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Compiled by Geoff Goodall

Miles Falcon VH-AAT being flown by Ben Dannecker near RAAF Point Cook in December 1996.                    Photo by Kevin Limon

               British designer F.G. (George) Miles produced a series of elegant low wing touring and training monoplanes during the 1930s that were a popular part of the of British prewar golden aviation scene. Miles types were prominent in private and aero club flying as well as long distance record attempts. They were of wood construction and the civil models featured fixed undercarriage enclosed by streamlined fairings named "trousers". Later models had the Miles trademark raked-forward cockpit windscreen, reportedly to improve pilot visibilty when flying in rain. All models had folding wings for easy hangar storage. Without the rigging problems of biplanes, this new generation of monoplanes sold well.
               Prior to WWII, Miles contracted the construction of his designs to the established Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd factory, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berkshire.
Phillips and Powis also built early Percival designs. First Australian agency for Miles/Phillips and Powis in 1935 was Chaseling Air Service, founded by Captain E.H.Chaseling who operated as Victorian Flying School and Taxi Service Pty Ltd at Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne. Chaseling promptly placed an order for two Miles Merlins for his planned airline routes to Broken Hill from Melbourne and Adelaide, which failed to evaluate.
Prewar Miles types imported to Australia were:

M.2H Hawk
 95hp ADC Cirrus Mk.III
 2 seater, no undercarriage trousers
M.2F Hawk Major
 130hp DH Gipsy Major 1
 2 seater
M.2H Hawk Major
 130hp DH Gipsy Major 1
 2 seater, fitted with flaps
M.3A Falcon Major
 130hp DH Gipsy Major 1  3 seater enclosed cabin
M.3D Falcon Six
 200hp DH Gipsy Six  3 seater enclosed cabin
M.4A Merlin
 200hp DH Gipsy Six
 5 seater enclosed cabin
M.11A Whitney Straight
 130hp DH Gipsy Major 1  2 seat dual controls, enclosed cabin
M.14A Magister
 130hp DH Gipsy Major 1  2 seat military elementary trainer

               The unusually-named Miles M.11 Whitney Straight was designed to the specification of American Mr. Whitney Willard Straight, son of a wealthy New York family who had been living in England for ten years. He was a keen aviator who established a number of flying clubs in England and owned his own aeroplanes. During 1935 Whitney Straight approached George Miles with his proposal for a high performance general purpose cabin two-seater with the stability and slow landing speed of an aero club trainer. The resulting Miles M.11 design was a success and 50 were built.

Miles Falcon VH-AAT cockpit.              Photo in 1996 by Ben Dannecker

Miles Hawks:

              Miles M.2H Hawk Major      c/n 155  Queen Adelaide                                                  VH-UAI, A37-5, VH-UAI
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Completed as a M.2H "Colonial Hawk Major" to the order of the Aero Club of South Australia. Painted green.

Australian Civil Aviation Branch allocated registration VH-UAI. At that time the sequential registration allocations had reached the VH-UT series, however the CAB allocated some unused earlier registrations.
Test flown Woodley
British CofA issued Aero Club of South Australia

Packed for shipping to Australia
Cleared Customs at Port Adelaide, taken by road to Parafield Aerodrome for assembly the next day
First test flight Parafield after assembly, pilot club instructor Jack H. Buckham

CAB granted perrnission to fly, while processing the certification for this first Miles aircraft on the Civil Register
Christened Queen of Adelaide by Lady Dugan, the SA Governor's wife in a ceremony at Parafield
Registered VH-UAI  Aero Club of South Australia Ltd, Parafield Aerodrome, Adelaide SA
Australian CofA issued
Club renamed Royal Aero Club of South Australia Ltd
Damaged landing at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island SA, pilot Aero Club instructor Bryan Monk. A stick flew up from the tailwheel, tearing the tail fabric and bruising the tail structure. Two Aero Club Moths took part in this two day visit,VH-UJU was damaged in a heavy landing and VH-UIB was wrecked when it stalled landing at Kingscote.
Crashed on takeoff Port Lincoln SA, pilot Alan Wendt unhurt. He was departing the Little Swamp landing ground, six miles from town, main wheels clipped a fence and the aircraft struck trees along a road and crashed.

Wreck returned to Parafield on board the ship SS Minnipa. Rebuit at Parafield
Competed in the SA Centenary Air Race Brisbane-Adelaide flown by Harry Plumridge
Port wingtip damaged Parafield when struck by taxying Club DH.60 Moth VH-UTN
Change of ownership: G. H.Mitchell, Adelaide SA
George Mitchell was a committee member of the Royal Aero Club of SA. To help the war effort, he purchased the Club's two Miles Hawks to donate to the RAAF for use as fast light communications aircraft

Handed over to RAAF with VH-ACC on a gift basis. Flown at 1EFTS Parafield in civil markings
Taken on RAAF charge as A37-5. Received No.1 Elementary Flying Training School, Parafield
Struck fence on takeoff, major damage
Received No.1 Communications Flight. Essendon ex 1EFTS.  Unit moved to Laverton 7.42
Undercarriage damaged
1CF renamed No.1 Communications Unit, Laverton
A37-5 noted at Essendon (Keith Meggs' notebook)
Received RAAF Point Cook ex 1CU pending disposal through Commonwealth Disposals Commission

RAAF advised Mr. G.H. Mitchell that this aircraft is no longer required by RAAF and is available for return to him.
Transferred to RAAF Point Cook ex 1CU pending disposal
To be issued to Mr.A.H. Schutt as agent for Mr. G.H.Mitchell. "This aircraft has been on free loan to RAAF from Mr. Mitchell."
Issued to Mr. Arthur Schutt of Schutt Aircraft Sales and Service, Essendon Aerodrome
Restored to Civil Register VH-UAI  G. H. Mitchell, Adelaide SA
Change of ownership:  Hugh P. Davis, Hamilton Pastoral Co, "Hamilton Downs" Station via Alice Springs NT
Change of ownership: Kurt G. Johannsen, Alice Springs NT
Crashed landing at Mount Eba SA. Stalled on landing approach, Kurt Johannsen and his wife injured.
Struck-off Register

Undercarriage ex VH-UAI fitted to Hawk VH-ACC in Victoria 12.49

VH-UAI unpacked from wooden shipping boxes in the Royal Aero Club of SA hangar at Parafield May 1935.
This and the following photo were taken by then club instructor Bryan Monk, c
ourtesy of John Darcy Williams

                   Royal Aero Club of South Australia fleet lined up at Parafield September 1938. The Hawk has a different paint scheme.                       
Photo via SA Aviation Museum

Royal Aero Club of SA Hawk VH-UAI near Parafield May 1940.        Photo: E.M.Ball via SA Aviation Museum

            Miles M.2 Hawk    c/n 212                                                                                        VH-UGQ
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Original model of the M.2 Hawk (48 built): engine 95hp ADC Cirrus IIIA. Painted silver.
CofA issued H.U. Shepherdson, Darwin, Australia
Despatched from Woodley, boxed for shipping to Australia
Registered VH-UGQ Reverend Harold U.Shepherdson, Methodist Mission, Darwin NT
Australian CofA issued
Crashed on takeoff Groote Eylandt NT, pilot Rev Shepherdson and passenger missionary M.Chasling unhurt
Struck-off Register

Damaged airframe transported to Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane for assessment for a rebuild.
Destroyed in hangar fire Qantas hangar Archerfield Qld
The fire broke out just before midnight in Qantas No.2 hangar. Also destroyed were Stinson Reliant VH-UXF (R.S.White), DH.60 Moth VH-UFU (T.M.Bishop), Klemm Eagle VH-UVE (Mrs.H.B.Bonney), Taylor Cub VH-UXW (Queensland Air University) and an experimental home-built "Wright-Mite" (G.Wright).

Whether VH-UGQ was dismantled in damaged condition or undergoing rebuild at the time of the fire was not recorded. 

Short-lived Miles Hawk VH-UGQ at Darwin 1936. This model did not have undercarriage fairings        Northern Territory Library

            Miles M.2H Hawk Major   c/n 124                                                                        VH-AAH
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Registered VT-AFR Flt Lt Gordon V.Carey, Aero Club of India and Burma, New Delhi
Test flight Woodley for CofA issue
CofA issued
Flown from Bombay, India to England by Carey, to take up an instructor position with De Havilland School of Flying
Indian registration cancelled
Registered G-AEFS Flt Lt Gordon V.Carey, Northolt
CofA renewed
Cancelled from British Register

Shipped to Australia
Registered VH-AAH Falkiner William Hewson, "Highfield Station" via Augathella Qld
Hewson in VH-AAH took first place in a Sydney to Moree air race
Change of ownership: A. K. (Kemp) Bates, Brisbane Qld

Professor Kemp Bates was a veterinary surgeon who used the Hawk to travel from Brisbane to his practice at Mackay Qld, usually flown by commercial pilot William F. Hill.
VH-AAH arrived at Mackay from Rockhampton, carrying Professor Bates, flown by Hill
VH-AAH was flown by Hill during an air pageant held at Townsville
Press report: Pilot Hill has flown Professor Bates in the Hawk to 10 different station properties in the Mackay-Nebo district
Badly damaged in accident at Leura Station via Rockhampton Qld

Beyond economical repair, aircraft broken up

Hawk Major VH-AAH at Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane Qld circa 1937.                Reddall Collection via AHSA NSW

Archerfield Qld circa 1937                                                                    John Hopton Collection

Pilots L.K.Hatfield and Bill Hill at the Clermont Qld horse race track in 1938  

             Miles M.2H Hawk Major  c/n 123                                                               VH-ACC, A37-4, VH-ACC, CF-AUV, C-FAUV
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks. Painted cream.
Registered G-ACYZ Sir Alfred Lane Beit, London  (an Irish gold magnate and MP) 
First flight Woodley, pilot F.G. Miles. Painted cherry red
CofA issued
Delivery date ex factory. Based at Heston Aerodome, London
CofA lapsed, not renewed. Sir Alfred Beit now has Miles Whitney Straight G-AEUY
CofA renewed
Registration cancelled due sold to Australia

Shipped to Australia
Registered VH-ACC Royal Aero Club of SA Ltd, Parafield Aerodrome, Adelaide SA
The Australian Department of Civil Aviation incorrectly quoted the type as M.2F Hawk Major, which was never corrected. See manufacturer's plate below.
Pilot logbook: VH-ACC training flight Parafield with instructor Mr. Lum
Change of ownership: G. H.Mitchell, Adelaide SA
George Mitchell was a committee member of the Royal Aero Club of SA. To help the war effort, he purchased the Club's two Miles Hawks to donate to the RAAF for use as fast light communications aircraft

Handed over to RAAF with VH-UAI on a gift basis. Flown at 1EFTS Parafield in civil markings
Taken on RAAF strength as A37-4. Gifted by Mr.G.H.Mitchell.
Received at No.1 Elementary Flying Training School, Parafield
Allotted No.1 Communications Flight, Essendon ex 1EFTS. Unit moved back to Laverton 17.7.42
1CF renamed No.1 Communications Unit, Laverton
Issued Ansett Airways Essendon ex 1CU for complete overhaul
Serviceable at 1CU ex Ansett Airways
Miles A37-4 departed Swan Hill 4.8.43 carrying F/Lt Sturgess who had been visiting RAAF Lake Boga
Received RAAF Point Cook ex 1CU pending disposal
Received Central Flying School, Point Cook ex Station HQ

RAAF advised Mr. G.H. Mitchell that this aircraft is no longer required by RAAF and is available for return to him.
Airframe total time 904 hours, fitted with a General Motors Australian-built Gipsy Major engine.
Transferred to RAAF Point Cook ex 1CU pending disposal
To be issued to Mr.A.H. Schutt as agent for Mr. G.H.Mitchell. "This aircraft has been on free loan to RAAF from Mr. Mitchell."
Issued to Mr. Arthur Schutt of Schutt Aircraft Sales and Service, Essendon Aerodrome
Restored to Register VH-ACC: G. H.Mitchell, Adelaide SA
Change of ownership: O.L.Lansell, Moulamein NSW
Logbook: fitted with undercarriage ex Miles Hawk VH-UAI
Change of ownership: Noel K.Green, Melbourne Vic
Change of ownership: Brian J. G.Hurley, Melbourne Vic 
Logbook: damaged by groundloop, no location stated. Extensive repairs required, Gipsy Major engine replaced
Change of ownership: Leslie Fuller, Melbourne Vic
Change of ownership: Leslie Elliot, Melbourne Vic
Logbook: damaged by groundloop, no location stated. Bent undercarriage units repaired.
Change of ownership: Brian J. Trethown, Melton Vic
Damaged in accident
Repaired at Moorabbin Airport by Air Operations Ltd
Change of ownership: Dr. Ralph H. Capponi, Apollo Bay Vic
Logbook: damaged by groundloop, no location stated.
Logbook: repair to taxying accident: fitted with wings and undercarriage ex Miles Falcon VH-ABT.
Work carried out in Civil Flying Services hangar at Moorabbin Vic
. Added only 7 pounds to empty weight.
noted at Ballarat Vic, parked in Ballarat Aero Club hangar
Change of ownership: Leigh Hornsby, Donald Vic
noted at Nhill Vic, parked in Wimmera Aero Club hangar, tailwheel removed for repair after recent groundloop
Change of ownership: John C.Lane & John E.Pike, Morwell Vic
At the time both worked for the Latrobe Valley Aero Club at Morwell and planned to restore the Hawk to fly.

John Pike writes:
"We bought it from Leigh Hornsby, a Latrobe Valley Aero Club maintenance bloke, who had taxied into a pothole at Donald which caused some relatively minor damage.   We paid $200 for the aeroplane, and I drove to Donald with my trailer to collect it and bring it back to LVAC.  It had been dismantled before I arrived. Despite my careful calculations, the wheel base was slightly too wide for my trailer, so the tail had to go to the front, with the engine hanging out behind the trailer.  Towing was a nightmare, as the weight so far back caused alarming swings at anything over about 30 mph.  On one occasion it all got too much and the fuselage fell off - then there was the drama of going through Melbourne city at night, in rain, and sliding through an intersection when I couldn't stop in time for the traffic lights.
It was a great relief to finally get home and to get the machine into the hangar, only to be told by John Brown, LVAC’s senior engineer at that time, that our idea of a relatively painless overhaul before we could take to the skies was way off the mark and that a complete rebuild was necessary.  I spent a lot of time working on one of the wings, because I thought the aircraft was worth saving." 

noted at Morwell Vic, in Latrobe Valley Aero Club hangar, no tailwheel
Change of ownership: Skyservice Aviation Pty Ltd, Camden Airport NSW

Skyservice was founded the previous year by Canadian Ed Fleming, who purchased a number of Australian vintage and ex-military aircraft for resale overseas. He on-sold VH-ACC to fellow Canadian aviation adventurer Bob Diemert, who had been in Australia that year and purchased DH.94 Moth Minor VH-AFQ at Cootamundra.
Shipped to Canada
Canadian CofA issued (backdated)
Registered CF-AUV Robert Diemert, Caman Manitoba
CF-AUV visited airshow Winnipeg Manitoba, undercarriage fairings, canopy structure over the rear cockpit,
"The Western Canadian Barnstormers"
painted on fuselage.
Change of ownership: Clifford W. Glenister, Weston Ontario
CofA lapsed
Extended restoration by Glenister, completed at XU Aviation, London Ontario in 1982
CofA renewed
Registration changed to C-FAUV

Flown by owner Cliff Glenister, who had it repainted it in Miles style cherry red with cream wings.
Total time nearly 1,300 hours.  He described it as "a fine old aircraft, better than new"

Sale to a British owner fell through.
Change of ownership: International Vintage Aircraft Inc,Markham Ontario c/- Allan Rubin
Dismantled in workshop Hamilton-Mount Hope Ontario, undergoing restoration by IVA. Ken Elliot is leading the restoration team. Retains its Australian GMH built Gipsy Major engine.
Under restoration at Hamilton Ontario. Cherry red and cream.
Stored dismantled at Markham Airport Ontario
Cancelled from Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, exported to Britain
Restored to British Register G-ACYZ Michael D. Souch t/a Antique Aero, Durley Airstrip, Botley, Southampton
Change of ownership: Malcolm R. Paul, Shere, Guildford

Current, undergoing airworthy restoration

VH-ACC's manufacturers plate showing type M.2H.       via Lloyd Robinson

Parafield 1939 with Royal Aero Club of South Australia rudder stripes.                    Civil Aviation Historical Society

Essendon circa 1947 fresh from civil overhaul following wartime RAAF service.   Frank Walters Collection

Essendon circa 1950 with a background of derelict RAAF disposals Avro Ansons not given civil conversions.
John Hopton Collection

A fine Bob Dougherty study at Moorabbin 1960 with hawk artwork painted on nose cowling.
The undercarriage fairings/"trousers" were discarded during the 1950s.

Miles Falcon VH-ABT's wings being fitted to VH-ACC at Moorabbin in June 1963.                Photo by John Hopton

VH-ACC at Ballarat Vic in May 1964 with the old RAAF Control Tower behind.                 Photo by John Hopton

In storage in Canada, probaby at Markham Ontario.                                            Photo via Graham Orphan

Miles Falcons:

              Miles M.3A Falcon Major   c/n 209        Rebel                                                                       VH-AAS
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
British CofA issued Phillips and Powis Ltd, Woodley
Registered G-ADZR Miss Helen M. Harrison, Yapton

Miss Hamilton came from a wealthy South African family and the Falcon was shipped to South AfrIca.
She became a flying instructor in South Africa, England and Canada, during WWII flying with the RAF Air Transport Auxilliary.
Based at Yapton with the Yapton Aero Club where Miss Harrison completed her training for Commercial Licence and Instructor certificate
Registration cancelled "due sale"

In Australia, newly trained pilot Athur Schutt wanted to purchase a Miles Falcon to commence a charter flying career. He contacted Australian Bill Shackleton,founder of the successful aircraft brokers W.S.Shackleton Ltd, London.  In his book "This Flying Business" Arthur Schutt recalled
"Bill Shackleton located one in South Africa. Owned by a wealthy South African, it had only flown 40 hours and was available for immediate shipment. The price was 875. Shackleton finalised the deal and arranged for the Falcon to be crated and shipped to Australia by steamer."

On arrival at Melbourne docks it was found that a heavy object had rolled on to the crate and caused some damage to the fuselage.
Being assembled at Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne and shipping damage repaired. On Schutt's instructions the fuel tanks arrangement was modified to allow extra fuel to give an 800 miles range. On completion the aircraft was painted blue and white and named Rebel.
Registered VH-AAS Arthur H. Schutt, Melbourne Vic

Arthur Schutt spent most of the next four years on lengthy inland tours with VH-AAS visiting small towns and pastoral properties in the Outback, living off joyrides and charters. He became widely known, which was an asset when he set up Schutt Aircraft Sales and Service at Essendon in 1946, moving to Moorabbin in 1950 to become Ausyralia's leading Cessna dealer into the 1980s.
Change of ownership: R.N. D (Damian) Miller, Alice Springs NT
Purchased on behalf of E.J.Connellan who needed a replacement aircraft while his Percival Gull VH-ACM was out of service.
Miller was a pilot with Connellan Airways and would later become a Director of the company.
The Falcon was operated by Connellan Airways on a hire-purchase agreement.
Damian Miller and Eddie Connellan collected VH-AAS at Essendon. Considerable work was required to fit it out for airline use, carried out at Essendon and Mascot.  
Miller, Connellan and Connellan's fiance departed Essendon on delivery flight to Alice Springs. At a refuelled stop at Farina SA the temperature was 114 degrees F. On takeoff the Falcon struggled to climb and a wheel clipped the top of a sandhill a mile off the end of the strip, with no damage.  Reached Alice Springs 29.3.40
Operated by Connellan Airways, Alice Springs NT
Crashed on takeoff Hatches Creek NT, struck trees. Badly damaged. Pilot E.J.Conellan unhurt.
He had flown from Alice Springs on a charter to collect a miner from the Hatches Creek mining fields. The short airstrip had only one takeoff direction, which was blocked by two ironwood trees at the end. The town policeman asked him to take a medical patient as well. Eddie Connellan chopped down one tree with his tomawak but had to depart before the day got any hotter. After becoming airborne the left wing struck the tree and the aircraft crashed to the ground. No serious injuries, the policeman drove them all to Alice Springs

Several days later Eddie Connellan returned to Hatches Creek to salvage the instruments and engine. He found a bushfire had gone through and there was nothing much left of the wooden aeroplane.

                         Miles Falcon VH-AAS.                                                                                    Frank Walters Collection

Arthur Schutt poses by his Falcon VH-AAS "Rebel" in the late 1930s. During his many Outback tours Schutty always
carried a pressed dinner suit hung behind the rear bulkhead for occasional formal events.  Photo via Graham Schutt

Connellan Airways Miles Falcon VH-AAS the day of its takeoff crash at Hatches Creek NT 23 July 1940.
The port wing was torn off. Note "Royal Mail" under the windscreen.              Photo by E.J.Connellan

             Miles M.3A Falcon Major   c/n 193                                                                       VH-AAT, A37-3, VH-AAT
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks. Painted red and green.
Registered G-ADHG Aircraft Distributors Ltd, Hanworth
British CofA
Purchased by Royal Queensland Aero Club, Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane Queensland
British registration cancelled due sale
Arrived Brisbane by sea from England as cargo on board ship "Port of Townsville"
First flight at Archerfield after assembly
Registered VH-AAT Royal Queensland Aero Club, Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane Qld
Australian CofA issued
Struck a fence on takeoff Lismore NSW and landed tipped up on nose in a swamp, No injuries.
Test flight Archerfield after repair completed
Minor damage takeoff accident Archerfield
Dismantled for CofA renewal overhaul in Aero Club hangar Archerfield. Work postponed due to priority being given to maintaining the Club's DH.60 Moths for RAAF cadet training.
Airframe stored dismantled in Aero Club hangar.The Gypsy Major engine had been impressed for RAAF
Impressment Requisition No.8190 served on Royal Queensland Aero Club for the airframe
Taken on RAAF charge as A37-3 ex Royal Queensland Aero Club. Allocated 2CF Mascot
Received No.2 Communications Flight, Mascot ex Queensland
Airframe to DeHavilland Aircraft, Mascot for fuselage repair
Received 2CF ex DeHavillands
Received 3CF Mascot ex 2CF
Allotted Ansett Airways, Mascot ex 3CF for overhaul
Allotted 3CF ex Ansett Airways
Damaged in violent ground-loop on landing at Nowra, caused by binding brake
3CF renamed No.3 Communications Unit. Detachments at Camden and Nowra
Minor damage, swung during landing and struck a fence. Location not stated
Ground-looped on landing at RAAF Evans Head, both undercarriage legs collapsed.
Received No.3 Central Recovery Depot, Amberley with a view to conversion to components
Recommend this aircraft be offered to Dept of Civil Aviation for disposal to civil operator

No repair of damaged fuselage by 3CRD. Held at Amberley outside with tarpaulin covering the fuselage
Surviving RAAF Miles and Fairchild types were included in first Tender document issued by the newly-formed Commonwealth Disposals Commission: closing date for tenders 20.2.45
Commonwealth Disposals Commission accepted tender of 206 for this aircraft from S.W.Hecker, Maryborough Qld
Collected by Mr.Hecker ex 3CRD Amberley
Civil Registration Application: Samual William Hecker, Hecker Motors, Lennox Street, Maryborough Qld
Hecker wrote to DCA advising he has purchased Fairchild A36-3 and Miles Falcon A37-3 from disposals and intends to have both given overhauls for CofA
The Falcon and Fairchild were inspected by a DCA inspector, while both were in storage at Heckers Garage at Maryborough. The Falcon is in dirty comdition and will be given a civil overhaul by engineer Joe Vine at Marybrough. The Fairchild is in good condition except for some fabric damage, which occurred during road transporting after collection from RAAF Amberley. No engine. Hecker plans no immediate action to overhaul the Fairchild because of the cost of engines imported from USA.

CofA overhaul by Joe Vine at Maryborough Aerodrome. Undercarriage sent to Sid Marshall, Marshall Airways, Mascot for repair
CofA renewed at Maryborough Qld.  Subsequent three annual CofA renewals by Joe Vine at Maryborough
Change of ownership: Schutt Aircraft Sales and Service, Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne Vic
Schutt Aircraft moved base to the newly opened Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne. The Falcon was flown extensively by Arthur Schutt
Annual CofA renewal at Moorabbin
Struck a fence landing at Echuca Vic, starboard wing badly damaged, pilot Arthur Schutt unhurt

Repaired at Moorabbin
Change of owner name: Schutt Aircraft Pty Ltd, Moorabbin Vic
Struck-off Register as withdawn from service
Restored to Register: Alan L. Hume, Hobart Tasmania
noted at Cambridge Airport, Hobart flying. Based here in Aero Club hangar.
Change of ownership: Harry T. Burgess, Geeveston, Huon, Tasmania
noted at Cambridge Airport, Hobart
Sold to Leo Smothers, Adelaide SA. Register change of ownership date 5.7.72
Leo and Mary Smothers were exchange school teachers from USA
noted at Parafield SA, all white with green trim line
noted at Waikerie SA, based here in gliding club hangar
Minor damage, ground-loop during landing Birdsville Qld
visited fly-in at Morwell-Latrobe Valley Vic, white with orange and black trim
Change of ownership: David J. R. Barker, Caloundra Qld
noted at Redcliffe Qld, white with orange and black trim
Change of ownership: Colonel L. Keith Hatfield, Casey Aerodorme, Berwick Vic
early 76
Delivery flight Queensland to Berwick, pilot Pat Harrington
noted at Berwick

Inspection at Berwick found glue deterioration in the airframe. Aircraft was stored dismantled in a hangar at Berwick pending a lengthy rebuild.
Struck-off Register as withdawn from service. Lengthy restoration at Berwick
noted in hangar Berwick, fuselage being rebuilt
Test flown after overhaul and refurbishment
Restored to Register: same owner
Painted silver as "G-ACTM" to represent Harold Brook's Falcon in the 1934 London-Melbourne Centenary Air Race, for TV production Half A World Away. Flying scenes filmed mostly at Berwick and RAAF Point Cook.
visited fly-in at Temora NSW, all silver "G-ACTM race No.31
visited airshow RAAF Richmond NSW, all silver "G-ACTM"
visited airshow Avalon Vic, repainted pale yellow with green trim

Loaned to Airworld Museum, Wangaratta Airport Vic. Maintained airworthy
Displayed with vintage aircraft at Avalon Air Show Vic, pale yellow and green scheme
Change of ownership: Leslie Hatfield, Melbourne Vic
Based at Lilydale Vic, rarely flown
Puchased by Harvey D. McBain, Nelson Vic
Badly damage in forced landing near Tarrington Vic.
Engine failed near Hamilton Vic during ferry flight from Lilydale to Nelson Vic by Harvey McBain with a passenger. When the engine failed due fuel line blockage near Hamilton Vic the pilot made a forced landing in an open field but struck fences.  Air Transport Safety Bureau report:
"After touchdown, the right wing struck a fence post and the aircraft swung sideways. The aircraft then struck a second wire fence, and the wire pulled the aircraft to a stop. The right landing gear collapsed, the propeller struck the ground and the wing’s leading edge sustained damage. The pilot and passenger were uninjured.The engineering inspection revealed that because the aircraft had not been operated for several years, debris accumulated in the fuel lines resulting in a blockage during flight and the engine failure."
Civil Register Change of ownership: Harvey D. McBain, Nelson Vic

Currently registered pending rebuild.

Archerfield July 1937 soon after assembly after being shipped from England.                  Frank Walters collection

VH-AAT later repainted silver with the Royal Queensland Aero Club coat of arms on the cowling.      Charles D. Pratt

Take off accident at Lismore NSW in March 1938.                             Roger MacDonald collection

RAAF Falcon without serial but reportedly A37-3. SE Asia theatre blue-white roundel suggests late in wartime service.
Frank F. Smith Collection

Returning to civilian life again as VH-AAT, Broken Hill circa 1950.                                 John Hopton Collection

Another view at Broken Hill circa 1950. The rudder appears to have been painted with a RAAF fin flash.
Photo: Civil Aviation Historical Society

Landing accident at Echuca Vic in February 1951.                                                     Arthur Schutt

Launceston Tasmania September 1960, with locally based Stinson Voyager VH-AKI in the background.
Tony Arbon Collection

Cambridge Airport, Hobart in March 1966 now with added blue trim paintwork                            Photo by Dave Eyre

Parafield SA April 1972 soon after arrival from Tasmania for Adelaide owners.                        Photo by David Tanner

VH-AAT was a star visitor at the April 1973 annual Latrobe Valley Easter fly-in.           Photo by Roger McDonald

VH-AAT painted as 1934 MacRobertson Air Race Falcon G-ACTM for the movie "Half A World Away",
visited a fly-in weekend at Temora NSW in April 1991.                                    Photo by Dave Eyre

VH-AAT at Berwick Vic in a new paint scheme after the movie work, with long-time owner Colonel Keith Hatfield.   
Photo by Ben Dannecker

Essendon Airport, Melbourne August 1996 in a striking new colour scheme                               Photo by Nigel Daw

December 1996 being flown near Point Cook Vic by Ben Dannecker.                       Photo by Kevin Limon

The sad sight at Tarrington Vic on 18 April 2020 after engine failure.

                Miles M.3A Falcon Major   c/n 202                                                                      VH-ACE, A37-6
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks. Painted blue
Registered G-ADIU The Leicestershire Aero Club, Braunstone
CofA issued
Delivery date ex factory
Sold to Australia
Ferried to Hanworth to Rollason Aircraft Ltd to prepare for export

Shipped to Australia
Cancelled from British Civil Register as sold to Australia
Registered VH-ACE F.C.Higginson & Co, Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane Qld
Australian CofA issued. Aircraft has been repainted red and white
Change of ownership: Mrs. Ethel B.Jones trading as Airwork Co, Archerfield Aerodrome, Qld
Change of ownership: Thomas H. McDonald, Cairns Qld

T.H."Tommy" McDonald was a Cairns jeweller and aviator who established North Queensland Airways. As well as local routes, NQA operated Cairns-Townsville with Dragons. Airlines of Australia Ltd operated Townsville-Brisbane. McDonald sold out to AoAin September 1938, giving AoA the full coastal route Sydney-Brisbane-Cairns using DC-2s and Stinson A trimotors.
Struck-off Civil Register as impressed for RAAF

Handed over at RAAF Garbutt,Townsville
Taken on RAAF charge as A37-6. Allotted No.33 Squadron ex RAAF Garbutt
Received 33 Sqn, Townsville
Swung on takeoff Augustus Downs Station Qld, undercarriage collapsed, badly damaged
Received No.12 Repair and Salvage Unit, Charters Towers. Repair crew sent to Augustus Downs
Still under repair at Augustus Downs
Issued to No.14 Aircraft Repair Depot, Gorrie NT ex 12RSU for completion of repair
14ARD request authority to convert to components due beyond economical repair
Approved for conversion to components

Archerfield 1937 while owned by F.C.Higginson & Co.                                              Frank Walters Collection

           Miles M.3D Falcon Six    c/n 266                                                                               VH-ABT, A37-1, VH-ABT
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks. Painted blue
Registered G-AEAG Henry Deterding, Daventry
CofA issued
Delivery date ex factory
Change of ownership: Arthur W.A.Whitehead, London
Departed England on flight to Australia, pilot Arthur Whitehead

At Sourabaya, Netherlands East Indies, G-AEAG was loaded on ship SS Merkur for Australia
Ship arrived Darwin NT.  Unloaded and assembled at Darwin Aerodrome
Whtehead departed Darwin, arrived at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney two days later
Registered VH-ABT Reginald H.Hamblin, Ganmein NSW
Struck-off Civil Register, impressed for RAAF
Taken on RAAF charge as A37-1. Received at No.2 Aircaft Depot, Richmond ex R. H. Hamblin.
Allotted No.2 Communications Flight being fomed at Mascot
2CF established at Mascot with A37-1 on initial strength
Port undercarriage collapsed during landing, cenre section spar damaged
Aircraft at Aircrafts Pty Ltd (APL), Archerfield for repair
Awaiting approval for wing spar repair scheme, also awaiting plywood and tubing at APL
Delivered to 2CF Mascot ex APL Archerfield on completion of repair
Received 3CF Mascot ex 2CF. 
3CF renamed No.3 Communications Unit. Detachments at Camden and Nowra
Pilot log: A37-1 3CU: Mascot-Richmond-Mascot-Dubbo; Dubbo-Mascot 17.6.44
3CU requests allocation for complete overhaul, has flown 1,863 hours since last overhaul.
Received No.2 Central Recovery Depot, Richmond ex 3CU for survey report
Surviving RAAF Miles and Fairchild types were included in first Tender document issued by the newly-formed Commonwealth Disposals Commission: closing date for tenders 20.2.45
Commonwealth Disposals Commission accepted tender from Mr.W.Stillard. 2CRD to issue aircraft on payment by Mr.Stillard
Collected by Mr. Stillard
Restored to Register as VH-ABT: Wallace Stillard, 'Marbock" Barooga NSW.
Stillard was a grazier who owned a succession of aeroplanes. He was killed 26.8.47 in the crash of his Percival Q6 VH-ABY near Wee Jasper NSW.
Change of ownership:  Frederick W. Sutton/ Suttons Motors, Sydney NSW
Change of ownership: Guinea Air Traders Ltd, Lae New Guinea
Believed based Sydney with parent company Australian Air Traders Ltd.
Change of ownership: Robert Smith & Charles K. Rohr, Tooraweenah NSW
Badly damaged, swung on takeoff and struck a fence, Coonabarabran NSW
Change of ownership: Howard K. Morris/Morris Air Service, Bankstown NSW
Change of ownership: John M. Bonney, Cobar NSW
Change of ownership: W.J. Robinson, Melbourne Vic
Advertised for sale by W.J.Robinson in "Aircraft" magazine: Airframe 95 hours since overhaul, Gipsy VI engine 250 hrs since overhaul: available for inspection in Schutt Aircraft hangar Moorabbin Airport
noted at Moorabbin, being washed down, all silver
Struck-off Civil Register as withdrawn from service
Wings of VH-ABT were fitted to Miles Hawk VH-ACC during maintenance at Moorabbin

When Miles Hawk VH-ACC was shipped to Canada in 1968 it was reported that the wings and undercarriage of VH-ABT came with it. Perhaps the wing fitting in 1963 was just to check the attachments and VH-ACC continued with its original wings?
Colonel Keith Hatfield at Berwick Vic (owner of Falcon VH-AAT) had the airframe logbook and the following components from VH-ABT:
- Gipsy Six engine including engine mounts
- Fairey Reed propeller with spinner cap
- tailplane, stern post, rudder
- tailwheel
The parts package was acquired by Gary Dunne, Pialba QLD

Parts package reportedly later sold to an owner at Albury NSW, then on to Victoria

Mascot circa 1939                                                                         Frank Walters Collection

Mascot circa 1948 after wartime RAAF service.                                               Frank Walters Collection

Moorabbin July 1958 having a wash down.                                                                Photo by Eddie Coates

Miles Merlin:

            Miles M.4A Merlin      c/n 272     Wilgul                                                                            VH-UXN, A37-2

Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Completed to the order from Australian Miles agent Captain E.H. Chaseling, painted blue at factory with registration VH-UBN
Test flown Woodley
British CofA issued Captain Eric Chaseling c/o Roberts Airways, Melbourne Australia

Shipped to Australia

Australian Civil Aviation Branch had earlier allocated registration VH-UBN to Mr.E.H. Chaseling for a Miles Merlin. Some months later Chaseling did not reply to a CAB letter asking if it was still required. CAB cancelled the registration allocation.  When Roberts Airways submitted a Registration Application for this aircraft, VH-UBN had been reassigned to another aircraft. CAB agreed to issued a registration which would require minimal repainting, suggesting VH-UXN.
First flight Essendon by F.L.Roberts, after assembly by Hart Aircraft Service. Painted as VH-UBN.
Registered VH-UXN Roberts Airways Ltd, Melbourne Vic c/- Captain F.L.Roberts
Australian CofA issued.  Pilot and 4 passengers
VH-UXN flew inaugural scheduled service Hay-Deniliquin-Essendon
Change of owners name: Victorian and Interstate Airways Ltd, Melbourne Vic c/- Captain F.L.Roberts
Named Wilgul

Operated on scheduled airmail and passenger service Melbourne-Deniquin-Hay with optional stops at towns enroute.
Back-up aircraft was Desoutter VH-UPR.  Schedules grew to 6 days a week.
Tipped on nose taxying Essendon in gusty wind, pilot O.Dowie, no pax
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison, pilot F.L. Roberts VIA
Cabin door flew open and was torn away after departure Essendon on scheduled flight to Deniliquin, pilot J.R.Kemp with 4 passengers
Forced landing Echuca Vic, due low oil pressure, no damage. Pilot J.R.Kemp with 4 pax
Forced landing Stud Park Station, 15 miles north of Deniliquin due engine failure, no damage.
Pilot D.G.Buckley with 1 pax
Forced landing Seymour aerodrome Vic, due rough running engine. Pilot A.J.R.Duffield with 2 pax
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison, pilot D.G.Buckley VIA
Precautionary landing Seymour aerodrome, Vic due fog at Essendon. Pilot A.J.R.Duffield with 4 pax
Ground-loop landing Deniliquin, both undercarriage legs collapsed. Pilot A.J.R.Duffield with 4 pax
VIA suspended scheduled services due withdrawal of Government airmail subsidy due wartime cuts
VIA advise DCA that the repair has been delayed pending shipping of undercarriage parts ordered from England. The shipping situation has become so uncertain due to the war that the repair will now be carried out using steel tubing supplied by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporationat Fishermans Bend, Melbourne.
Impressment Requisition No.8185 served on VIA for Miles Merlin VH-UXN

Assumed repair completed by VIA by the time VH-UXN was handed over to RAAF, although the suspended CofA had not been renewed by DCA
Struck-off Civil Register, impressed into RAAF
Taken on RAAF charge as A37-2. Received No.1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton ex VIA.
Issued to No.1 Communications Flight, Laverton
Received RAAF Pearce ex 1CF
Converted to components at RAAF Pearce

Merlin VH-UXN flying near Essendon soon after assembly in June 1936. The factory painted registration VH-UBN is
on the wings, but has been changed to VH-UXN on the fuselage sides.          Civil Aviation Historical Society

VH-UXN at Essendon showing the Victorian and Interstate Airways name "Wilgul" on the nose cowling.
John Hopton Collection

VH-UXN was impressed as RAAF A37-2. Seen at Wagga NSW while with No.1 Communications Flight, Laverton
Frank F. Smith Collection

A37-2 at RAAF Pearce WA August 1941, by now repainted. Tugan Gannet A14-6 behind.    Frank F. Smith Collection

Miles Whitney Straights:

             Miles M.11A Whitney Straight      c/n 350                                                                           VH-UZA
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Completed to the order of Australian Dept of Civil Aviation on behalf of the Royal Victorian Aero Club, order placed by Australian agents Victorian and Interstate Airways, Melbourne

Test flight Woodley
British CofA issued Royal Victorian Aero Club, Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne Vic

Shipped to Australia
Registered VH-UZA: Royal Victorian Aero Club, Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne Vic
Australian CofA issued Essendon
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison, RVic Aero Club, pilot Roy F.Goon
Damaged during forced landing due weather near Nyah Vic, undercarriage collapsed. Pilot H.Jeffery and passenger F.Drake were unhurt.
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison, RVic Aero Club, pilot H.F.Boss-Walker
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison, RVic Aero Club, pilot H. Hughes
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison
Local flight Essendon for newspaper photographer John Harrison, RVic Aero Club, pilot C.D.Elder
Crashed destroyed, near Essendon Aerodrome Vic.
Dived into the ground near Broadmeadows railway station,  2 miles north of Essendon Aerodrome.
Two pilots were aboard, Horace W.Burgoine and Raymond A.Palmer, both killed.
The paddock had been used by RAAF Tiger Moths for training in forced landing procedures.

A view from the Royal Victorian Aero Club hangar at Essendon circa 1938. VH-UZA is in the foreground, showing its
folded wings and open canopy. At the rear is an ANA Douglas DC-2.                                 Neil Follett collection

Two views from the Frank Walters Collection showing VH-UZA attending an air race at Sydney Airport circa 1938.
Its race number 26 sticker has been attached over the Royal Victorian Aero Club rudder stripes.

A minor accident which tore off the undercarriage.                                          Neil Follett collection

            Miles M.11A Whitney Straight      c/n 303                                                                           VH-ABN
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Registered G-AENH Whitney Straight Ltd, London
First flight Woodley, pilot George.Miles
CofA issued
Delivery date ex factory, gave demonstration flights at Heston Aerodrome that day
British Registration cancelled as sold

Shipped to Australia
Registered VH-ABN Falkiner W. Hewson, Augathella Qld (traded in his Miles Hawk VH-AAH)
Australian CofA issued after assembly Archerfield Aerodrome, BrisbaneTotal airframe time 248 hrs

Leased for periods to Royal Queensland Aero Club, Archerfield
Accident, left undercarriage leg collapsed. damaging wing and propeller. Operator RQAeC, pilot J.C.Stevenson
VH-ABN is dismantled in Qantas hangar Archerfield, awaiting a CofA renewal inspection which Qantas is unable to complete because of pressure of other work
Hewson wrote to DCA advising that he intends to sell VH-ABN because of restrictions on private flying due to petrol rationing. He has been contacted by the US Army Air Corps whch wanted to rent the aircraft but its CofA has expired and he is unable to have it renewed because Archerfield workshops are committed to military maintenance.
Change of ownership: Royal Victorian Aero Club, Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne Vic
Replacement for VH-UZA which crashed 12 Sept 1942.
Ferried Archerfield-Essendon on delivery by Hewson
Retired and stored due to lack of civil flying during WWII
CofA renewed at Essendon, after storage
Aero Club moved from Essendon to the newly-built Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne
Sold to Auckland Aero Club NZ
Departed Melbourne for NZ as cargo on board S.S.Korimiko
Struck-off Australian Register
Registered ZK-AXN Auckland Aero Club, Auckland New Zealand
NZ CofA issued
Change of ownership: George W. Henry, Matamata.
Change of ownership: Kea Syndicate
Change of ownership: Campbell R. Feather,Otematata
CofA expired
Struck-off Civil Register as withdrawn from service
Destroyed by hangar fire Otematata

Whitney Straight G-AENH at Archerfield Qld after assembly in December 1937.          Civil Aviation Historical Society

Archerfield circa 1938.                                                                 Neil Follett collection

VH-ABN with Royal Victorian Aero Club's rudder stripes.                                      Frank Walters Collection

VH-ABN was sold to New Zealand and became ZK-AXN.                                                  Photo by Jim Dyson

             Miles M.11A Whitney Straight      c/n 319     Victor George                                                     VH-EVG
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Registered G-AEVG  Willoughby R. Norman and Antony C.L.Norman, Heston
First flight, Woodley. Pilot George Miles
CofA issued
Change of ownership: Antony C.L. Norman, Heston
CofA lapsed, not renewed due to the war
Registration cancelled, impressed by Government
Taken on strength RAF as DP854. Allotted to Station Flight, RAF Northolt

Serial allocation was an Air Minsitry administrative error, DP854 was already issued to an impressed DH.80 Puss Moth. Serial changed to DP845 until it was realised that this also had been allocated to a Spitfire. By this time the Puss Moth was no longer operational thus Ministry honour was saved by retaining the original allocation DP854
Station Flight RAF Andover
No.8 Maintenance Unit, RAF Little Rissington, for storage
Fighter Command Communications Squadron, RAF Northolt
RAF disposal to Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble
Damaged in ground collision with hangar door at Hamble.
Restored to Civil Register as G-AEVG Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble
CofA renewed
Forced landing in a field 2 miles north of Southwick due heavy fog during a student pilot cross country flight. When attempting to take off the starboard undercarriage and wing were badly damaged.
Change of ownership: Hants and Sussex Aviation Ltd, Portsmouth
Change of ownership: Harry W.H. Moore. White Waltham
Change of ownership: William A.Strauss, East St Kilda, Victoria Australia

Bill Strauss and his friend Bob Hantken were two young Australians visiting Britain. Strauss enrolled for pilot training with a small school at Gatwick airfield and the pair decided they would fly their own aeroplane home. Strauss purchased G-AEVG for 400 and had an extra 10 gallon fuel tank installed behind the two seats in the luggage area.
They had the aircraft name "Victor George" painted on the port cowling
Departed Gatwick bound for Australia, accompanied by Strauss' flying instructor in another aircraft for the first leg to Nervis, France. Strauss had 35 hours flying time, Hantken 100 hours.
Strauss groundlooped during landing at Nice, his first landing on a sealed runway. Only damage was an air brake, which struck a runway marker.  They continued the flight with the air brakes disconnected.

Leisurely flight to Australia, staying several days at most stops.
Crossed the Timor Sea, from Koepang Timor to Wyndham WA. On departure Koepang they had eight 1 gallon fuel cans at their feet, which they added to the auxiliary fuel tanks during the long ocean crossing.

Flew Wyndham-Darwin-Daly Waters-Tenant Creek-Alice Springs-Oodnadatta-Leigh Creek -Adelaide-Hamilton-Melbourne. 
Arrived Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne
Registered VH-EVG William A. Strauss, Melbourne Vic
Australian CofA issued at Moorabbin Vic after inspection by Schutt Aircraft
Change of ownership:  Desmond Terrill, Ballarat Vic
Damaged landing near Rutherglen Vic.
Pilot was owner D.Terrill and was not hurt. He deliberately ground-looped on landing to avoid hitting a fence.
DCA accident summary: "The aircraft ran off the strip causing the undercarriage to collapse. The pilot misjudged the approach and landed too far along the trip."
Struck-off Register
VH-EVG fuselage standing on its undercarriage was stored in a hangar at Moorabbin

  Miles Whitney Straight G-AEVG was flown from England to Melbourne in 1954 by its Australian owner.
It made Australian landfall at Wyndham WA, where it was photographed by DCA radio technician Colin Hayes.

Now registered VH-EVG, seen at Moorabbin during 1955.                            Photo by Eddie Coates

               Moorabbin 1956 "1954 England-Australia" still painted on the rudder.                    Neil Follett collection                 

One Magister for the Royal Australian Air Force:

            Miles M.14A Magister   c/n 547                                                                                               A15-1
Built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley Aerodrome, Reading Berks.
Full scale production for Air Ministry order for 1,293 Magisters as RAF training aircraft
Australian Department of Defence Air Board was assessing aircraft types to become the standard RAAF elementary trainer. Mr. Lawrence J.Wackett head of Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Melbourne was asked to evaluate modern low wingdesigns during his forthcoming visit to England. Wackett strongly recommended the Miles Magister, which was aerobatic and of stronger construction to the earlier Miles Hawk models. From the beginning the Air Board intended that the selected type would be built under licence in Australia.
After evaluation by RAAF, the Magister was considered unsuitable due to handling and spinning deficiencies. Miles' high price for a licence production contract was also a factor.
The Air Board instead selected the CAC CA-6 Wackett Trainer and DH.82 Tiger Moths.
Order from Australian Department of Air for one M.14A Magister.
British Air Ministry agreed to divert one aircraft from their current order for Magisters for RAF
Despatched ex Woodley.
Due to a misunderstanding by the shipping agent it was sent by sea to Australia without the DH Gipsy Major 1 engine. Engine followed as cargo on SS Narkunda.

Shipped to Australia without engine.
Taken on RAAF charge as A15-1. Received at No.1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton
Flight testing at 1AD by Flt Lt G.E.Douglas
Issued Flying Training School, Point Cook for evaluation
Loaned to CAC
Returned to FTS ex CAC
Starboard undercarriage damaged landing at Point Cook, F/O G.C.Hartnell.
Wheel sank in soft soil, tipped on nose, propeller broken
Starboard wheel sank in soft aerodrome surface, undercarriage damaged
Issued Engineering School, Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale Vic.
Converted to Instructional Airframe "Miles No.1"

The RAAF's only Miles Magister A15-1 at Laverton 1939.                                              Frank F.Smith Collection

Two Miles visitors:
         Both were contestants in the October 1934 MacRobertson Centenary London-Melbourne Air Race:

- Miles M.2F Hawk Major ZK-ADJ race number 2,
"Spirit of Manawatu": pilots Sqn Ldr Malcolm C.MacGregor and Henry C.Walker, owner Manawatu Aero Club, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Departed RAF Mildenhall with all other contestants on 20 October 1934, were 5th to cross the finish line at Melbourne on 28 October, elapsed time 135 hours, flying time 118 hrs 5 mins. MacGregor was the aero club chief pilot, who entered the race as part of the delivery of the club's newly purchased Miles Hawk. Placed 5th in the Handicap Section. The aircraft was then shipped on to New Zealand where it arrived 12 November 1934.

Miles Hawk Major ZK-ADJ transits RAF Seletar, Singapore on 24 October 1934 during the London-Melbourne air race.
Photo: Photo Archive

- Miles Falcon G-ACTM race number 31: 
/owner Harold L. Brook.
36 year old Brook had only just gained his pilot licence when earlier that year he purchased a DH.80 Puss Moth intending to fly the route of the coming air race in March 1934 - but crashed into a mountain in France on the first day, escaping without injury. At Woodley, the prototype of the new Miles Falcon cabin monoplane was nearing completion and Brook purchased it as his entry in the air race. George Miles made the first flight of the new M.3 Falcon G-ACTM on 23 September 1934 and after trials for the CofA issue issue, it was handed over to Brook on 12 October only 8 days before the race start.
       As Race Number 31, on 20 October Brook set off from Mildenhall on the race, accompanied by a passenger Miss E.M.Lay. He suffered delays enroute, including a forced landing in Greece with a propeller failure, and again in Afghanistan. He reached Darwin on 20 November, long after the race had closed but doggedly continued on to Melbourne. He spent five months in Australia, during which the Falcon was given an overhaul, extra fuel tanks installed, and the aircraft repainted gloss black, ready for his planned solo return flight to England. Sponsors' names OVALTINE and Castrol Oil were painted on the nose cowling. 
      Harold Brook departed Darwin on 23 March 1935 and reached England in a record breaking 7 days 19 hours. He later made an attempt to break the England-Cape Town record in G-ACTM but it was damaged during a night landing in Egypt and shipped back to England for repair.

Protoype Falcon G-ACTM at Melbourne-Essendon in December 1934. Note the original windscreen and canopy design,
which was replaced on production Falcons by the forward sloping windscreen and refined canopy.
Photo: State Library of Victoria

End Piece
               A visit to Redcliffe Airport Queensland in June 1975 found Miles Falcon VH-AAT in a hangar but nobody around. As was the way in
those relaxed days, a phone call to its owner David Barker gave us permission to roll the Falcon out for photographs. This picture shows
the compiler (centre) with fellow enthusiasts Melvyn Davis (left) and Mike Vincent.

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My thanks to John Willis, Dave Prossor, Nigel Daw, Melvyn Davis, Graham Orphan, Neil Follett and Dave Eyre for their help with this listing.

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