed 10.3.83 Brunswick Junction
Cessna A188B        VH-KZF    6.81   new                                                                        Sold 7.86 Kevron Aviation, Jandakot

AGA Tiger Moth VH-WFW in service at Maylands in May 1963.
"Booking agents Westfarmers and Dalgetys" is painted on the rudder.  Photo by Alistair Coutts

AGA Cessna 180 VH-WFZ at Kununurra WA in July 1963, refuelling during night spraying of cotton crops.
Geoff Goodall collection

Cessna 185A VH-AGG at Maylands in May 1963 with"AGA" on the door.        Photo by Alistair Coutts

Transavia PL-12 Airtruk VH-TRE at Jandakot in October 1968 while on six month evaluation by AGA.
Photo by Geoff Goodall

AGA purchased a new Airtruk VH-AGK in December 1973.                                      Geoff Goodall collection

AGA Airtruk VH-AGK at Jandakot in March 1974.                              Photo by Roger McDonald

Airtruk VH-AGK after a dusting run at Beverley WA in November 1974.           Photo by Geoff Goodall

AGA Agwagon VH-KZF at Jandakot in June 1982.                                Photo by Geoff Goodall

Austral Aviation, Perth   (1972-1981)
John A. Turner, Como, Perth established this aerial ag business in 1972 when he acquired the Sasin-Aerostructures SA-29 Spraymaster VH-BCA from Bob Couper Pty Ltd at Cunderdin. He operated it himself until 1975 when additional aircraft were added all registered in the name of J.A.Turner.  The company's maintenance base was Kellerberrin.  In June 1977 Beech Baron VH-UPJ was purchased to widen the range of services offered but sold two years later.
SA-29 Spraymaster  VH-BCA   7.72        Sold 7.76
Cessna 185A            VH-AGI    1.75        Sold 9.79
Pawnee 235              VH-PXI    6.76         Sold 5.81

John Turner's SA-29 Spraymaster VH-BCA at Jandakot December 1973.              Photo by Geoff Goodall

Pawnee 235 VH-PXI at Austral Aviation's Kellerberrin base in May 1976.      Photo by Geoff Goodall

Avon Aviation, Northam   (1966-1969)
Avon Aviation Pty Ltd was registered in 1966 by partners Keith Hobman and Ken Black.  The company was named after the Avon River which flows through the town of Northam.
Keith Eric Hobman was Manager of Avon Aviation. He had been chief pilot of agricultural operator Doggett Aviation, Perth since 1960 and become founder Stan Dogget's son in law. While employed by Doggett, Hobman had flown charter for other Perth companies and in 1965 had applied for and been issued DCA Charter and Airwork licences in his own name. In November 1965 he had proposed a passenger and parcel charter service on 3 routes connecting small towns south and east of Perth using a Beech Bonanza yet to be purchased. He was still with Doggetts and did not proceed with this venture.
10.66   Avon Aviation commenced ag operations from North airfield with Pawnee 150 VH-MIS
4.67     K.E.Hobman requested that his Airwork and Charter licences be transferred from his name to Avon Aviation Pty Ltd. Operations
            would be aerial agricultural but their Cessna 180 VH-TTW could be used for charter work
5.67     Pawnee VH-MIS struck trees and was wrecked at Bindoon, pilot Howard Bailes was unhurt
10.67   Cessna 180 VH-TTW made a trip to NSW, returning Broken Hill-Whyalla 5.11.67
4.68    Avon Aviation in financial difficulties and ownership of Cessna 180 TTW changed to H.J.Sands & Co, Northam. Hec Sands was a
            trucking contractor with a milk home delivery contract for Northam. He was nominated as Guarantor for Avon Aviation.
11.68   Avon Aviation reports that it is conducting agricultual spraying operations only, using a Cessna 180 leased from H.J.Sands.
1969    Operations ceased early 1969. VH-TTW was left parked in the weather at Northam airfield.   
1970    Keith Hobman was ag pilot with Bob Coper Co, Cunderdin.
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-MIS 10.66  Crashed 19.5.67 Bindoon   
Cessna 180  VH-TTW            3.67   Tfd 4.68 to H.J.Sands & Co, Northam. Op by Avon. Retired. Sold .70 to Pays Air Service, Scone NSW
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-FBI   5.67   Sold 4.68 to Doggett Aviation, Jandakot
Cessan A188 Agwagon          7.67    Sold to Simpson Aviation, Jandakot

Avon Aviation's Pawnee 150 VH-MIS was a write-off after this accident at Bindoon 19 May 1967

Avon Aviation Cessna 180 duster VH-TTW at Northam in December 1969, retired and looking very shabby.
Photo by Geoff Goodall

J.H.Baker, Perth  (1967-68)
James H. Baker was the proprietor of the Manly Hostel and Manly Tea Rooms at Cottseloe Beach, Perth.
He financed D.M. (Max) Taylor's aerial agriculture business 1967-68 with Cessna 180 VH-FSD registered in Baker's name. It was wrecked in an accident in April 1968 while flown by Taylor. The aircraft's fuselage broke in two as it fell down a steep slope but the mercurial Max Taylor was uninjured.  See D.M.Taylor
Baker went on to other projects, in 1970 purchasing a large consignment if railway equipment unclaimed at Fremantle port from a failed venture in the Pilbara iron ore mines and by 1971 was a Director of Indonesian Metals Exploration Co.

Cessna 180 VH-FSD 2.67 ex Duttons Aerial Sowing NSW   Crashed 20.4.68 near Chittering

Cessna 180 VH-FSD at Chittering 20 April 1968

Beynon and Pearson, Perth  (1958-1960)
William Herbert Beynon had been Managing Director of the short-lived Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd. In April 1958 he transferred ownership of their two Tiger Moths to his name and set up an agricultural operation under his name. The following year both Tigers were transferred to a partnership W.H.Beynon & G.E.W.Pearson, 12 Onslow Road, Subiaco, Perth
Tiger VH-BTM crashed 1.8.59 when pilot P.A.Maarleveld struck trees during ag work. DCA WA Region accident report includes this candid remark: "The operator, Benyon and Pearson, is one of those "one-aircraft/new pilot each season" type operations."
Ag operations had ended by early 1960 when the remaining Tiger VH-ARU was hired to Airwork Pty Ltd, Perth. It crashed in August 1960 while operated by Airwork, and the wrecks of both Tigers were sold to Airwork Pty Ltd.
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-BTM 4.58 ex Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd.   Crashed 1.8.59 Katanning while spraying
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-ARU 4.58
ex Aerial Agriculture (WA) Pty Ltd.   Hired 60 to Airwork Pty Ltd, crashed 1.8.60 in Airwork service.

Blaxell and Grummels, Perth  (1959-1963)
Ian Blaxell and John Grummels operated this air charter and aerial agriculture partnership from 1959 based Maylands Aerodrome, Perth.
They contracted to Kwinana Chemical Co, Perth for their fertilizer and insectides.
Ian F. Blaxell had been a pilot for Doggett Aviation for the previous three years, flying agricultural work as well as charter with Austers. He had been based at Meekatharra flying the Doggett Aviation Short Scion VH-UTV on RFDS contract.
John J. A. Grummels was a Dutchman who had flown B-25s with Indonsian Air Force before migrating to Australia in November 1955. He was also flying crop spraying with Doggett Aviation in 1958. He was also flying for Air Culture during most of the Blaxell and Grummels period, including the Avro 19 on the Air Culture live crayfish contract.   John was a flying enthusiast with little regard for aviation authorities. In early 1960s he conmpleted the construction of a Heath Parasol ultralight which he flew unregistered from Maylands in 1964 after the aerodrome was closed. He was fined 50 by a Perth court in March 1965 for flying the Parasol Maylands-Jandakot-Kellerberrin.
By 1970 Grummels was in very poor health which he blamed on his exposure to DDT and was an advocate for banning DDT spraying.

-1.4.59 DCA Airwork Licence issued for Tiger VH-APQ spraying only, flown by both partners
-15.11.60 due to commence a contract to operate DH84 Dragon VH-AMN owned by Ross International Fisheries to transport live crayfish from fishing ports north of Perth. The Dragon had been modified at Maylands with strengthened flooring and cabin side panelling to carry live seafood. Crashed 12.11.60 before any crayfish had been carried, when Ian Blaxell ran off a rough strip at Juien Bay in a strong crosswind. Ross International Fisheries then contracted with Bill Boulden's Air Culture to take over the contract using Avro 19 VH-BIX. See Air Culture-By 1962 the opetation had been restructured as Blaxell and Grummels Aviation Pty Ltd, 11 Crosby Street, Floreat Park
-Gerald Ingham, an ag pilot from Orange NSW was employed as a pilot
-Ceased operations soon after Maylands Aerodrome was closed in June 1963. The remaining Cessna 180 was sold to Gerald Ingham
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-APQ   5.59  purchased ex Austerserve, Sydney.                         Retired .62 at Maylands
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AHM 10.60 purchased, ambulance conversion. No ag use.        Sold 5.61 to private owner
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-BTU   6.61  purchased ex Basil Taylor Co.                                 Sold 9.63 to private owner
Cessna 180 VH-BGB               1.63  imported from USA, 1956 model                            Sold 11.63 to Gerald Ingham,Orange NSW

Blaxell and Grummels Aviation Tiger sprayer VH-APQ at Maylands March 1963.     Photo by Mike Madden

Ian Blaxell Pty Ltd, Perth and Dalwallinu, later Wubin   (1964-    )
       Ian Frederick Blaxell formed this new company in 1964 after Blaxell and Grummels Aviation Pty Ltd was wound up in 1963.
Blaxell was Managing Director and Chief Pilot. To commence operations a new Pawnee 235 was ordered. VH-PEC was assembled at Archerfield and ferried to Perth in May 1964 in time for the first season, later being reregistered VH-DRN (for Dowerin).
       Blaxell's loyal farmer customers were mainly in districts north of Perth.  Another Pawnee 235 VH-WBN (for Wubin) followed in 1966.
Blaxell continued his arrangement with pilot Gerald Ingham of Orange NSW to come to WA to fly each local season. From 1967 Ingham brought his Cessna 180H VH-PKD across to operate from Blaxell's Dowerin base.

In October 1975 Ian Blaxell purchased a 4 seater Beech Musketeer VH-DLW for company travel. Only weeks later it was damaged when Blaxell was landing on a strip 10 miles south of Lancelin. It was repaired at Jandakot by Bernies Aviation and returned to Blaxell.
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-PEC     5.64 new              Rereg 5.66 VH-DRN Crashed 4.8.66 Goomalling spraying
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-WBN   4.66 new              Sold circa 2010
Cessna 180H VH-PKD              1967-69                hired each season from G.Ingham, Orange
Transavia Airtruk VH-RAN       3.74                     Sold 7.84 Bunbury Aerial Topdressing Service
Cessna A188B VH-DUQ           8.91                     Sold 6.94       

Shiny new Pawnee 235 VH-PEC sprayer at Perth Airport in June 1964, only weeks after it was assembled.
At that time light aircraft parked on a grassy area at Perth after the closure of Maylands the previous year.
Photo by Alistair Coutts

Ian Blaxell reregistered VH-PEC as VH-DRN (for Dowerin) in May 1966.  Here it is at Jandakot Airport,
on 22 May 1966 before the paint had dried.                                            Photo by Alistair Coutts

VH-WBN (for Wubin) at Jandakot for maintenance in February 1970.          Photo by Geoff Goodall

Cessna 180H VH-PKD visiting Jandakot, in July 1968.                              Photo by Merv Prime

Transavia Airtruk VH-RAN at Wubin April 1974.                                          Photo by Roger McDonald

Pawnee 235 VH-WBN still going strong at the Wubin base,  September 1985.        Photo by Geoff Goodall

Boconn Air, Moora  (1972-1993)
Robert Ronald Conn trading as Boconn Air, Moora
Bob Conn commenced his own operations in 1972 to take over the Moora area organisation of Doggett Aviation, which had ceased operations. Conn had been a Pawnee pilot with Doggett up to the previous season.
Pilot N.Williams was flying for Boconn Air by 1974, and A.S.Adams by 1977. On 16.4.77 Adams was injured when he struck power lines and crashed near Moora in Airtruk VH-BOA. The accident was seen by Bob Conn who was flying from the same strip.
Some of the aircraft listed below were registered in the name Conn Investments Pty Ltd but operated by Boconn Air.
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-SFZ               11.72 ex Dogget Aviation              Sold 3.74 to Alpine Aviation Vic
IMCO Callair A9A VH-MPI              .73-74 leased ex Bunbury ATD.     Returned by 9.74.
Transavia Airtruk VH-BOA                1.74 new                                         Crashed 16.4.77 Moora
Cessna 180 VH-RGV                          5.74                                                Sold 10.78                                           
Cessna A188B Agwagon VH-TIH     2.77 new                                         Crashed 13.10.77 Mount Magnet
Cessna A188 Agwagon VH-KVD      5.77                                                Sold 5.79
Cessna A188B Agwagon VH-UWM  11.77                                              Reg cancelled 11.02
Cessna A188B Agwagon VH-BOA    6.79 new                                        Sold 9.93

Boconn Air Transavia Airtruk VH-BOA at Jandakot in March 1974.          Photo by Roger McDonald

Cessna 180 VH-RGV at the Moora town airfield in September 1974.              Photo by Geoff Goodall

 Agwagon VH-BOA at the Moora base in September 1985.                        Photo by Geoff Goodall

Bunbury Aerial Topdressing Service, Bunbury  (1971-1992)
Bunbury Aerial Topdressing Service Pty Ltd was  founded in 1971 by Harold "Slim" Summerfield and his wife to take over the Air Culture Bunbury organisation and client base after Air Culture Pty Ltd ceased operations during 1970. Summerfield had been an ag pilot with Air Culture for many years.
Harold Summerfield was Director/Chief Pilot and his wife Mrs.E. A. Summerfield was Director/Secretary.
Harold Summerfield was killed in the crash of his first Transavia Airtruk VH-EYI  near Harvey on 2 February 1974. Mrs. Summerfield continued the business for a period. By 1980 it had established a base at Wagin.
Callair A9A         VH-MPI    7.71 ex Ian Dunn. Leased 73-74 to Boconnair   Sold 9.74 to Ian Dunn, Perth
Transavia Airtruk VH-EYI    1.73 new                                                            Crashed 2.2.74 Harvey
Transavia Airtruk VH-SUM  2.74 new                                                            Crashed 7.9.77 Bunbury
Transavia Airtruk VH-SUO   4.74 new                                                           Crashed 10.10.74 Yarloop. Later rebuilt for AGA Jandakot
Cessna A188B     VH-SUA   9.77 new                                                           Sold 9.92 Giles Aviation, Wagin
Transavia Airtruk VH-RAN  7.84 ex Ian Blaxell, Wubin                                Struck-off Register

Callair A9A VH-MPI at Bunbury January 1972 still in factory yellow paintwork.    Photo by Geoff Goodall

Airtruk VH-EYI on an ag strip deep inside a karri forest plantation near Kirup in January 1974.
Photo by Roger McDonald

Two weeks later VH-EYI was wrecked near Harvey on 2 February 1974, with the loss of Harold Summerfield

Cessna A188B Agwagon VH-SUA at the Wagin base in August 1980.               Photo by Geoff Goodall

Chambers Agspray Aviation, Northam  (1973-1989)
         Ian C. Chambers was an ag pilot with Doggett Aviation, Perth from 1963 flying the EP-9s and CA-28 Ceres. In 1965 he left for Sydney to an airline pilot position with Airlines of NSW but in May 1968 returned to Stan Doggett to become Chief Pilot until the company shut down in 1972.  
         During 1973 Ian Chambers established his own business under the name I.C. & C.A.Chambers trading as Chambers Agspray Aviation, Perth. Main operating base Northam.  Ian joined the Northam Aero Club and a July 1974 club newsletter observed "A very good alarm clock came to town in the form of a Cessna Agwagon and Ian's dawn departures".
His first aircraft was Yeoman Cropmaster VH-CYW which had been acquired by Ian Dunn while it was undergoing an overhaul at Jandakot and on-sold to Ian prior to completion.
YA-1 Cropmster 250 VH-CYW 6.73      Retired at Jandakot 75.  Sold .76 to Bill Sutherand, Kalannie
Cessna A188A VH-EJU             4.74                                            Sold 9.79
Cessna A188B VH-ICA             4.74                                            Sold 2.89
Transavia Skyfarmer VH-ABU  6.85                                            Sold 5.88

Ian Chambers at Koorda in 1963 while flying EP-9s for Doggett Aviation.              Photo: Ian Chambers

Ian waiting patiently on the wing of Doggett Aviation's CA-28 Ceres at Jandakot 1965.   Photo: Ian Chambers

Yeoman Cropmaster 250 VH-CYW sprayer at Jandakot in June 1974 while with Chambers Agspray Aviation.
Photo by Roger McDonald

Agwagon VH-EJU at Jandakot December 1974 showing the "Chambers Agspray Aviation" winged insignia.
Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ian Chambers' Agwagon VH-ICA at Northam in September 1985.                      Photo by Geoff Goodall

Transavia Skyfarmer VH-ABU at Northam Augsut 1987 fitted with a spreader.      Photo by Geoff Goodall

Bob Couper Pty Ltd, Cunderdin WA  (1953-1972)
Robert Stephen Couper returned to his home town Mount Barker WA after RAAF service during WWII. In 1947 he purchased two RAAF Ansons from disposals sales at RAAF Geraldton to be used for charter. He acquired Tiger Moths for joyriding, fish-spotting, whale-spotting between Albany and Esperance.
In June 1953 Bob Couper began agricultural work when he had one of his Tigers VH-AMP modified to a sprayer by Doggett Aviation at Maylands. In 1954 he formed a new business Farmair Pty Ltd, Perth in partnership with Perth commercial pilot Jim Pekin. Three years later Couper sold his interest in Farmair to Pekin and returned to Albany to operate aerial ag under his own name again. Farmair pilot Arthur Andrews came with him. Although Albany based, much of his work was farms in the Cunderdin area and in 1958 Couper moved his business to the single remaining Bellman hangar on the former RAAF Cunderdin airfield. Most of the wartime 9EFTS aircrew accommodation huts and buildings remained unused, providing storage for his growing collection of Tiger Moth airframe spares and engines.

Bob Couper & Company, Cunderdin was registered as the new business name. On 5.2.59 DCA amended the Airwork Licence for R.S.Couper Albany to Bob Couper & Co, Cunderdin. As well as spraying, dusting and seeding services, aircraft maintenance and charter was conducted. Auster J.5BAutocar VH-KAL owned by the company Manager Alan Fox was initially using for passenger charters.
A pilot training division commenced in 11.63 under the name Central Flying School, Cunderdin, a subsidiary of Bob Couper & Co. The staff of the school were employees of Bob Couper & Co: Chief Flying Instructor Vic Mason (ag pilot), Chief Engineer Ken Weaver. A new Cessna 172D VH-RYZ was purchased 11.63 and a Chipmunk and Tiger Moth were used. DCA inspection reports were critical from the start and in 10.64 Couper replied to a Departmental list of required improvements with the advice he would cease training operations immediately. The DCA file ends with the following memo: "I cannot foresee Mr.Couper ever being approved again for a flying school licence on the basis of reputation that has materialised over the years."
Effective 7.5.65 Bob Couper & Co was renamed Bob Couper Pty Ltd, Cunderdin

- In May 1963 Bob Couper & Co purchased 7 ag Tiger Moths and spare parts from Agricultural & General Aviation, Perth. All had expired CofAs or  about to expire. 5 were ferried to Cunderdin where all were stored dimantled as spares.
- DCA banned Tiger Moths from agricultural application flying effective 31.12.64
- By 1968 a slump in agricultural demand and other factors had a severe effect on the finances of the company. In a reorganisation,
Bob Couper left to set up a new business at Wialki, taking Pawnees VH-MEQ & MER which he owned.
Allan Fox continued as Manager of the reduced Cunderdin operation.
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AMP  6.53. Leased 7.54 Scientific Spraying Service, Perth. Tfd 8.55 to Farmair, returned 6.56 to R.S.Couper.
                                                          CofA expired 8.57.                   Stored dismantled Cunderdin.
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AHP  7.53. Tfd 8.55 to Farmair.                  Remained with Farmair
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AMW 2.57  Retired 12.64 Cunderdin          Sold 10.63 to Alan Mather, Kellerberrin
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AMG  4.57  CofA expired 6.60                   Stored dismantled Cunderdin.
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AMY  4.58                                                   Sold 11.63 to Les Kordys, Trayning
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-FBO   9.59   ex Schutt Airfarmers Vic         Sold 9.64 to A.S.Adams, Katanning
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AMT  2.57   ex Super Spread Vic                Sold 10.63 to Alan Mather, Kellerberrin
DH.84 Dragon       VH-AMN  12.59 ex Schutt Airfarmers Vic         Sold 6.60 to Ross International Fisheries,Perth
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-AMU  10.60 ex Aero Service,Perth              Sold .66 to J.M.Forster, Kellerberrin
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-WFN   1.61  ex Aero Service,Perth              Sold .66 to B.F.Hamling, Northam
DH.83 Fox Moth    VH-USJ     5.62  support use                               Stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-BGA   7.62                                                    Crashed 11.9.64 Cunderdin while spraying
DH.82 Tiger Moth VH-WFV   7.62  ex Aero Service,Perth               Retired 12.64 Cunderdin, sold to Frank Lawrence, Benjaberring       
Cessna 185             VH-RBL    7.62                                                   Crashed 20.6.63 Trayning while spraying
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-BTF    5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                 CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-BTW  5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                 CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin 
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-BTX   5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                 CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFQ  5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                 CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFT  5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                  CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFU  5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                 CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-WFW 5.63   ex AGA, Maylands                  CofA expired, stored dismantled Cunderdin
DH.84 Dragon       VH-AML   9.63  support use                                Sold 12.67 to Neville Hyder,Busselton
DHC-1 Chipmunk  VH-AMV  9.63  flying school, then support        Sold 10.71
Cessna 172D           VH-RYZ  11.63 flying school                             Sold 8.65
DH.82 Tiger Moth  VH-AZA  11.63 flying school, then support       Crashed 25.10.69 Cunderdin
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-BTY   6.65  ex AGA, Jandakot                   Sold 11.71
Cessna 180D           VH-BVW  6.65                                                  Sold 4.67 Yilgarn Aviation
SA-29 Spraymaster VH-BCA  9.65  new                                           Sold 7.72
Cessna 180              VH-RER  12.65                                                  Sold 3.68
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-MER  4.66                                                   Sold 8.68 to R.S.Couper, Wialki
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-MEQ  6.66                                                   Sold 8.68 to R.S.Couper, Wialki
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-BCE   4.67 new                                           Sold 4.69 to R.S.Couper, Wialki
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-BCK  7.67 new                                            Sold 2.73
Cessna 180F            VH-REI   11.67 Leased out from 1971              Sold 7.77
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-BCJ   12.67 Leased out from 1972              crashed 13.11.76 Clare SA
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-BCP   12.67 new                                         Sold 10.72
DHC-1 Chipmunk  VH-RSK   5.69  ex Royal Aero Cub of NSW    Sold 12.69 to B.F.Hamling, Northam
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-GUY  6.69                                                   Sold 5.71 to TASCO (Ord River)

DH.82 VH-BGA sprayer with dumbo nose art, parked in a row of retired ag Tigers at Cunderdin January 1964.
Photo by Alistair Coutts

Another retired Bob Couper Tiger Moth VH-WFV was in poor condition at Cunderdin by September 1967. 
Nevertheless it was packed up by a Sydney dealer and shipped to USA to beco
me N100MH.              
Photo by Merv Prime

Tiger VH-AZA remained a 2 seater for the short-lived flying school, then as a support aircraft. Seen at Cunderdin
in August 1969 on hire to the Gliding Club of WA as a tug. Two months later it was wrecked near the airfield

when it it failed to recover from a deliberate spin, seriously injuring the pilot.      Photo by Geoff Goodall

Chipmunk VH-AMV visiting Jandakot, Perth in November 1969 still wearing former Royal Aero Club of SA
dark blue and white paint scheme from its days as VH-BWF.                         Photo by Geoff Goodall

Sasin Aerostructures SA-29 Spraymaster VH-BCA at Cunderdin December 1969, while being used as a duster.
Some of the wartime RAAF huts left at Cunderdin Aerodrome can be seen behind.   Photo by Geoff Goodall

Pawnee 150 VH-MER in the Cunderdin hangar in September 1967.                    Photo by Merv Prime

By May 1968 at Cunderdin VH-MER was repainted in this anonymous scheme.        Photo by Geoff Goodall

Pawnee 235 VH-BCK at Bunbury in January 1970.                                           Photo by Geoff Goodall

Bob Couper Pty Ltd Cessna 180 VH-REI at Parafield SA in August 1973 while it and Pawnee VH-BCJ were
leased to Lloyd Aviation, Adelaide. It had previous been leased to Altair, Jandakot.     Photo by Geoff Goodall

Couper Aero Service, Wialki   (1968-1981)
Bob Couper Agricultural, Muckinbudin (1978-1983)
In 1968 Bob Couper left Bob Couper Pty Ltd at Cunderdin and started a new operation from a farm near the small town of Wialki.
The first seasons were operated as R.S.Couper, Wialki. By 1974 a new company had been formed Couper Aero Pty Ltd, Perth, although it was referred to as Couper Aero Service. From 1978 he was operating as Bob Couper Agricultural.  To blurr the paper trail, some of the aircraft were registered in the names of individual pilots c/- Bob Couper Agricultural, with addresses at Donnybrook and Muckinbudin.
Cessna 180 VH-GCW was acquired for charter work, commencing October 1973 when Bob Couper flew it on supply runs to an expedition searching for the fabled Lassiters Gold in desert north of Leonora.
During 1983 the Muckinbudin-based Bob Couper Agricultural operation under pilot T.G.Fogarty was restructured as Westfield Aviation
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-MEQ  6.68 ex Bob Couper Pty Ltd                Crashed 6.8.80 Beacon
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-MER  6.68 ex Bob Couper Pty Ltd                Sold .84
PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-BTY   6.68 ex Bob Couper Pty Ltd                Sold 11.71, repurchased 7.74, retired 77. Sold to F.D. Hampton
PA-25 Pawnee 235 VH-BCE   6.68 ex Bob Couper Pty Ltd                Sold 3.70 to Western Aerial,Vic
Cessna 180D           VH-GCW  10.73                                                   Sold 8.80
Cessna 188              VH-EYN   5.80 ex Fred Hampton                        Tfd 5.83 to Westfield Aviation, Muckinbudin

Pawnee VH-BCE in the hangar at Cunderdin June 1968 freshly painted as Couper Aero Service.

Pawnee 150 VH-MER visiting Cunderdin in October 1975.               Photo by Roger McDonald

.Pawnee 150s VH-BTY & -MEQ in the same orange paint scheme at Mukinbudin in February 1975.
Photo by Geoff Goodall

Bob Couper's Cessna 180D VH-GCW visited Jandakot in December 1974.      Photo by Geoff Goodall

Crop Sprayers Pty Ltd / The Crop Spraying Co, Perth  (1953-1954): see Strickland Pittaway & Co, Perth

Doggett Aviation and Engineering Co Pty Ltd, Perth   (1953-1972)

Stanley Claude Doggett was an experienced pre-war Perth aircraft engineer who joined DCA as an Aircraft Inspector. In 1947 he left the Department to set up his own aircraft maintenance business at Maylands Aerodrome in partnership with wartime RAAF pilot Cyril Flood.
Their company Aero Service Pty Ltd became the main repair, modification and sales operation at Maylands, importing Austers and other light aircaft from England for WA buyers.
In 1952 Cyril Flood was keen to enter the growing field of aerial agriculture and the partners agreed to split with Flood building up Aero Service Pty Ltd as an aerial ag operator, while Stan Doggett would set up a new business at Maylands to take over the aircraft maintence and charter work.  Such was Stan's local reputation, he commenced his new operation named simply Stan Doggett. Ironically the majority of his early work was repairs and field CofA inspections of agricultural Tiger Moths. In October 1952 he purchased an Auster J5 VH-KBL for a contract with the Flying Doctor Service of Australia to provide pilots and aircraft fitted for a stretcher at their Meekatharra base. He kept this contract with Austers, a Proctor and a vintage Short Scion until 1958 when the flying doctor service began operating its own aircraft in WA.
-During 1953 the business name was registered as Doggett Aviation and Engineering Co, Maylands Aerodrome.
-Another Auster was acquired and Tiger Moths, for charter, aerial photography and joyrides, while the maintenance business was handling local aircraft up to Avro Anson size.
-In June 1957 Doggett Aviation & Engineering Co applied for licences to commence crop spraying and dropping super phosphate using Tiger Moths. A contract was negotiated with Elders
to apply their range of agricultural chemicals and this business relationship with Elders was maintained for the life of the company. Ag operations quickly grew and remaining charter aircraft were sold.
- In 1960 the company name was changed to Doggett Aviation & Engineering Co Pty Ltd
-During 1960 the company became Piper agents for WA as a result of their purchase of two new PA-25 Pawnees, the first seen in WA. This uneasy dealership arrangement continued for two years until the WA Piper agency was handed over to the newly-formed Millard O'Sullivan Aviation (MOSA) at Perth Airport.
-June 1963 Maylands Aerodome closed and Doggett moved to a new hangar in the agricultural setion of the new Jandakot Airport
-1964 Chief Pilot K.E.Hobman, Chief Engineer R.M.Harbord
-Following boom years 1966-67, a slump in demand for aerial application services resulted in aircraft fleet reduction and Stan Doggett introduced the manufacture of dinghy "tinnies" to keep maintenance staff engaged. By 1972 dinghy production was earning more profit than the ag business.
-1972 Manager T.Perebonio, Chief Pilot Ian Chambers, Chief Engineer A.Harris, Ops Manager K."Butch" Mortimer
-9 June 1972 Doggett Aviation & Engineering Co Pty Ltd ceased operations and was wound up.
-21 December 1972 closing down auction in the Doggett hangar at Jandakot offered all hangar equipment and workshop items
-February 1973 Bristow Helicopters moved into the vacated former Doggett Aviation hangar at Jandakot Airport

Pilot Brian Binskin recalls his 3 months with Doggett Aviation in 1966 flying the leased Grumman Agcat VH-CCI:
"I had to go to Archerfield in Brisbane and fly the Ag Cat VH-CCI to Perth. The aircraft was fitted with a urea sprayer fixed under the fuselage and J-tube nozzles from under the leading edge of the lower wing.  In this configuration the airspeed was reduced to 75 knots and the range of the aircraft was only 150 miles.  So I had six 5 gallon cans and a funnel to pour the fuel into the tank
which was on the top wing. I set out from Archerfield at noon on Tuesday 5th July 1966 and reached Jandakot around midday the following Sunday. On the trip I would land anywhere I could,  pull out the cans, stand on the hopper lid on the top of fuselage and pour the fuel into the tank.  Flying towards Hay into a headwind, a Volkswaggon beetle on the road below me was going faster than I was.

When I arrived in Perth Stan Doggett told me I would be stationed in Bunbury but in the spraying season I would be anywhere.
I found Stan to be an honest and caring man, when I had problems he was very kind to me.  I was told that after World War Two Stan bought two Army disposals Centurian tanks, pulled off the gun turrets and used them on contracts to clear farming land - he strung a large heavy chain between them and linked together, charged across open paddocks pulling out the low scrub. That was the way he earned the money to set up his own aviation business.

Stan Doggett had made his aerial spraying teams very efficient. Each consisted of a pilot with aircraft, a Loader Driver with a Doggett loader truck fitted with a large tank of aviation fuel, chemical drums, a mix tank and the pump and hoses needed to top up the aircraft's hopper. There were two young marker boys with flags and measuring wheels to measure the swath distance across the fields. Finally there was the Tee Up man with a ute who organised the spraying program, talked to the farmers about their ability to pay, then drive the marker boys out to thejob site. The pilot,  loader driver and Tee Up man were all linked by radio. This gave us faster turn arounds between jobs in different areas. Behind the loader we towed a six-man caravan in which all of us lived. 
After 9 weeks we all reeked of DDT, 24D and 245T weed killer and everything else that we were using. When we walked into the shop at Mukinbudin (where we had the caravan parked in the rough at the golf club) the people in the shop would stand well away from us while we

bought our staple diet of six packs of meat pies.   The 245T chemical was so efficient that just the smell from capped 44 gallon drums we left on a railway platform overnight killed off the landscaped plants along the platform.

The Ag Cat was a great aircraft because of its low speed and its ability to change directions (180 degrees in 8 or 9 seconds off the end of the field and back in for the next run and rugged short field performance.  When the season in WA finished I flew CCI back to Archerfield without the spreader and J tubes and with the help of westerly winds it took only 3 days to get back."

DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BTR    5.57    Rereg 9.59 VH-DAK             Sold 11.60 to H.A.H.Watts, Perth
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-AHN   7.57    Rereg 6.59 VH-DAO             Crashed 19.6.60 Goomalling
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BJV     7.57    Rereg 6.59 VH-DAL             Crashed 29.7.64 Botherling
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BIW    8.58     Rereg 5.59 VH-DAP             Sold 11.64 to Dennis Yewers,Morawa as VH-DYI
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BFB    11.58   Rereg 8.59 VH-DAN            Sold 9.64 to Tom Lance, Bunbury as VH-CKE
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BWO   3.59    Rereg 3.59 VH-DAH            Accident, reg cancelled 11.65, rebuilt 11.66 as 2-seater VH-CKI
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BWN   3.59    Rereg 3.59 VH-DAI              Sold 2.62 to Rural Aviation, Perth as VH-CKB
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-BWR   3.59    Rereg 3.59 VH-DAJ              Sold 11.60 to Robbys, Parafield SA as VH-RAC
DH.82 Tiger Moth   VH-AJI       59       Rereg 7.60 VH-DAQ            Crashed 16.7.61 Merredin
PA-25 Pawnee 150  VH-DAR   8.60     new                                        Sold 2.65 as VH-MER
PA-22 Tri Pacer       VH-DAT    9.60    new, support use                     Sold 8.62 as VH-MEF
PA-25 Pawnee 150  VH-DAK  11.60    new                                        Sold 10.64 as VH-MEQ
PA-25 Pawnee 150  VH-DAJ    2.61     new                                         Sold 3.61 to Basil Taylor & Co as VH-BTY
CA-28 Ceres            VH-CEP    11.61   new, rereg 10.62 VH-DAT    Damaged 16.2.68 by grass fire on ground Kojonup
Edgar Percival EP-9 VH-SSV   10.62    Rereg 10.62 VH-DAI            Sold 4.67 to Tonair, Tintinara SA
PA-25 Pawnee 150  VH-MCI    3.63     Rereg 3.64 VH-DAU             Sold 5.70
PA-25 Pawnee 235  VH-DAW  7.64     new                                         Sold 12.70 to South Africa    
Edgar Percival EP-9 VH-SSR    8.64     Rereg 8.64 VH-DAV             stripped for parts 66, frame sold 4.67 to Tonair, Tintinara SA
Edgar Percival EP-9 VH-TCA   3.65     Rereg 4.65 VH-DAX             Sold 1.68 to Sasin Aircraft, Geraldton   
PA-25 Pawnee 235  VH-DAY   3.65     new                                         Crashed, burnt out 27.5.65 Trayning. pilot P.Spencer minor injries
PA-25 Pawnee 235  VH-DAZ   7.65     new                                         Sold 6.71 to South Africa
DHC-2 Beaver         VH-IDS     4.66     hired from Robbys                  Returned 9.66 to Robbys Parafield SA
Grumman AgCat      VH-CCI     7.66     hired from Cropcair                Returned 10.66 to Cropcair, Archerfield Qld
CA-28 Ceres             VH-CDO  12.66   hired from Coondair                Returned 9.67 to Coondair, Tintinara SA
DHC-2 Beaver          VH-IDD    1.67    hired from Robbys                   hired by Air Culture from 3.47
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-DAN  11.67  new, order cancelled                Uncrated Bankstown 11.67 , resold to Qld as VH-PXE
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-DAR   11.67  new, order cancelled               Uncrated Bankstown 11.67 , resold to NSW as VH-WPS
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-CSN    5.68    ex Stawell Airwork Vic          Sold 10.72
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-TOI     5.68    ex Hazair, Albury NSW         Two seater mod., sold 4.71 to South Africa
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-TOJ     5.68    ex Hazair, Albury NSW         Sold 11.72 to R.K.Giles, Wagin
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-FBI      4.68    ex Avon Aviation, Northam   Sold 12.72 to Aerial Agriculture, Sydney
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-SFZ     .69      ex Skyfarmers Vic                  Sold 11.72 Boconnair,Moora
Cessna A188             VH-KVE    5.70                                                   Sold 8.72 to AGA, Jandakot

Tiger sprayer VH-DAL has its hopper refilled with liquid agricuitural chemical  at Maylands, Perth June 1959. 
Geoff Goodall collection

Accidents were many, but plentiful stocks of Tiger Moth wooden wings and metal fuselage frames meant they
usually rebuilt and returned to service. VH-DAH at Wyola 29 August 1960.      Geoff Goodall collection

The last two Doggett Tiger Moths in ag service, VH-DAL & -DAN outside the new company hangar at
Jandakot Airport in June 1964.                                                       Photo by Alistair Coutts

Pawnee 150s VH-DAK & DAR at work spreading the superphosphate heap at Balingup in December 1960.
This strip was cleared from forest by local farmers to allow ag aircraft access.         Geoff Goodall collection

Pawnee 150 VH-DAR at a RAAF Pearce airshow in July 1963 when it flew an ag display.  
Photo by Merv Prime

CA-28 Ceres VH-CEP on arrival Maylands 20 November 1961 on delivery from Fishermans Bend Vic.
Ferry pilot was Royal Aero Club of WA instructor Phil Hicks.                      Geoff Goodall collection

Ceres VH-CEP loading superphosphate at Balingup in March 1962.                   Geoff Goodall collection

The Ceres was reregistered VH-DAT in Doggett's series. Seen at the company's Jandakot hangar April 1965
Photo by Neil Follett

The three Doggett Aviation EP-9s parked in a line at Jandakot in April 1965.             Photo by Alistair Coutts

Edgar Percival EP-9 VH-DAI at Jandakot April 1965 shows the attractive Doggett paint scheme at that time.
The lower door to the loader driver's seat and hopper can be clearly seen.         Photo by Neil Follett

Brian Binskin with Grumman Ag Cat VH-CCI which he flew while on lease to Doggett Aviation in 1966.
Photo: Brian Binskin

Beaver VH-IDD at Jandakot January 1967 with Doggett Aviation sticker while hired from Robby's, Adelaide.
Photo by Merv Prime

1960 model PA-25 Pawnee 150 VH-DAU at Jandakot in June 1965 repainted in Pawnee 235 scheme.           
Photo by Alistair Coutts

Doggett Aviation Pawnee 235 VH-DAZ making a dawn departure from Tintinara SA in April 1967 while
on lease to Tim O'Neill's Tonair, Tintinara.                                        Photo by Geoff Goodall          

VH-DAZ back in WA, dusting near Northam in December 1969.                    Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ian L. Dunn, Albany and Ballidu   (1968-current)
t/a I. L. & B. Dunn, Albany, and Ballidu
t/a Wongan-Ballidu Aviation, Ballidu
t/a Dunn's Aviation, Ballidu
t/a Dunair Services, Ballidu
Dunn Aviation, Ballidu
        Ian Leslie Dunn was born in 1928 and grew up on a farm at Rainbow Vic.  With a strong interest in flying from an early age, he purchased his first aircraft at age 19 when he and boyhood friend Keith Crittenden each purchased a RAAF disposals DH.82 Tiger Moth offered at low prices "as is" without CofA by a Perth dealer. Carrying the 19 year olds as passengers, the Tiger Moths A17-134 & A17-690 departed Perth on 4 March 1947 on delivery to Victoria flown by Royal Aero Club of WA instructors. Dunn's A17-134 became VH-BBM.
        During 1954 Ian Dunn, now farming at Grassdale Vic acquired Ryan STM VH-AGV, and Percival Proctor VH-BEG. In 1961, by now farming at Merino Vic, he purchased Miles Gemini VH-BDC.
        Later in 1961 Dunn moved to Mount Barker in southern WA and flew the Gemini to its new home. He ran a contracting business from 52 Osbourne Street, Mount Barker, later moving to 10 Humphries Street, Albany WA where he worked for Simpson Bulldozing Co. His Gemini VH-BDC was written off in a forced landing due engine failure on takeoff from Albany on 21 June 1962 but Dunn was unhurt. He was without an aircraft until March 1965 when he acquired a Tiger Moth VH-CKE. He also had a farm at Green Range, near Albany with a 3,000 feet airstrip.
        In 1965 Dunn was a Callair A9A pilot/salesman for the Ballidu branch of Western Aerial Services, Cunderdin.
        In early 1967 Dunn went out on his own, registering I.L.& B.Dunn as an aerial agriculture business based at Ballidu and Albany with a Callair A9A VH-MPB acquired from Robbys Aerial Services, Adelaide. The operation was named Wongan Ballidu Aviation. More Callairs were to follow.  Support aircraft were Tiger Moth VH-DYI and PA-24 Comanche 250 VH-COZ from February 1969.  The Comanche was wrecked 10 February 1972 when Ian Dunn made a forced landing between Green Range and Albany on 10 February 1972.
        The DCA Airwork Licence was initally issued to Ian L. & Beryl Dunn, later Wongan-Ballidu Aviation, P.O.Box 75 Ballidu and changed in 1974 to I.L.Dunn t/a Dunn's Aviation, Box 117 Ballidu.  Early pilots included T.Allen, J.Harris, Neal Williams and Ian's son P.J.Dunn who took over management at Ballidu.
        Associated companies were:
- Dunair Services conducted various airwork operations, such as Beech Baron VH-KXK fitted with silver iodide burners in 1978 for a rainmaking project.
- R.B.Dunn, Perth: Baron VH-KXK
- M.L.Dunn, Albany WA: operated Callairs transferred from Dunn's Aviation during the 1980s, also Cessna 150s and Baron VH-KXK
- Dunn's Aviation, Geraldton WA: Manager I.L.Dunn, later P.J.Dunn
         Dunn's Aviation was the first WA aerial ag operator to introduce turbine equipment in March 1981 with an Ayers S-2R-T34 Turbo Thrush VH-DUN.  
        Ian Dunn retired to Geraldton, where he died peacefully on 17 February 2017.
        Today the company is known as Dunn Aviation, Ballidu managed by Neville Dunn. With a fleet of AT-802 Turbine Air Tractors, it is the largest aerial agricultural operator in WA. It provides fire-fighting, pest and disease control, baiting, fertilizing, seeding, oil slick pollution control, mine site dust suppression and re-vegetation..
Callair A9A              VH-MPB   5.67 ex Robbys, Parafield SA                          Tfd 1.78 to M. L.Dunn, Albany
Callair A9A              VH-MPI    .67   leased ex Robbys                                      Accident 13.2.70 Albany, sold when rebuilt
Callair A9A              VH-MPH   3.68 ex Super Spread Vic, Moorabbin Vic      Crashed 20.8.68 Kondut
Callair A9A              VH-MPI     9.74 ex Bunbury ATD                                     Sold 7.76 Fred Hampton, Yanchep
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-CPT     6.75 ex ZK-CID                                              Sold 4.82
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-CPU    6.75 ex ZK-CNA                                             Sold 3.80
PA-25 Pawnee 235   VH-CPV    7.75 ex ZK-CEN                                              Sold 4.82
Beech C55 Baron      VH-KXK   5.77 ex Trans West Air Charter                       Sold 4.80                 
Cessna A188B          VH-DUJ    7.79 ex ZK-DOY                                             Sold 4.83
Cessna A188B          VH-DUQ   7.79 ex ZK-DMC                                            Sold 8.91 to Ian Blaxell, Wubin
Ayers S2R-600         VH-WBU  12.80 new                                                         Sold 12.84
Ayers S2R-T34         VH-DUN   3.81 new                                                          Sold 11.83 to Aircare, Narrabri NSW
Ayers S2R-T15         VH-IWI      5.83                                                                  Sold 5.86 to Aircare, Narrabri NSW
Cessna A188B          VH-MXH   11.83 ex Fred Hampton                                   Sold 6.88
Cessna 150M             VH-TCZ     6.83 communications use                                Sold 1.98
Callair A9A               VH-MPD    12.84 M.L.Dunn, ex Waspray, Cunderdin      Tfd to N.I.Dunn, Perth. Sold 3.89
Cessna A188B          VH-RYO     2.85                                                                 Sold 8.99
Beech 58 Baron        VH-ION      5.85 ex Philippines RP-C958.                          Sold 10.95
Cessna A188B          VH-AGD    9.86                                                                  Sold 5.98
Cessna A188B          VH-EYN    5.87 ex Westfield Aviation                               Accident 1.11.93 Ballidu        
Callair A9A               VH-MPU    87 leased ex Waspray, Cunderdin                    Sold 1.88 Bernies Aviation, Jandakot
Callair A9A               VH-AZE    12.97                                                                 Sold 3.03
A fleet of turbine Air Tractor AT-504s and AT-802s were added to the fleet after the years covered in this summary.

Ian Dunn's first Callair A9A VH-MPB with Wongan-Ballidu Aviation sticker, at Jandakot in July 1968.
It still wore the factory yellow paint scheme.                                         Photo by Geoff Goodall

After a number of accident rebuilds, VH-MPB in action dusting at Northam in October 1976.
It is painted with the new
company name Dunn's Aviation.             Photo by Geoff Goodall

Beech Baron VH-KXK with under-wing silver iodide burner for cloud seeding during rain-making trials.
Seen visiting the annual Agricultural Field Day at Dowerin in August 1978.       Photo by Geoff Goodall

The three Kiwi Pawnee 235s on arrival from New Zealand at Jandakot April 1975.     Photo by Geoff Goodall

ZK-CNA became VH-CPU, seen at Dunn's base at Ballidu in August 1975.            Photo by Geoff Goodall

The Kiwi Pawnee trio were repainted ochre yellow by February 1978 at Jandakot.    Photo by Geoff Goodall

Following the Kiwi Pawnees, Ian Dunn imported two Cessna Agwagons from New Zealand in 1979.
VH-DUJ still wearing its NZ registration seen at Jandakot in April 1980.      Photo by Geoff Goodall

The other Kiwi Agwagon was VH-DUQ, seen at Ballidu in September 1985.    Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ayers S2R-600 Thrush VH-WBU (for Wongan-Ballidu) at Jandakot March 1981.    Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ayers S2R-T34 Turbo Thrush VH-DUN at Ballidu in Auguat 1982.          Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ayers S2R-T15 Turbo Thrush VH-IWI with Dunn's Aviation markings removed, parked at Perth Airport in
May 1986 waiting to be collected by its purchaser from NSW.                              Photo by Geoff Goodall

Dunn's Agwagon sprayer VH-RYO at Jandakot in June 1985 painted in camouflage, assumed for movie work.
Photo by Geoff Goodall

Agwagon sprayer VH-AGD at Ballidu in August 1987.                                     Photo by Geoff Goodall

Callair A9A VH-MPU sprayer at Ballidu in August 1987.                                   Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ian Dunn's Beech 58 Baron VH-ION at Ballidu in September 1985. His preferred personal registration VH-IAN
was already allocated so he requested the closest letters.                                     Photo by Geoff Goodall

The 2016 Dunn Aviation Turbine Airtractor fleet lined up at Ballidu in order of their fire tanker numbers

Falcon Aerial Enterprises Pty Ltd, York            (1968-1972)
Falcon Super Spread Pty Ltd, Moonyoonooka  (1972-1974)
              Eric Rudolph Stein formed Falcon Aerial Enterprises Pty Ltd in 1968 as an aerial agricultural operation with two registered offices: 
- E.R. & W.A.Stein, 7 Salisbury Street, Rivervale, Perth
- E.R. & W.A.Stein, 16 Wheeler Street, York WA
              First aircraft was Cessna Agwagon VH-KQA purchased new in July 1968 from Jandakot Cessna dealer Simpson Aviation. It was flown by veteran WA ag pilot Max Taylor. It was wrecked in a forced landing near York due fuel exhaustion in August 1970. Fortuitously only a month earlier Yeoman Cropmaster 250 VH-CYW had been acquired in the sale of assets when Air Culture ceased operations at Jandakot. The Cropmaster conducted extensive spraying in the Chittering-Bindoon area during March-May 1971.
In April 1972 the business was reorganised as Falcon Super Spread Pty Ltd, 150 Semple Road, Jandakot with Chief Pilot George T. Wells, an experienced ag pilot from NZ. The operating base was Moonyoonooka near Geraldton.
             The Agwagon VH-KQA wreck, which had been stored at Jandakot, was rebuilt during 1972 by Bernies Aviation, Jandakot and damaged airframe sections were replaced and donated to the Airport Fire Service for training. KQA returned to service in November 1972, only to be damaged in a ground-loop landing Moonyoonooka on 19 January 1973. It was repaired and sold, replaced by a later model A188A VH-RIK. The Yeoman Cropmaster was sold through Jandakot sales agent Brian Hooey on 9 April 1973 to Ian Dunn, Ballidu. At the time the Yeoman was undergoing an extended overhaul at Bernies Aviation, Jandakot and was on-sold prior to completion to Ian Chambers.
In 1974 George Wells purchased the Steins' investment in Falcon Super Spread and by 1977 was operating as George Wells Aviation.
Cessna A188 Agwagon   VH-KQA  7.68 new                              Crashed 29.8.70 near York. Wreck stored Jandakot
Yeoman Cropmaster 250 VH-CYW  7.70 ex Air Cullture             Sold 4.73 to Ian Dunn, Ballidu, on-sold 6.73 to Ian Chambers
Cessna A188 Agwagon   VH-KQA  11.72 rebuilt                         Sold 7.73 to Fred Hampton, Yanchep
Cessna A188A Agwagon VH-RIK   1.73                                      Crashed 15.5.74 on takeoff Moonyoonooka, pilot J.Mason
PA-25 Pawnee 235           VH-PFF   4.73 ex Rob Poynton           Returned 5.73 to Rob Poynton, Toodyay
Cessna A188A Agwagon VH-RIK   11.74 rebuilt                         Tfd .77 to George Wells Aviation, Moonyoonooka  

Cessna A188 Agwagon VH-KQA at Jandakot in October 1969.                     Photo by Geoff Goodall

Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster VH-CYW at Jandakot in July 1973.                       Photo by Geoff Goodall

Cessna A188A VH-RIK at Geraldton in December 1973.                     Photo by Geoff Goodall

Farmair Pty Ltd, Perth and Pithara   (1955-1984)
             Formed in 1955 as a partnership between Robert S.Couper, Albany and James F. Pekin, Perth.
Bob Couper was a pioneer WA ag operator at Albany and Jim Pekin was an experienced local pilot who had flown ag Tigers for other operators while managing his charter and maintenance business Air Activities Pty Ltd at Maylands Aerodrome, Perth.  Ownership of Bob Couper's Tiger Moths VH-AHP & -AMP was changed to Farmair Pty Ltd on 1 September 1955 and DCA Airwork Licence issued 31 October 1955 to Farmair Pty Ltd, 9 Hobbs Avenue, Como, Perth.
Agricultural spraying operations commenced throughout the WA wheatbelt with these two Tiger Moths.
In June 1956 the partnership was dissolved, Couper retaining VH-AMP and returning to Albany to conduct ag work under his own Airwork Licence (see Bob Couper Pty Ltd above).
          Farmair continued with Jim Pekin as Managing Director and Chief Pilot. The company address changed to 189 Railway arade, Maylands.  He purchased two more Tiger Moths already converted for ag work, but neither purchase went smoothly.  The first in 1958 was from Airspread, Melbourne. The Tiger was ferried to Maylands where on arrival it was found to be in extremely poor condition. Pekin stopped his payment, resulting in a court case which he won - the unidentified Tiger Moth was returned to Melbourne. The following year he purchased VH-BVZ from an unconnected Sydney company also named Farmair. During its long delivery flight from Bankstown to Perth in 20 August 1959 it overturned on landing at a refuelling stop on the Nullabor Plain, 13 miles from the Reid railway siding. Jim Pekin flew out from Perth and sent the ferry pilot back to Sydney on the next Trans Continental train, while Pekin dismantled the badly damaged aircraft and loaded it on a rail wagon for Perth. Its rebuild at Maylands was not completed until June 1960 when test flown by John Bell. He had been engaged by Pekin in early 1958 after flying with a Victorian ag operator. John Bell flew VH-AHP all 1958 season and stayed with Farmair until 1961 when he left to to fly Cessna floatplanes on spotting work for Cheynes Beach Whaling Company, Albany.
          Farmair remained a modest two Tiger operation, by 1963 VH-AHP & -BVZ were both painted in the same paint scheme of silver with blue, yellow and white and a large FARMAIR on the fuselage. The DCA grounding order for agricultural DH.82s requirement that operators reduce their DH.82 fleet each year was neatly solved when VH-BVZ wa wrecked landing in a metre high lupin crop near Dalwallinu in September 1963. Pawnee 235s were introduced and operations were based on a farm 12 miles east of Pithara, with hangar, underground fuel tanks, pumps etc. Jim Pekin carried out the maintenance and a pilot was hired for each season.
           Farmair had ceased operations by 1984 when its last Pawnee was sold.
DH.82 VH-AMP          9.55 ex R.S.Couper                 Returned 6.56 to R.S.Couper, Albany                
DH.82 VH-AHP          9.55 ex R.S.Couper                 Sold 4.66 to Central Imports, Perth: left in weather Jandakot, to Channel 7 Museum
DH.82 VH-BVZ          8.59 ex Farmair, Sydney          Overturned 20.8.59 Reid on delivery, rebuilt Maylands, test flown 20.6.60. 
                                                                                      Crashed 7.9.63 landing near Dalwallinu in metre high lupin crop
Pawnee 235 VH-FBJ   6.64 assembled Guildford        Blown on back 16.5.77 Jandakot by windstorm, write-off 
Pawnee 235 VH-FBN  7.65 assembled Jandakot         Sold 9.71 to S.K.Cox, Batchelor NT
Pawnee 235 VH-SPA   7.77 purchased ex Vic            Sold 3.84

Former Farmair Tiger Moth VH-AHP at Jandakot in June 1968.                        Photo by Geoff Goodall

Jim Pekin's two Pawnee 235s at their base on a farm near Pithara in June 1970.          Photo by Geoff Goodall

Jandakot 16 May 1977. A windstorm wrecked VH-FBJ while it was on hire to Fred Hampton for banner towing
along Perth beaches on contract to Perth radio station 6PM.                       Photo by Jane Wilson

John Forrest Pty Ltd, Carnamah   (1959-    )
          In 1954 John Alexander Forrest, "Jinik Mia" farm, Aldersyde via Brookton WA joined Aero Service Pty Ltd at Maylands Aerodrome, Perth as a Tiger Moth ag pilot. He was an experienced pilot, having owned his own Tiger VH-BLW since 1952 which had its annual CofA renewals carried out by Aero Service.  By 1958 John was promoted to Chief Pilot, despite his normal share of mishaps for the era while flying Aero Service Tiger Moths:
3.10.56 VH-BNW tipped on nose landing Walkaway after flight from Carnamah
20.6.57 VH-BNW damaged Popanyinning
23.8.59 VH-AMZ undercarriage collapsed landing rough terrain 17 miles East of Three Springs
         At the end of the 1959 season, John left Aero Service to form his own business John Forrest Pty Ltd, 35 Eight Street, Maylands Perth. The company was registered 2.60 and DCA Airwork Licence was issued 7.1.60. His area of operation was defined as the Carnamah and Perenjori Road Board districts and he would conduct spraying only. He commenced with two Tiger Moths:
- VH-BTP  purchased 10.59 as two seater, test flown by Forrest at Maylands 26.4.60 after conversion to a sprayer

- VH-AZT purchased 2.60 from Royal Queensland Aero Club and ferried to Perth from Brisbane by Forrest 2.60; test flown by him at Maylands 2.5.60 after conversion to ag sprayer.
         Although based on the town airfield at Carnamah, maintenance was carried out at Maylands Aerodrome until it closed 30.6.63, when the company's Carnamah hangar was approved as a workshop for aircraft maintenance.
         John Forrest Pty Ltd placed the first Australian order for the new PA-25 Pawnee 235 model, receiving VH-BJF in October 1962.
          A second Pawnee 235 was purchased in 1965 in the name of a business partnership formed with Coorow farmer Miles Y. Morcombe, Morcombe and Forrest Pty Ltd. John and Miles were long-time friends. Back in October 1960 John had purchased and ferried another Royal Queensland Aero Club Tiger Moth VHAZA from Brisbane to WA on delivery to Miles Morcombe. Their new Pawnee 235 VH-BMF was operated from Carnamah and Morcombe's property at Waddi Forrest.
         As John Forrest Pty Ltd increased its business, accommodation units were built on Carnamah airfield for pilots hired each season, mostly from New Zealand.
DH.82 VH-BTP          10.59  conv. to sprayer 4.60    Named Heckle            Wrecked 20.7.62 Carnamah blown over by wind storm                DH.82 VH-AZT          2.60    conv. to sprayer 5.60    Named Jeckle             Retired ag flying 8.64, conv. to two seater. Sold 1973.
Pawnee 235 VH-BJF   10.62  new, assembled Bankstown                             Reg cancelled 6.83
Pawnee 235 VH-BMF 4.65    new, assembled Jandakot                                Tfd 3.72 to Miles Morcombe, sold 3.77
Cessna A188 VH-CJF 11.66  new, del. ex Bankstown by J.Forrest               Reg cancelled 3.78
Pawnee 235 VH-DJF   4.69    new, del. ex Moorabbin by J.Forrest               Rereg 6.78 VH-IJF, curently registered John Forrest Pty Ltd

Pawnee 235 VH-BJF sprayer at Carnamah in June 1970.                         Photo by Geoff Goodall

Cessna A188 Agwagon VH-CJF at Carnamah in June 1968.                                   Photo by Geoff Goodall

Pawnee 235 VH-DJF just unpacked at the Moorabbin Piper dealers in April 1969. It is seen being prepared
collection by John Forrest who ferried it to WA.                             Photo by David Prossor

A DCA clerical slip allowed VH-DJF's registration to be reallocated in 1978, so the Pawnee became VH-IJF.
Here John Forrest departs Carnamah for a spraying job in September 1985.  Photo by Geoff Goodall

Furness Aviation Service, Adelaide SA    (1951-1952)
           Founded in 1948 at Parafield Aerodrome, Adelaide by former RAAF wartime pilot Eric T. Furness. He was an instructor with the Royal Aero Club of SA at Parafield when he saw the need for an additional aircraft maintenance business on the aerodrome and the chance to introduce aerial agriculture in South Australia. He already owned Tiger Moth VH-BBD, which he purchase as A17-592 from postwar disposal sales in December 1946 for 220.
Furness Aviation Service commenced with aircraft maintenance supervised by senior engineer Harry Price. DCA files record that the Department's inspectors were impressed by the company's workmanship and high standards. Two Tiger Moths were modified for insecticide spraying by the company, and gained work in SA mostly in the South East farming area. During 1950 FAS applied to DCA for an airline licence to operate two Ansons on a network of routes between Adelaide and Pinaroo, Naracoote, Port Augusta and Yorketown under the name Furness Airways Ltd.  DCA would not grant a licence because most ports did not have licenced aerodromes and the cost of aerodrome upgrades was the responsibility of the operator.
  On 22 July 1951 Furness Aviation Service wrote to the West Australian Transport Commission requesting approval to commence aerial agricultural operations in WA from September 1951. Spraying and dusting would be carried out in the South West area of the State, using Tiger Moths VH-BBD & VH-FAS.  It is not known whether this work did take place, but in July 1952 the company wrote that it did not wish to renew the WA state licence. 
          In 1952 Eric Furness joined ANA as an airline pilot and left Furness Aviation Service with engineer Harry Price. The company was restructured as Aviation Services (SA) Ltd a maintenance and aircraft sales business, while the aerial agricultural organisation was taken over by a new company Rural Aviation, Parafield.
DH.82 VH-BBD   5.47               Sold c53 to Rural Aviation, Parafield SA, taken over by Super Spread Aviation
DH.82 VH-FAS   12.49              Sold c53 to Rural Aviation, Parafield SA, taken over by Super Spread Aviation

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