Last updated 22 December 2021
Compiled by Geoff Goodall

Between 1967-1973 retired Australian and NZ airliners were exported to Great Britain, Europe, South Africa, USA and other countries.
This compilation covers only those sold to South East Asia

Gordon Reid took this symbolic picture of TAA DC-4 VH-TAB departing Essendon Airport, Melbourne in 1969 to begin its
delivery flight on sale to Air Vietnam: framed by the jets that caused the end of the piston propeller airliner era.

             By 1967 Australian airlines were retiring their piston engine and first generation turboprop airliners, replaced by jets and Fokker F.27 Friendships.  Trans Australia Airlines and Ansett-ANA DC-3s, DC-4s, DC-6s were withdrawn from service, mostly at Melbourne's Essendon Airport, and others at Sydney, Brisbane and at Lae, New Guinea. Two years later MacRobertson Miller Airlines in Western Australia retired its fleet of shiny metal DC-3s at Perth, all replaced by Friendships.
             In early 1969 TAA and Ansett grounded their Viscount 700 series airliners because of structural safety concerns, and these added to the collections of unwanted airliners at Australian airports. During the 1960s Ansett-ANA associate companies were:
- Airlines of SA, Adelaide
- Airlines of NSW, Sydney
- Queensland Airlines, Brisbane
- Victorian Air Coach Services, Melbourne
- Ansett-MAL, Lae, New Guinea
- MacRobertson Miller Airlines, Perth

Essendon Airport 1968 with Ansett DC-3s retired in the northern parking area.                Photo by Peter Kelly

Essendon 1969 when Viscount 700s joined the stored DC-3s.                                         Photo by Peter Kelly

          To dispose of these aircraft, TAA and Ansett called in Australian Aircraft Sales  Pty Ltd, Sydney as principle sales agents. This company was founded in 1953 by John P. Conley at Broken Hill NSW to handle light aircraft sales, but had expanded to overseas deals including NZ DC-3s, the TEAL DC-6s and even the RNZAF Sunderland flying boat fleet, acquired just for their engines and instruments.  The company was not a broker, but actually purchased the aircraft it then re-sold.  Soon the "AAS" emblem appeared on many of the retired Australian airliners. AAS later was to grow into a world-wide jet operation, although its founder, widely known as Honest John Conley, claimed to have owned more than 300 DC-3s over the years.
          A complication with the disposal of the Australian DC-3s was that the majority of Ansett-ANA group aircraft had been re-engined with Wright R-1820 Cyclones, while the TAA DC-3s retained their wartime P&W R1830s. After evaluating their condition, a number of high-hours Ansett DC-3s at Essendon were declared unfit for resale and were disposed of as scrap metal, being carted away to a Melbourne yard in November 1969.  However other Ansett DC-3s with Wright Cyclones were successfully sold by AAS.

The scrapping of Ansett group DC-3s at Essendon during November 1969.                Photo by Allan Bovelt

Airlines of NSW's VH-INB with a wing from VH-ANJ, Essendon 8 November 1969. Photo by Allan Bovelt

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         This listing covers Australian propeller airliner exports to South East Asia between 1967 and 1973.
Includes New Zealand aircraft ferried through Australia on delivery to SE Asia


            The first sales were to Far Eastern Air Transport, Taipei during 1967. FEAT purchased three Ansett-ANA DC-6Bs and four Ansett-MAL DC-3s. The airline must have been satisfied with these aircraft because FEAT went on to purchase more DC-3s, and later Viscounts through Australian Aircraft Sales.

Douglas DC-6B:
- VH-INA (44893) purchased after test flown by FEAT crew at Essendon 1.67. Parked Essendon until March.
Registered B-2003 to FEAT 3.3.67, departed Essendon on delivery 12.3.67. Sold to USA 7.73.

- VH-INU (44694) departed Essendon 15.12.67, refuelled Darwin and Jesselton, arrived Taipei in 20 hours flying time.
Registered B-2005 to FEAT 4.1.68, leased to Air Vietnam 6.68, crashed landing Nha Trang Airport, South Vietnam 22.12.69 (24 killed)

- VH-INS (45076) departed Essendon 29.7.68 under command of Ansett-ANA Captain John Whithecomb. Refuelled at Darwin and Jesselton, arrived Taipei in 18 hrs 45 mins flying time. Registered B-2007 to FEAT 9.8.68, sold .72 to Yung Shing Airlines as B-12201,
retired at Taipei by 1979, broken-up

Douglas DC-3:
The first four were Ansett-MAL aircraft retired at Lae, New Guinea in 1967. They were ferried to Taipei under Australian registration, flown by Ansett crews:

- VH-AAU (19904)  departed Lae 11.2.67, Captain Dick Glassey, arrived at Taipei 14.2.67. Registered B-247 3.3.67 to FEAT
   Crashed 16.4.77 at Tainan airfield, Taiwan

- VH-MAS (9592) departed Lae 19.4.67. Registered B-249 27.4.67 to FEAT. Damaged, scrapped 1971.

- VH-MAC (13587) Departed Lae 20.6.67, arrived Taipei 24.6.67. Registered B-251 14.7.67 to FEAT.
   Crashed Phan Thiet, South Vietnam 24.4.69

- VH-BDU (12041) Departed Lae 20.10.67. Arrived Taipei 29.10.67. Registered B-253 22.11.67 to FEAT. Retired 1979,
to Republic of China Air Force for spares.

In addition, a New Zealand National Airways Commission DC-3 was acquired by AAS for FEAT:
- ZK-AQS (32695) ferried to Taiwan via Brisbane-Eagle Farm 9.1.68. Registered B-255 19.1.68 to FEAT. Reg cancelled 4.78.

DC-6B VH-INU in November 1967 stored at Essendon with Ansett-ANA markings painted over.
It departed on delivery to Taipei for FEAT two months later.                        Photo by Geoff Goodall

VH-INS became Yung Shing Airlines DC-6B B-12201, seen at Taipei in 1981 retired and stripped.
Photo: Nigel Daw collection

VH-AAU with Ansett-MAL at Lae, New Guinea in early 1967, just prior to departing for Taiwan.
Its transfer from QAL to Ansett-MAL was for only a short period before disposal, so it was not repainted.
Photo by Allan Bovelt

VH-AAU as B-247 at Taipei with Far  Eastern Air Transport                   Photo: Barrie Colledge collection

More DC-3s sold to Far Eastern Air Transport in 1969:

- VH-MMK (19950) MMA retired at 1.69 at Perth Airport, all MMA markings removed by 4.5.69. Sold to AAS 15.5.69, noted with AAS titles painted above windows by 15.5.69. Departed Perth 2.7.69 as VH-MMK on delivery to FEAT. Registered B-257 12.7.69 to FEAT.
Sold to Robert M. Ferguson, Singapore 4.74 as N86AC operated by Air Cambodge, destroyed by rocket attack Phnom Penh 19.1.75.

- VH-MMM (13612) MMA retired at 1.69 at Perth Airport having logged 53,187 hours, all MMA markings removed by 4.5.69.
Sold to AAS 15.5.69, noted with AAS titles painted above windows by 15.5.69. Departed Perth 6.7.69 on ferry to Taiwan.
Registered B-259 19.7.69 to FEAT. Sold to SE Asia Air Transport, Singapore for lease to Air Cambodge as B-259. Fate unknown

- VH-MAV (12875) Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea, retired 28.7.69, sold to AAS, sold to FEAT 12.8.69.
Registered B-261 12.8.69 to FEAT. Leased to SE Asia Air Transport, Singapore for lease to Air Cambodge as B-261. Returned to FEAT.
Leased to Winner Airways. To Republic of China Air Force for spares 8.81.

MMA DC-3 VH-MMK at Perth WA in June 1969 with AAS titles, a few days before departing for Taipei.
Photo by Nigel K. Daw

VH-MMM "RMA Murchison" at Perth in 1968 in passenger service with MMA.         Photo by Barrie Colledge

VH-MMM at Perth in June 1968 with MMA titles removed but still visible etched in the metal.
It left on delivery to Taiwan to FEAT on 6 July 1969.
                          Photo by Nigel K. Daw

Far Eastern Air Transport transitioned to turbines with three Dart Heralds before deciding on the Vickers Viscount 800 series.
Seven Australian Viscounts were purchased from AAS in 1970-71 as its mainline type prior to introducing pure jets with Boeing 737s. 
AAL used associate company Consolidated Aviation Holdings, Sydney in some of these sales to FEAT.

- V832 VH-RMG (414) Ansett-ANA retired 12.8.69 Essendon. Repainted in FEAT scheme. Departed 8.4.70 on delivery to Taipei.
Registered B-2015 15.4.70 to FEAT. Sold to Mandala Airlines 5.76 as PK-RVP

- V832 VH-RMJ (417) Ansett-ANA retired 22.2.70 Essendon. Repainted in FEAT scheme. Departed Essendon 19.5.70 on delivery via  Adelaide, Darwin to Taipei.
Registered B-2017 25.5.70 to FEAT. Leased to Merpati Nusantara Airways 10.75 as PK-MVN

- V818 VH-RML (319) Ansett-ANA retired 5.12.69 Essendon. Repainted in FEAT scheme. Departed 19.5.70 on delivery to Taipei.
Registered B-2019 25.5.70 to FEAT. Leased to Merpati Nusantara Airways 4.75 as PK-MVK

- V812 VH-RMK (355) Ansett-ANA retired 10.8.69 Essendon. Repainted in FEAT scheme. Departed 10.7.70 on delivery to Taipei.
Registered B-2021 25.5.70 to FEAT. Leased to Merpati Nusantara Airways 10.76 as PK-MVO

- V832 VH-RMH (415) Ansett-ANA retired .70 Essendon. Repainted in FEAT scheme. Departed 29.9.70 on delivery to Taipei.
Registered B-2023 5.10.70 to FEAT. Leased 1.72 to Pelandok airways as 9M-AQE, Air Vietnam 3.74, Mandala 8.76 as PK-RVN

- V816 VH-TVP (433) TAA retired Essendon 28.8.70, sold to AAS 3.4.71. Departed 2.4.71 on delivery to Taipei in basic TAA scheme.
Registered B-2025 7.4.71 to FEAT. Leased to Air Vietnam 3.73, returned, sold to Mandala Airlines 8.76 as PK-RVS

- V816 VH-TVQ (434) TAA retired Essendon 7.7.70, sold to AAS 17.4.71. Departed 16.4.71 on delivery to Taipei in basic TAA scheme.
Registered B-2027 19.4.71 to FEAT. Leased to Merpati Nusantara Airways 5.75 as PK-MVL, later to Mandala 1.86 as PK-RVU.

BEFORE:  17.2.70 VH-RMG retired in the Essendon "graveyard", Ansett-ANA markings painted over.
Photo by Nigel K. Daw             

AFTER:  8.4.70 VH-RMG taxies at Essendon for departure on delivery to Taipei.           Photo by Greg Bell

AND LATER: VH-RMG became B-2015 with FEAT, on-sold in 1976 to Mandala Airlines as PK-RVP.
Seen at the original Kemayoran Airport, Jakarta in August 1987.                  Photo: Nigel Daw collection

VH-RMJ at Essendon 29.3.70 retired by Ansett-ANA in the "graveyard" parking area.   Photo by Nigel K.Daw

VH-RMJ at Essendon 17.4.70, repainted in FEAT scheme.        Photo by Terry Ellis via Nigel Daw collection

VH-RMJ arrives at Adelaide 19.5.70 as first stop on its ferry flight to Taiwan.                 Photo: Nigel K. Daw

VH-RMJ became B-2017 with FEAT, then PK-MVN with Merpati Nusantara, seen at Jakarta-Kemorayan 10.82.
Photo: Nigel Daw collection

VH-RMK at Essendon 14.6.70 repainted in FEAT scheme.     Photo by Greg Bell via Nigel Daw collection

VH-RMH at Essendon 16.9.70 after repainting in FEAT scheme.                               Photo by Nigel K. Daw

VH-RMH became B-2023 with FEAT, seen at Taipei in October 1975.           Photo: Nigel Daw collection

VH-TVP at Essendon in January 1970, still in TAA passenger service.                   Photo by Nigel K. Daw

VH-TVP at Essendon 2.4.71 about to taxy for departure on delivery to Taiwan.              Photo by Greg Bell

VH-TVP at Darwin early next morning 3.4.71 on its delivery flight to FEAT.           Photo by Robert Zweck

VH-TVP became B-2025 with FEAT, on-sold to Mandala Airlines in August 1976 as PK-RVS.
Photographed at Jakarta-Kemayoran Airport in May 1984.           Photo: Nigel Daw collection

VH-TVQ taxies at Essendon 16.4.71 on delivery flight to Taipei, "Australian Aircraft Sales" titles on the left side.   
Photo by Greg Bell via Nigel Daw collection

VH-TVQ night-stopped at Darwin, seen next morning 17.4.71.                               Photo by Robert Zweck

VH-TVQ became B-2027 with FEAT, to Merpati Nusantara as PK-MVL and later sold to Mandala Airlines
in January 1986 as PK-RVU. It struck a mountain on approach to Medan, Indonesia 24.7.92.

Photographed at Jakarta-Kemayoran in August 1987.         Photo: Nigel Daw collection

Winner Airways, Taipei took delivery of two Australian DC-3s during 1967. This charter company had been formed to bid for the variety of military air transport contracts for cargo and personnel in support of the Vietnam war.

- VH-AOH (12790) Ansett-ANA ex Queensland Airlines, departed Brisbane 19.7.67 for Taipei. Delivery date to Winner 26.7.67.
Total time at sale 43,370 hours.  Registered B-308 Winner Airways, Taipei. Crashed landing Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam 25.4.70, ran off runway into sea.

- VH-SBF (12541) TAA Sunbird Services. Departed Lae, New Guinea 20.9.67 on delivery, arrived Taipei 23.9.67.
Registered B-309 Winner Airways. Crashed on Mount South Tawu, Taiwan 2.1.69 while leased to China Airlines, Taipei: all 24 killed.

China Airlines, Taipei purchased a DC-4 freighter from AAS in 1967. 

- VH-ANF (10302) Ansett-ANA Cargomaster had been retired at Essendon from early 1967, replaced by Carvairs. Departed 10.8.67 on delivery to Taipei. Registered B-1811 8.67 to China Airlines (CAL) and operated in all metal finish. Noted at Hong Kong in service 6.74. Fate unknown

2.   LAOS

        Among the early delivery flights to SE Asia in 1967 were NZ and Australian DC-3s bound for Laos, where a variety of operators competed for mostly military contracts in connection with the war in neigbouring Vietnam. Largely unsupervised, these companies used local and American contract pilots, flying propliners with minimal maintenance. 
        Also based at Vietniane, Laos was Continental Air Services Inc (CASI) which took over Bird Air's clandestine CIA operations in Laos and elsewhere, under similar arrangement as Air America. CASI operated a diverse fleet from C-46s to Pilatus Porters, for freighting and suply dropping, with many STOL aircraft for mountain airstrips.

TAA Sunbird Services DC-3s retired at Lae in 1968. VH-SBJ (13622) was sold to Australian Aircraft Sales in
                         Sydney and on-sold to CASI in Laos. It departed Lae 10.10.68 on delivery to Vientiane to become XW-PEE.                                                   Photo: Geoff Goodall collection    

            CASI's XW-PFT (12539) was previously TAA's VH-SBE. Seen at Essendon 21.5.68, the day it departed for Laos.             
At Koepang, Timor it was impounded and the crew held for several days.         Photo by Gordon Reid

TAA's VH-SBC (11971) departed Brisbane in July 1968 as XW-PFV on delivery to CASI at Vientiane.
 Re-registered N7302 by CASI, it is seen at Singapore-Seletar in September 1975.  Photo by Geoff Goodall

Ansett-ANA Cargoliner VH-ANT (10078) with Wright Cyclones was sold by AAS to Lao Air Charter and
painted as
XW-TDK at Essendon 8.11.68. It was loaded with spare parts including two spare Cyclones
and left on 29.11.68, now painted with AAS titles. (see next)
                        Photo by John Hopton

VH-ANT on the morning of its departure from Essendon 29.11.68 as XW-TDK.  On arrival Laos it was
to XW-TDM because XW-TDK had been issued to another DC-3.  It was shot down by ground fire
at Suay Rieng, Cambodia 9.5.73 while operated by Air Union.                        Photo by Gordon Reid

XW-PFA (13906) seen at Brisbane 14.7.67 on ferry to SE Asia was ex ZK-BYD of South Pacific Airlines of NZ.
SPANZ sold the "Viewmaster" to Aviation Sales (NZ) Ltd 19.1.67, on-sold to Air America, Vientiane.
Formally registered XW-PFA on 22.9.67, it later went to Lao Air Charter.      Photo by David Thollar

ZK-BKE (4119) was retired by NZNAC 18.1.66, sold to AAS 13.9.67.  It was a pre-war right-hand door model.
          Seen at Brisbane 21.1.68
on delivery from NZ to Laos. Registered XW-TDD to Lao Air Lines on 11.3.68.             
Photo by Ron Cuskelly

XW-TDD (4119) ex ZK-BKE returned to NZ in March 1969 for an overhaul by NZNAC at Christchurch,
staging via Brisbane inbound 20.3.69 and seen here at Brisbane 20.4.69 on its way back to Laos.

Fresh metal work shows the right side cargo door had been skinned over, replaced by a standard left side door.
                                        This DC-3 later became XW-TFI with Lanexang Airlines and crashed at Takeo, Cambodia 15.12.74.                                                  Photo by David Thollar

Former NZ National Airways Corp DC-3 ZK-AOJ (27145) passed through Brisbane 22.10.68 on delivery
to Laos,
already painted with Lao titles and nose art. It was registered XW-TDI 28.10.68 to Lao Air Lines.
This DC-3 crashed at Ban Honeisai, Laos on 30.6.71.                                           Photo by Dave Thollar

XW-TDH (26008) seen at Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 12.68 retains the NZNAC cheat line and enlarged windows
                       from its days as ZK-AYL. Delivered via Brisbane 24.5.68, it was registered XW-TDH 29.5.68 to Lao Air Lines.                                                      The fate of this DC-3 is not recorded.                                          Photo: Barabara Walls

Among the last DC-3 sales to Laos was ZK-AUJ (26651) which AAS sold to Air Union in mid 1973.
It departed Auckland 20.6.73 on ferry to Sydney, then to Melbourne for maintenance, departing Australia
3.8.73 to become XW-TFJ with Senaki Peanich Airlines. Seen here at Melbourne-Tullamarine in July 1973
in the scheme of former owner NZ Civil Aviation Division.  At the climax of the civil wars in Laos and
Cambodia, it escaped Lompong Som to Bangkok 14.4.75 and abandoned.   In 1984 the complete DC-3
was used in landfill for airport extentions at Bangkok-Don Muang.                     Photo by Gordon Reid

Other New Zealand DC-3 sold to Laos were:

- ZK-AOJ (27145) NZNAC registered as XW-TDI 28.10.68 to Lao Air Lines, Vientiane. Crashed 30.6.71 Baan Honeisai, Laos

- ZK-AYK (26006) NZNAC registered as XW-TDO 6.10.69 to Lao Air Lines, Vientiane. Crashed 29.6.70 Laos

- ZK-AYL (26008) NZNAC registered as XW-TDH 29.5.68 to Lao Air Lines, Vientiane. Fate unknown.

- ZK-AZN (33481) NZNAC ferried via Brisbane 11.1.70, registered XW-TDR 16.1.70 to Royal Air Lao, Vientiane. 
It was one of several aircraft wrecked by a storm at Wattay Field, Vientiane on 24.3.76.

SPANZ "Viewmaster", registered XW-PFA 22.9.67 to Laos Air Charter, Vientiane. Cancelled 24.3.76 as damaged beyond repair.

- ZK-BKE (4119) ex NZNAC, to Australian Aircraft Sales 13.9.67, registered as XW-TDD 11.3.68 to Lao Air Lines, Vientiane, arrived on delivery 21.3.68.
Later to XW-TFI Lanexang Airlines, leased by Khemara Air Transport, crashed 15.12.74 Takeo, Cambodia.

- ZK-BYE (13529) SPANZ "Viewmaster" sold to Aviation Sales (NZ) Ltd 8.67, on-sold to Air America Inc, Laos, registered to CIA associate company Pacific Architects and Engineers Inc as XW-PFX. Delivered from Auckland to Laos via Brisbane 6.2.68 as XW-PFX.
Later to XW-TDJ with Laos Air Charter, Vientiane.
Crashed 23.12.69 at Luang Prabang, Laos.

Australian Aircraft Sales acquired the last Royal New Zealand Air Force Douglas DC-6 and resold it to Royal Air Lao in 1968:

- NZ3631 (43126 ex ZK-BGA, VH-BPF) RNZAF final trooping flight Singapore-Auckland 6.68. sold to AAS 12.8.68.
Registered XW-TDJ 14.11.68 to Laos United Airlines. Ferried from NZ to Laos via Sydney Airport 15.11.68 as XW-TDJ.
On arrival leased to Royal Air Lao, operated on their mainline Bangkok-Hong Kong route. In 1970 returned to Lao United Airlines in exchange for their Viscount 806 XW-TDN. The DC-6 was then re-registered XW-PEH.
Leased in 1971 to P.N.Aerial Survey, Jakarta - PENAS, for Indonesian aerial survey work. Also used for cargo charters.
XW-PEH was destroyed 1.2.72 when it broke up in a night forced landing in a swamp near Tegal, Java on a flight from Singapore to Jakarta with 3 crew and 6 passengers, serious injuries, six fatal. Parts of the wreckage taken to Bandung for inspection and cause of accident given as fuel expiry while unsure of position due navigational instrument failure.

DC-6 XW-PEH at Singapore-Paya Lebar in 1971 leased to Indonesian company PN Aerial Survey - PENAS
Photo by Doug Green

Excellent picture of the same DC-6 back in its TEAL days as ZK-BGA.           Photo: Ben Dannecker collection

TAA's three Lockheed 188A Electras were retired from passenger routes and sold in early 1972 to established US dealer Concare Aircraft Leasing Corp, Tulsa Oklahoma. TAA markings were painted over in the TAA hangars at Melbourne's new Tullamarine Airport and US registration painted on each Electra, prior to the three departing on delivery to USA: two were to be immediately leased by Royal Air Lao and ferried back across the Pacific to Laos.

- VH-TLA (1061) to N188LA 3.72 Concare Aircraft Leasing.  Departed Melbourne 12.4.72 on delivery to USA, noted at Burbank CA 14.4.72 enroute to Miami FL. Leased to Royal Air Lao 5.72 as XW-PKA, arrived Vietiane on delivery 18.7.72 named Tiao Anou.
XW-PKA noted at Bangkok 9.11.72. Repossessed, flown Vietiane to Singapore-Seletar 20-21.9.74. Scrapped at Seletar 74.

- VH-TLB (1069) to N188LB 3.72 Concare Aircraft Leasing.  Departed Melbourne 1.3.72 on delivery to USA.
Leased to Royal Air Lao 5.72 as XW-PKB, arrived Vietiane on delivery 12.6.72, named named Tiao Khoum Boulom.
XW-PKB noted at Hong Kong 11.72, Vientiane 7.74. Repossessed and ferried to Hong Kong 8.8.74.
Lsd to Mandala Airlines, Jakarta as PK-RLX. Returned to Concare 2.75. Sold to TACA 6.76 as YS-06C.

- VH-TLC (1147) retired at Melbourne 10.70, sold to Concare Aircraft Leasing 6.6.72 as N188LC. Delivered to USA 6.72.
Noted at Burbank CA 20.6.72. Leased various US operators. Carried Neil Young on US tour 1.73. Sold to TACA 6.76 as YS-06C.

VH-TLC at Essendon in 1970 in the final TAA Electra scheme.                                    Photo by Robert Zweck

VH-TLA at Melbourne-Tullamarine 8.4.72 repainted as N188LA.
                          It was delivered to USA and soon leased to Royal Air Lao for a year as XW-PKA.Photo by Nigel K. Daw                                                                             

TAA's VH-TLB became XW-PKB with Royal Air Lao, seen at Hong Kong-Kai Tak in January 1973.
Photo: Peter Gates collection

XW-PKB at Kai Tak in August 1974, with an ex-TAA DC-4 of Air Siam on the left.  See Thiland  section below.
Photo: Peter Gates collection


              Australian Aircraft Sales delivered 3 TAA DC-4 freighters to Bangkok in 1970 to become the first aircraft for Air Siam.
Although commencing as a freight carrier, the company planned to expand to international passenger services and later used a variety of leased jets . The major shareholder was Thai Prince Varanand who had flown with the RAF during WWII and later been a Captain with Thai Airways International.  Air Siam ceased operations in 1977 when the Thai Government ordered it to merge with Thai International.

- VH-TAE (42922) departed Sydney 11.2.70 on delivery to Bangkok. Registered HS-VGS 2.70 to Air Siam. Re-registered HS-VGZ same month, named Petchabune. Noted at Bangkok 7.3.70 as HS-VGZ. Sold 1.74 to Eagle Air Services as G-BBVN, broken-up for parts at Southend 5.77 still painted as HS-VGZ.

- VH-TAC (7466) retired Sydney 2.4.70, painted in Air Siam scheme at Sydney 8.70, ready for departure 10.8.70 but remained parked at Sydney until finally departed 3.11.70 on ferry flight to Bangkok.  Registered HZ-VGX 8.70 name Nakon Rachas MA.
Sold 4.74 to Eagle Air Services as G-BCDT, to Royal Air Lao as XW-PKH, destroyed on ground Phnom Penh 10.4.75 by rocket attack

- VH-TAG (27245) retired Essendon 4.69, TAA titles removed 8.4.70, painted in Air Siam scheme, testflown for Air Siam 17.4.70.   
Parked until departed Essendon 13.7.70 on delivery as VH-TAG, first refuelling stop Alice Springs.
Registered HZ-VGY 7.70 named Sukhodya.  Retired at Bangkok c73, broken-up.

VH-TAE "David Lindsay" at Brisbane-Eagle Farm in September 1968, in service as a TAA "Cargomaster"
Photo by Geoff Goodall

VH-TAG at Essendon 11.4.70 with TAA markings painted over.                                   Photo by Peter Kelly

VH-TAG at Essendon five days later on 16.4.70 after being painted in Air Siam scheme.
Photo by Terry Ellis via Nigel Daw collection

VH-TAC at Sydney 30.10.70, parked waiting delivery to Bangkok.                            Photo by David Carter

HS-VGY (ex VH-TAG) at Hong Kong-Kai Tak 18.3.71.                                    Photo by Barney B. Deatrick

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Essendon "graveyard" parking area in 1971 where the last of the Australian Aircraft Sales "red-tail" Ansett DC-3s await resale.
This photo was taken by veteran Australian airline pilot Jason Hassard, who had logged 36,695 hours when he retired.
VH-ANZ went to Cambodia later that year, and VH-ANH was donated to the Moorabbin Air Museum.
Photo: Maurice Austin collection

This ramp shot of Bangkok-Don Muang was taken on 13.1.72 by Allyn L. Robinson from a taxying jet airliner.
The red tail is
ex-Ansett DC-3 VH-ANZ and the Air Siam DC-4 was ex-TAA.                  Photo via Steve Darke

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