Last updated 22 December 2021

A listing compiled by Geoff Goodall

DH.87B VH-UXY (c/n 8131) was a late import to Australia in 1979.  It was given a "period" registration close to those
worn by several Hornet Moths during the 1930s.      Photographed by Dion Makowski at Ballarat Vic in October 2005

             De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd introduced the Hornet Moth as a comfortable 2 seat side-by-side cabin touring biplane, designed as a Moth replacement. The prototype first flew at Hatfield on 8 May 1934 and production commenced the following year with the DH.87A model with extended tapered wings. The 1936 model DH.87B had redesigned square ended wing with a slight taper to reduce handling problems encountered with the elliptical wing shape of the DH87A.  In Britain, DH invited owners to return their DH.87As to the factory at Hatfield to trade in their wings for the DH.87B design.

             Total Hornet Moth production was 164 aircraft. Unlike Puss Moths and Leopard Moths, the DH.87s were not used for record long distance flights.

            The Hornet Moth had a welded steel tube forward fuselage frame and wooden wings and tail. The Australian associate company De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd had an approved wooden airframe workshop at their base at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney and had earlier constructed wings and tailplanes for D.H.80 Puss Moths. At least two Hornet Moth metal fuselage frames, engines and accessories were imported from the parent company in England and completed with D.H.87B mainplanes and tailplanes constructed at Mascot as VH-UXO and UYO in 1937.

            Unlike Britain, where numerous DH.87s were impressed for military communications duties at the outbreak of WWII, no Australian Hornet Moths were taken over by RAAF. In a 1940 RAAF review of Australian DH Gipsy powered machines available military impressment, inspection reports on DH.87s were carried out by a DCA inspector, but RAAF preferred 3 seaters for light communications work.  The following year the Royal Aero Club of WA's VH-ABO was considered for impressment following a specific request from RAAF Western Area but dropped when enquiries found that it was stored in crashed condition.

            Twelve Hornet Moths have been registered in Australia, flown by aero clubs and private owners. Interestingly the remains of four of these are now in New Zealand as restoration projects. In addition, in recent times, two more Hornet Moths have been imported by Australian enthusaiats,  G-ADUR from Britain and SE-AGE from Sweden. They appear at the end of the listing.

            This listing is presented in order of appearance on the Australian Civil Register:

                          C/n 8023        DH.87A                                                                                                      VH-UTE
Civil Aviation Branch allocated registration VH-UTE to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney for a DH.87 to be imported
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87A
First flight Hatfield
British CofA issued VH-UTE De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW

Shipped to Australia
Landed on Sydney wharves
Assembled at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney by De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd
Testflight Mascot after assembly, pilot A. Murray Jones of De Havilland Aircraft
CAB Inspection Report at Mascot: new aircraft, total flying time 1 hr 15 mins
Added to Register VH-UTE De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney NSW
Australian CofA issued
Demonstration flights at Essendon, flown by record breaking pilot H. F. "Jim" Broadbent
Broadbent and his wife departed Adelaide for Perth. He will spend several days in Perth to demonstrate the new Hornet Moth to local pilots and companies
Change of ownership: Norman M. Kater, "Colmlee" Station, Moree NSW
Test flown Mascot after annual CofA renewal overhaul by De Havillands, pilot Kater.
Total flying time: 177 hrs
Test flown Mascot after annual CofA renewal overhaul by De Havillands, pilot Kater.
Total flying time: 274 hrs
CofA extended by DCA to 1.4.39
Test flown Mascot after annual CofA renewal overhaul by De Havillands,
Pilot A. Murray-Jones of De Havillands. Total flying time: 304 hrs
Test flown Mascot after annual CofA renewal, pilot J.A.Kerr. Total flying time: 357 hrs
Change of ownership: J. Laurie Power, Brisbane Qld
Defects repaired by Qantas Empire Airways, Archerfield, signed by engineer W.R.Dalgleish
J.L.Power on letterhead Brisbane Tobacco Grading and Bulking Co wrote to DCA:
requesting another CofA extension. Aircraft in good condition, and has been hangared and maintained by QEA since he purchased it. He expects to soon be called up for RAAF service and QEA can not carry out the CofA renewal overhaul for some time due pressure of work on military aircraft. DCA extend CofA until 2.12.42
Departed Archerfield for Toowomba then on to Sydney and Melbourne
CofA expired
Letter to DCA from C.G.Henderson, motor engineer of Stones Corner Garage, Brisbane: Laurie Power has been instructed to report to RAAF and he has requested Henderson to take care of VH-UTE. Requests approval for ferry flight to Beaudesert Qld for storage.
Approved by DCA
Stored dismantled at the home of aircraft engineer J. Campbell, Beaudesert, along with another Hornet Moth VH-UUD
CofA renewed at Archerfield after storage. Propeller from a Miles Whitney Straight
CofA renewed Archerfield. Also 19.3.47, 5.4.48, 19.5.49, 26.5.50, 1.6.51
Change of ownership: Charles A. Loneragan, "The Lagoon", Gulgong NSW
CofA renewed at Camden NSW
visited Cootamundra NSW airshow, all silver
Struck-off Register as withdrawn from service
VH-UTE noted at Bowral NSW, just retored and airworthy. Silver with red trim
Restored to Register: Gunnar S. Anderson, Moss Vale NSW
Struck-off Register
noted at Old Bowral airfield, owned by Gunnar Anderson
noted at airshow Old Bowral airfield, flying in formation with Hornet Moth VH-UVV
Restored to Register: Gunnar S. Anderson, Moss Vale NSW
CofA renewed
Slight damage while being towed from its hangar at Old Bowral by Gunnar Anderson to escape a bushfire approaching the airfield. He smashed open the rear fuselage with a pick handle to make an emergency connection to tow the aircraft behind a vehicle.
Change of ownership: Pilot Officer D. C. Freeman, RAAF Point Cook, Vic
Damaged at Penfield airfield, Sunbury Vic
Change of ownership: John L. Pettit, Geelong Vic, later "Wooloomanata", Anakie Vic
visited Wangaratta Vic airshow
visited Moorabbin Vic airshow
visited RAAF Richmond airshow
visited Avalon Vic airshow, silver with red trim, owner's name "John Pettit" on cowling
noted at John Pettit's property "Wooloomanata", near Avalon Vic.
Also there was Hornet Moth VH-ABO as a restoration project


                         Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney 1936.                                                                             Frank Walters collection

                       VH-UTE visiting an airshow at Cootamundra NSW in March 1962, all silver.                   Photo by Bob Neate

                        Bowral NSW in August 1976 immediately after restored, silver with red trim.                Photo by Mike Vincent

                        At the Avalon International Airshow, Victoria in March 1995.                                        Photo by Phil Vabre

                         C/n 8036             DH.87A                                                    VH-UUD, VH-PMG, VH-BMG, VH-RKM   
Civil Aviation Branch allocated registration VH-UUD to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney for a Hornet Moth to be imported
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87A
First flight Hatfield
British CofA issued De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney

Shipped to Australia

Assembled at Archerfield by Qantas Empire Airways for Royal Queensland Aero Club. Qantas had purchased the aircraft from De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd for resale to the aero club
QEA sent telegram to CAB advising that VH-UUD had been completed and testflown
Added to Civil Register VH-UUD Royal Queensland Aero Club, Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane Qld
Australian CofA issued
Department of Air, RAAF HQ file on availability of suitable civil aircraft for impressment for light communications duties includes Hornet Moths, but notes that they are two-seaters and the preference is for three-seaters. File includes inspection reports on some aircraft:
VH-UUD owner RQAeC, inspected by DCA aircraft inspector W. L. Ellis:
Total time 2163 hrs, Gipsy Major No.80261 1140 hrs. Aircraft condition fair to good.
Wings plywood leading edge lower mainplanes. Market value £875 to £900
CofA expired Archerfield, not renewed due to wartime restrictions on private flying,
stored for the duration
Stored dismantled at the home of aircraft engineer J. Campbell, Beaudesert Qld, along with Hornet Moth VH-UTE
CofA renewed Archerfield, returned to postwar Aero Club use
Annual CofA renewal completed at Archerfield. Also 26.4.49
Damaged in forced landing
Change of ownership: Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney
RQAeC's other Hornet Moth VH-AAV was sold to KSAS on the same date, both traded on new Austers from KSAS, which were Australian Auster dealers.
CofA expired
Struck-off Register in 1951 DCA Census of unairworthy aircraft
Restored to Register: Kingsford Smith Aviation Service Pty Ltd, Bankstown Airport, Sydney NSW
Testflown at Bankstown after overhaul by KSAS
CofA renewed
Change of ownership: M. P. Willsalen, "Dunolly", Harden NSW
Re-registered as VH-PMG Gordon Greig, Adamston NSW
Re-registered as VH-BMG Gordon Greig, Adamston NSW
Re-registered to allow Greig to use his preferred registration VH-PMG (his wife's initials) on an ex RNZAF Auster floatplane he had just imported from NZ
Pilot Charles Miller, then based in Darwin, when planning a visit to Sydney was asked by a Darwin group of four flying enthusiasts, to find an aircraft suitable for them to purchase.
Miller later wrote: "At Bankstown I came across a very neat cream-coloured tapered wing Hornet Moth in Wally James' hangar, awaiting a buyer. In those days, few aeroplanes were for sale and of these, the inevitable Tiger Moth predominated, with its speed and range, not to mention the lack of such luxuries as brakes. The Hornet however excelled in these areas while in addition offering the best-of-all features for its day, namely comfort.  In due course I purchased it on behalf of the Darwin boys and was type-endorsed by Keith Robey in preparation for the ferry flight to Darwin."
Change of ownership: A. Dan Sprigg & J. S. Kilworth, Police Station, Darwin NT
The group of four included three NT policemen, Danny Sprigg, Ivan Cuttler and J. Kilworth, and a non-flying member, Chinese businessman Arthur Fong.
Charlie Miller departed Bankstown in VH-BMG on delivery flight to Darwin. Due to poor weather, he stayed the first night at Parkes where Jack Hodder housed the Hornet in his hangar. Then night stopped at Broken Hill, Oodnadatta, Alice Springs then followed the highway to Darwin.
Charles Miller departed Darwin for a local flight with group member Arthur Fong. On landing at the abandoned Hunter's Homestead on the edge of Lake Finness, the left hand landing gear collapsed under the lower wing. There was no impact due to cushioning from the high grass.  They were located that night by a searching RAAF Lincoln from Darwin, and next morning two Darwin Aero Club Tiger Moths landed alongside.
Change of ownership: A. Dan Sprigg & I.N.Cutler, Police Station, Darwin NT
Change of ownership: Roy N. & K.D. Moffatt, Darwin NT
Re-registered VH-RKM
Veteran RAAF and airline pilot John Laming recalls an episode with VH-RKM, which his logbook says occurred on 16.10.60:
"In 1960 I was on detachment in Darwin as Pilot Instructor on RAAF Avro Lincolns and had a civilian instructor rating.  The Darwin Aero Club offered to check me out on their Hornet Moth so that in turn I could endorse their members on it.
It was unstable on the ground when the tail was down and easy to lose control. The instructor could not reach the throttle which was on the left seat door. The mag switches were behind the right seat.  I did a few circuits with my first student and he kept on landing on the left of the runway at Darwin. We did touch and gos. His last landing was also well to the left of the centreline and as he lowered the tail, I (somewhat foolishly in retrospect) reminded him to aim for centreline next time. He said sorry and before I could stop him he applied hard rudder to get to the centreline and lost control immediately.
There was nothing I could do once the ground loop started because I could not reach the throttle on his side. All I could do was try to prevent it with rudder and when that didn’t work, I groped for the mag switches behind my back and got them off.  We did a 720 degree graceful ground loop. It was a very wide runway at Darwin and we finally stopped still on the runway. The only damage was bits of fabric worn off awing tip.  I felt quite embarrassed to say the least.  I thought the Lincoln was safer to fly."
Change of ownership: Geoff K. Mathews, Base Radio Section, RAAF Darwin NT
Purchased at Camden NSW and flown to Darwin in 6 refuelling stops by Mathews
Sqn Ldr Geoff Mathews was transferred from RAAF Darwin to RAAF Butterworth, Malaysia. He recalls selling VH-BMG to a Dept of Works employee in Darwin
Change of ownership: K. M. Lethlean, Darwin NT
VH-RKM refuelled at Wagga NSW en route to Moorabbin then Bankstown, on a holiday flight from Darwin.
noted at Bankstown, silver with red trim
Damaged on landing Batchelor NT.  Ground-looped, causing minor damage to undercarriage and wings.  The aircraft was further damaged by vandals before it was collected and taken to Darwin by road.
Struck-off Register
VH-RKM noted on a farming property just south of Darwin: standing on its wheels with wings removed.  It had been stored here since being brought back by road from Batchelor. The stripped airframe of DH.87 VH-UYX was also in a shed on the property.
VH-RKM acquired by Cliff Douglas, Chewing Gum Field Air Museum, Tallebudgera Qld.
noted at CGFAM dismantled, unrestored. Also 23.4.80 unchanged.
Remained stored at the museum until 1987
Offered for sale by tender at the closing down sale of Chewing Gum Field Air Museum
Purchased as restoration project by Russell K. Brodie, Rangitata Island, Temuka NZ
Stored on Brodie's airfield at Rangitata Island NZ pending restoration
Period registration ZK-APR reserved for Russell Brodie for the rebuild

Russell Brodie operates as De Havillands Over New Zealand Aviation Collection,
Rangitata Island Airport.
Advertises a Tiger Moth and Hornet Moths under restoration, plus other DH memorabilia

                        Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane in 1936 with Royal Queensland Aero Club coat of arms on the rudder. 
                                       Photo: Reddall collection, courtesy Aviation Historical Society of Australia NSW Branch

                        Archerfield 1947, back in Royal Queensland Aero Club service after wartime storage.        Photo by Ed Coates

                        Bankstown in 1955 at the Kingsford Smith Aviation Services hangar, with RAAF disposals Airspeed Oxfords
                        which KSAS planned to market at Consuls, but DCA refused civil certification.        John Hopton Collection

Now reregistered VH-BMG, seen visiting Bathurst Island NT in the late 1950s.                 Photo courtesy John Inger

Now VH-RKM, seen at Wagga NSW in September 1965 on a long holiday flight from its Darwin base to the
southern states, one of the few Hornet Moths to retain the DH.87A tapered wings.         Photo by Bob Neate

                        At Bankstown Airport, Sydney on the same holiday flight in September 1965.            Photo by Geoff Goodall

                         Stored damaged on farm near Darwin NT in October 1967.                                    Photo by Peter F. Limon

VH-RKM in storage in Australia prior to moving to New Zealand.              Classic Wings magazine

                           C/n 8041           DH.87A                                                                                                          VH-UUW   
Civil Aviation Branch allocated registration VH-UUW to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney for a Hornet Moth to be imported
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87A
First flight at Hatfield
British CofA issued VH-UUW: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW

Shipped to Australia

Assembled at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney by DHA
Testflown Mascot after assembly
Added to Civil Register VH-UUW: E. MacArthur Onslow, Camden NSW
Australian CofA issued
Change of ownership: C. J. Chesterfield & J. T. B. Jenkins, Grafton NSW
Chesterfield & Jenkins was an engineering company at Grafton
DCA memo: UUW is regular visitor to Mascot and Archerfield
Damaged undercarriage during a night landing at Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane Qld, pilot Chesterfield
CofA expired
CofA renewed at Archerfield Qld
Letter to DCA from J.H. Boden trading as Boden Air Transport, Broken Hill NSW:
he wishes to use DH.87A VH-UUW for ambulance work. He recently saw the stretcher installation in Dr. Young's DH.87 at Marshall Airways at Mascot. Mr. Porter of Temora will purchase the aircraft and make it available to Bowden. Requests fuel ration for a ferry flight from Archerfield to Broken Hill.
Joe Bowden departed Archerfield in UUW for Broken Hill. Engine trouble caused him to land at Orange NSW enroute, and send the aircraft to Broken Hill by railway. He will overhaul the engine in his workshop at Broken Hill where he is at present carrying out an overhaul of his Percival Gull VH-UQW.
Change of ownership: William J. Porter, Temora NSW
Porter was a stock and station agent at Temora who also owned a Hillson Praga
VH-UUW now based at Temora flown by Porter. Bowden is no longer associated with the aircraft.
DCA memo:  Investigation finds that routine maintenance on UUW is carried out for Porter by ground crew of No.10 EFTS at RAAF Temora.  DCA considered this arrangement to be unsatisfactory due the RAAF men not holding civil ground engineer licences.
Annual CofA renewal, owner W. J. Porter
Change of ownership: Royal Aero Club of NSW, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney, later Bankstown Aerodrome, Sydney
Annual CofA renewal at Mascot
Annual CofA renewal at Bankstown. Also 9.1.52, 14.5.53
Change of ownership: Aubrey J. R. Oates, Sydney NSW
Departed Bankstown as entrant in the REDeX Air Reliability Trial to Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Bankstown, entered and flown by Aubrey "Titus" Oates. At the finish back in Sydney, Oates was placed Second in the overall scores but lost the position on appeal.
Change of ownership: Gordon F. Lynam, Hughenden Qld
Crashed on "Branga Downs" Station, Corfield Qld.
Ran through a stockyard fence, pilot Gordon Lynam. Because of a severe storm approaching, the damaged aircraft was hurriedly moved by truck to a shearing shed at the "Brange Downs" homestead, but fuselage was broken during the move.
Damaged aircraft sold for £50 to Fred Bird, an experienced aircraft engineer who had set up business on a cattle station at Richmond Qld to provide maintenance for outback Queensland aircraft. Moved by road to Ennis Downs Station.
Change of ownership: Fred L. Bird c/- Ennis Downs Aviation, "Ennis Downs" Station, Richmond Qld

Bird carried out some initial airframe repair work, and used the engine for an Auster.

Incomplete damaged airframe sold by Bird for £10 to Selwyn Smith, "Olive Downs" Station, Maxwelton Qld

Smith broke the airframe down to parts. The woodwork of the fuselage was by now rotten.
Struck-off Civil Register

The remaining parts of UUW were collected from "Olive Downs", Maxwelton by
Greg and Nick Challinor t/a Mothcair, Murwillumbah NSW.  Selwyn Smith had sold the property and parts were found scattered on three rubbish heaps on the property

Purchased as restoration project by Russell K. Brodie, Rangitata Island, Temuka NZ
Remains of DH.87s VH-UUD & UUW were stored dismantled on Brodie's property at Rangitata Island NZ, pending restoration
Period registration ZK-AUR reserved by Brodie for rebuild

Close-up from a group picture of the Royal Aero Club of NSW fleet at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney in 1948.
    Club colours at the time were orange and navy blue.                         Photo: The Collection p1234-1621

DH.87A VH-UUW heads a line of Royal Aero Club of NSW aircraft visiting Broken Hill NSW in the late 1940s
Photo: The Collection pdisp-0021

Posed publicity photograph for VH-UUW's sponsors in the 1954 REDeX Air Trial around Australia.
Photo: Nigel Daw collection

                          C/n 8078           DH.87B                                                                                           VH-UUX   
6.9.35Civil Aviation Branch allocated registration VH-UUX to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney for a Hornet Moth to be imported
27.3.36Construction completed by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B
28.3.36British CofA issued as VH-UUX: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW

Shipped to Australia

Assembled at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney by DHA
4.6.36Testflown Mascot after assembly, pilot J. F. Kerr.  Airframe time: 1 hr 55 mins
8.6.36Added to Civil Register VH-UUX: Royal Aero Club of NSW, Mascot Aerodrome,
Sydney NSW
8.6.36Australian CofA issued

Aero Club named the aircraft "J.J. Rouse III"
5.6.38Forced landing in a swamp a half mile west of Mascot aerodrome due engine failure.
Pilot H. F. Smales. Airframe time 860 hours
21.2.40Aero Club letter to DCA advising:
"Mr. L. M. Wilson, "Malboona", Mudgee NSW will purchase UUX from a patiotic point of view in order that we might purchase another more important training type aircraft with the proceeds of the sale. He has agreed to let the club have full use of UUX for the duration of the war.  UUX will remain based at Mascot."
24.2.40Change of ownership: Leslie M. Wilson, Mudgee NSW. Operated by RAeCNSW
3.40Repairs by aero club on rear fuselage and tailplane, possibly caused by unauthorised aerobatics.
24.7.42CofA expired at Mascot
24.11.42CofA renewed at Mascot for standard 12 months period
23.11.43CofA expired. DCA agreed to the Aero Club's request for a one month extension due to the aircraft's use on Army cooperation flying
22.12.43CofA expired at Mascot
30.10.44CofA renewed Mascot
29.7.46Change of ownership: Royal Aero Club of NSW, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney NSW
4.4.47Annual CofA renewal at Mascot. Also 5.6.48, 8.8.49
28.7.50Change of address: Royal Aero Club of NSW, Bankstown Aerodrome, Sydney NSW
7.8.50CofA expired, not renewed
6.8.51Struck-off Register in 1951 DCA Census of unairworthy aircraft
Restored to Register: N. Macarthur-Onslow, "Camden Park", Menangle NSW
Change of ownership: Joseph H. Bowden, Sydney NSW
Change of ownership: J. Clark, Sydney NSW
VH-UUX noted at Bankstown, all silver
Change of ownership: B and C Transport Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW
Change of ownership: Warwick Aero Club, Warwick Qld
Destroyed in hangar fire at Toowoomba Qld
Fire gutted the Darling Downs Aero Club hangar at Toowoomba Airport. Also destroyed were Tiger Moths VH-BPI & VH-WPM and Chipmunk VH-DDO.

VH-UUX with Royal Aero Club of NSW wings painted on the rudder, at the club's Mascot hangar 1936.
Photo: Reddall collection via AHSA NSW Branch

Mascot 1948 wearing the post-war Royal Aero Club of NSW colour scheme of orange and navy blue. 
Photo: The Collection p1234-1621

Camden NSW circa 1955 in all silver finish.                                                  Photo by Eddie Coates

                               C/n 8077     DH.87B                                                                                                    VH-UVV   
Civil Aviation Branch allocated registration VH-UVV to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney for a Hornet Moth to be imported
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B
First flight at Hatfield
British ofA issued VH-UVV: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW

Shipped to Australia

Assembled at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney by DHA
Testflown Mascot after assembly
CAB Aircraft Inspection Report at Mascot after assembly
Added to Civil Register VH-UVV: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney NSW
Australian CofA issued
Change of ownership: Roberta A. Robertson c/- H. Dawson & Sons Co Ltd, Sydney
Damaged when swung on landing at Warren NSW, pilot Roberta Robertson
Change of ownership: Richard T. Perry & Sidney Austin, Narromine NSW
CAB Inspection report at Narromine. Maintained in good condition. Also 1.6.38
Change of ownership: Sidney Austin, "Wambianna" Station,Trangie NSW
Annual CofA renewal at Mascot. Also 15.9.39
Hired to Richard N. Mears, Sydney
Owner Sidney Austin is now in RAAF, wrote to DCA requesting approval to sell UVV under wartime restrictions on operation of civil aircraft
Change of ownership: William Crouch, "Killowen" Station, Cunnamulla Qld
Departed De Havilland hangar at Mascot on delivery flight to Cunnamulla, pilot Mr. Grant
CofA expired. Parked in hangar at Cunnamulla, owner will not fly it out for CofA renewal because it is not needed due to the current drought
DCA approved a ferry from Cunnamulla to Sydney for CofA renewal inspection by Butler Air Transport
CofA renewed at Mascot
Arthur Butler's logbook: local flight Mascot in VH-UVV
CofA expired. Crouch wrote an emotive letter to DCA saying he was not prepared to face the cost of flying it the great distance from Cunamulla to Sydney again when the aircraft is in good condition.
A sympathetic DCA response agreed to extend the CofA until 16.3.42.
CofA expired, not renewed
By now UVV has been hired to US Air Forces in Australia Engineering Headquarters. Aircraft was painted in camouflage.
UVV now back at Cunnamulla at end of charter
DCA letter to Crouch asking why the aircraft was being flown after the CofA had expired. He replied saying it was the responsibility of USAFIA
DCA investigation by DCA reveals that several months earlier USAFIA had contacted the Department asking if any aircraft in the Cunnamulla district were available for charter for a short period to Quilpie Qld, and VH-UVV had been among the aircraft suggested they contact.  DCA dropped the matter.
Crouch wrote to DCA asking if the CofA renewal inspection could be carried out by USAAF ground mechanics stationed in the Cunnamulla area. DCA refused, quoting the regulations which require maintenance by engineers holding Australian licences.
Ferried from Cunnamulla to Sydney for CofA renewal by Butler Air Transport
CofA renewed at Mascot
CofA renewed at Cunnamulla
CofA renewed at Cunnamulla by Sid Marshall of Marshall Airways, Mascot who visited Cunnamulla to work on locally based aircraft. Others including DH.85 Leopard Moths VH-UUE & -UVF.
CofA renewed at Cunnamulla
CofA expired after short-term extension granted by DCA
Struck-off Register by DCA
Crouch wrote to DCA saying he wanted to have the CofA renewal inspection carried out but the workshops he had contacted were too busy
Restored to Register: Royal Queensland Aero Club, Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane
CofA renewed at Archerfield. Also 26.9.49
Change of ownership: Casino Aero Club, Casino NSW.  Name Miss Casino
noted at Brisbane-Eagle Farm Airport, painted in a Piper Tripacer style scheme
noted at Bankstown airshow, static display, Tripacer style scheme
Change of ownership: Televendors Pty Ltd, Newcastle NSW
visited Tamworth NSW airshow
noted at Broadmeadow airfield, Newcastle NSW, same Piper Tripacer style scheme
Badly damaged landing near Lightning Ridge NSW.
DCA accident report: "During a precautionary landing on a country road in conditions of failing daylight, the wingtip struck a post causing the aircraft to swing and run into a ditch and the undercarriage to collapse."
It is reported that the pilot vacated the damaged aircraft urgently because he was carrying a box of gelignite under the pilot seat.
Struck-off Register

Wreck was sold to several owners for planned rebuilds
VH-UVV noted West Maitland aerodrome, stored dismantled in a small hangar, with
Wreck of UVV noted at West Maitland aerodrome, loaded on a trailer
Rebuilt by Royal Newcastle Aero Club under chief engineer Lance Fletcher at West Maitland NSW for owner Neil Cottee. Finished with razorback fabric, painted blue and gold. Fitted with starter, ADF, VOR and an APU plug.
Restored to Register: Neil B. Cottee Pty Ltd, Old Bowral Airfield, Glenquarry NSW
noted at Old Bowral NSW, excellent condition.
visited West Maitland NSW airshow
noted at Old Bowral NSW, flying in formation with Hornet Moth VH-UTE
noted at Old Bowral NSW, flying. Blue and gold paint, "Neil B. Cottee" on cabin door
noted at Old Bowral fly-in, flying, pilot Neil Cottee
carried dismantled with 9 other Australian vintage or home-built aircraft on board a Qantas B747 The Oshkosh Express which flew Sydney nonstop to Milwaukee WI with 260 aviation enthusiast passengers. The aircraft were assembled at Milwaukee then flown to Oshkosh, where Neil Cottee flew VH-UVV during the flying displays. Airfreighted back to Sydney.
Change of ownership: Ken E. Orrman, Shepparton Vic
noted at Shepparton, pale blue and gold
Change of ownership: Richard Cavill / Cavill Power Products Pty Ltd/ SAATAS Pty Ltd, Adelaide-Parafield Airport SA
noted at Parafield, blue & gold. Based here.
noted at Parafield, flying, blue with gold trim
visited airshow at Rowlands Flat SA, same blue and gold paint scheme
noted flying at Parafield, same paint scheme


Newly-built VH-UVV at Mascot in 1936.                                                               Frank Walters collection

Visiting Casino NSW in 1948, with Royal Queensland Aero Club rudder stripes and badge on the cabin door.
Photo: Geoff Goodall collection

November 1953, now owned by the Casino Aero Club.  VH-UVV was trailing a black ribbon from a wing strut
 for a fly-past over the funeral of former Club President Dr. W.K. Hume.                Alan J. Sheppard collection

The Casino Aero Club later had VH-UVV repainted in a Piper TriPacer scheme.
Photographed at Eagle Farm Airport, Brisbane in April 1959 by Norm Weeding

VH-UVV visiting West Maitland NSW in May 1980 following its rebuild for Neil B. Cottee, whose name was
                           painted in gold on the cabin door.                                                                      Photo: Nigel Daw collection                                             

Parafield SA March 2010 in the same paint scheme, still flying.                              Photo by Nigel Daw

                            C/n 8110           DH.87B                                                                                          VH-UXO, VH-UXC     

Fuselage built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B

Shipped to Australia as metal fuselage frame, engine and accessories.

Wooden wings, aelerons, flaps, tailplane fin and rudder constructed at Mascot by
De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd
Delivery note for DH.87B 8110 from De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Hatfield to
De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW
Assembly completed at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney by De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd
CAB Aircraft Inspection report of assembled aircraft
testflown at Mascot
Application for Registration: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW
Added to Register VH-UXO Bonds Airways Ltd, Adelaide SA c/- A. G. Bond
Based at Parafield aerodrome, Adelaide, flown by A.G. Bond for private use.
Bond  operated a bus line Bond's Australian Scenic Motor Tours, Adelaide.
Australian CofA issued
Pilot log book: VH-UXO Parafield local flight, pilot Cyril Kleinig of MMA
Seat-belts installed at Parafield by engineer Cyril Kleinig of MMA
Wings removed and sent away for repair
UXO back in service. Departed that day from Parafield to Alice Springs NT
Badly damaged while parked at Parafield when struck by MMA Cessna C37 VH-UZU owned by MMA. The Cessna had been left with engine idling by MMA pilot Cyril Kleinig but it jumped its chocks and rolled forward into the Hornet Moth. Quickly repaired.
Bond wrote to DCA advising that VH-UXO had been traded as a deposit on a new
Fairchild 24R VH-ACW from Fairchild dealer Wallace Shrimpton, Sydney
Change of ownership: Wallace Shrimpton, Mascot Aerodrome. Sydney NSW
Shrimpton applied to DCA under wartime civil aviation restrictions to sell UXO to
Mr. H. Schulz of Henty NSW. Approved.
Damaged in forced landing near Beveridge NSW. Pilot Shrimpton made forced landing after engine failure, and deliberately ground-looped to avoid striking a house, undercarriage collapsed. Probably on delivery flight from Mascot to Schulz
Damaged DH.87 moved by road to Essendon Aerodrome, Melbourne for repair by Ansett Airways Ltd
Change of ownership: H. T. Schulz, "Pinegrove", Henty NSW
Airframe repaired at Essendon, waiting on a new undercarriage set
CofA renewed after repair completed at Essendon
Crashed on takeoff Burrumbuttock NSW after engine failed just after becoming airborne. Pilot Wallace Shrimpton. Probably on delivery flight from Essendon to Schulz
Damaged aircraft returned by road to Essendon for repair by Ansett Airways Ltd
CofA renewed after repair completed at Essendon
CofA expired. Aircraft was in the Ansett Airways hangar at Essendon
CofA renewed at Essendon. Based at Henty NSW
CofA expired. Stored in hangar at "Pinegrove", Henty NSW. Owner is engaged on defence work and CofA will not be renewed. The aircraft is painted in camouflage as per DCA instructions to airworthy civil aircraft
Schulz writes to DCA requesting approval to ferry UXO from "Pinegrove" Henty where it has been stored for the past year, to Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney. It will have its CofA renewed at Mascot and will be sold to Mr. J. Plummer. Approved by DCA.
Change of ownership: J. L. J. Plummer, Sydney NSW
DCA memo: UXO is at Mascot under inspection for CofA renewal
CofA renewed at Mascot
Lt. Plummer of Australian Army requested a petrol ration to use his DH.87 VH-UXO in conjunction with the Sydney Anti-Aircraft Group. Mr. James Madsen is also flying his Genairco VH-UOD as a target aircraft for anti aircraft gunnery training
Plummer applied to DCA for approval under wartime restrictions to sell UXO to
Doctor G. L. Young of Katoomba NSW. Approved.
Change of ownership: Dr. Geoffrey Young, Katoomba NSW, later Forbes NSW

Dr. Young proposed establishing a flying medical practice in western NSW in conjunction with the Flying Doctor Service of Australia, to be financed by the NSW State Government. His one-man operation was started later that year based at Forbes NSW
Stretcher installed in UXO by Sid Marshall of Marshall Airways, Mascot
UXO flown at Forbes with a patient weighing 80 Kilograms on the stretcher. Aircraft performance was considered satisfactory.
Report: Dr. Young bases his aircraft DH.87B VH-UXO, Waco VH-UYD and Aeronca VH-ACY at Forbes, conducting medical clinic runs and emergency ambulance flights
Change of ownership: Keith Leahy, "Manna Park", Condobolin NSW
Struck-off Register as withdrawn from service effective 9.2.51
Restored to Register: Keith Leahy, Sydney NSW
Change of ownership: Thomas D. McCarthy, "Merrigina", Goodooga NSW
Change of ownership: Cliff H. Parsons, St George Qld
Change of ownership: Allyen E. McDonald & William Taylor, Nyngan NSW.
Traded as Central Western Aviation Service, Nyngan NSW
Change of ownership: Miss Dorothy J. Moxham, " Mullengudgery" Station,
Mullengudgery NSW
Change of owner's name (due marriage): Mrs. J. Russ. Mullengudgery NSW
Change of ownership: Ron Muir Cars Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW
Struck-off Register as withdrawn from service
Advertised for sale by A.R.Mackie, Wentworthville, Sydney
Restored to Register: Alex R. Mackie, Sydney NSW
noted at West Maitland-Rutherford NSW, having maintenance
Restored to Register: W. Winch, Tamworth NSW
Change of ownership: Jeff Williams, Sydney NSW
noted at Camden Aerodrome, south of Sydney. In good condition, yellow and red with blue trim, based here owned by Jeff and Ross Williams. It has just had its CofA renewed and engine had 1000 hours to run
noted at Camden NSW, also 24.10.65
Change of ownership: R. M. & B. L. Marshall, Sydney NSW
Marshall was working at Port Hedland WA
flew Balladonia-Norseman WA on ferry flight from Sydney to Port Hedland
flew Meekatharaa-Wittenoom-Dampier WA on ferry to Port Hedland

Based at Port Hedland WA, parked in the open in extreme heat
noted at Port Hedland, parked in open with wings folded, poor condition
Purchased in derelict condition by Ken Weaver, Perth WA. 
Weaver was a LAME in Perth and planned to restore the aircraft. UXO was moved by road transport from Port Hedland to Jandakot Airport, Perth WA
noted at Jandakot, parked in open, missing rudder, prop and engine parts
Unmoved at Jandakot, missing rudder, prop and engine parts. No change on 31.3.67
Purchased from Weaver by R. Turner, Perth, a retired British aircraft engineer with experience on the DH.87 type who planned to undertake a restoration to fly
Moved by road from Jandakot to Turner's house at 122 The Esplanade, Scarborough, Perth. Work commenced on applying new fabric on the fuselage, doped in red.
Restoration abandoned for unstated reasons
Civil Register Change of ownership date to R.Turner, Perth WA
Change of ownership: Darrel J. Dunkley, Capel WA
Hornet Moth was dismantled and only partly restored. Purchased mainly for the DH. Gipsy Major engine, which Dunkley intended to fit to his Auster J.5 Adventurer VH-KBM.
UXO noted dismantled in the wartime blast-proof hangar at Busselton WA.
Fuselage fabric replaced and red-doped, general airframe condition poor. Unrestored wings stacked alongside. No change by 5.4.70
Struck-off Register as withdrawn from service
UXO noted dismantled in a hangar on Dunkley's farm near Capel WA.
No work had been carried out on the airframe, poor condition.
Now owned by partnership which included J. S. Hockin, Perth and aviation ground engineer Bernard Baldwin t/a Bernies Aviation, Jandakot Airport, Perth
Stored in a shed in the Perth suburb of Myaree pending restoration for the owners by aircraft woodwork specialist Don Cope
Fuselage moved by road from Myaree to Jandakot Airport for some work in Bernies Aviation hangar. Moved out of the hangar a few weeks later.
Don Cope letter 6.78 says his current main priority is restoring Hornet Moth VH-UXO for owners Hockin Trust and Bernie Baldwin, which has 4 to 5 months to go before completion. Cope is also working on his Proctor VH-BLC and Auster VH-UEA, in addition to Comper Swift VH-ACG.
Fuselage stored in a hangar in the private hangar rows at Jandakot.
Now owned by Michael W. Hockin, Brisbane Qld.  Over a period of time he bought out the other partners to gain ownership of VH-UXO. The aircraft has been moved to Brisbane where it is currently stored.  He has been acquiring parts for the Hornet Moth and plans to soon complete the restoration to airworthy at Caboolture. Mike also owns DHC-1 Chipmunk VH-BBK
Restored to Civil Register as VH-UXC: Michael W. Hockin, Brsubane Qld.
Restoration project now in a hangar at Caboolture Qld

VH-UXO in South Australia circa 1938 with Bonds Airways                                     Geoff Goodall collection

Circa 1960, looking tired after numerous owners, location probably Rutherford NSW.     Nigel Daw Collection

Camden NSW in  May 1965 after an overhaul and repaint.                                      Photo by Michael Croker

Weathered and flat tyres at Jandakot WA in March 1967, after being moved by road from Port Hedland WA
Photo by Lindsay Nothrop

VH-UXO stored at Busselton WA in April 1970, red-doped fuselage fabric.             Photo by Geoff Goodall

VH-UXC's fuselage in a hangar at Caboolture Qld in January 2020.                     Photo by Ian McDonell

                            C/n 8111           DH.87B                                                                                                VH-UYO   
Fuselage built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B

Shipped to Australia as metal fuselage, engine and accessories.

Wooden wings, ailerons, flaps, tailplane fin and rudder constructed at Mascot by
De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd
Construction completed at Mascot by DHA
First flight Mascot by Allan Murray Jones of DHA
Added to Register VH-UYO: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney 
CofA issued
Change of ownership: Miss Nancy Lyle, Melbourne Vic
Testflown Essendon by Nancy Lyle after annual CofA renewal inspection
DCA inspection report at Essendon, good condition. Total time 184 hrs
Testflown Essendon by Nancy Lyle after annual CofA renewal. Also 28.5.40
Testflown Essendon by Nancy Lyle after annual CofA renewal by Ansett Airways.
Total airframe time 378 hrs
DCA memo: VH-UYO has been painted in camouflage as required for civil aircraft and is based at Coode Island aerodrome, Melbourne
Nancy Lyle was flying Army personnel in her Hornet Moth to test the effectiveness of camouflage. When at Essendon it was maintained by DCA engineer Harry Moss
Annual CofA renewal at Essendon
minor damage to port lower wingtip while taxying at Coode Island Vic
CofA lapsed, parked in hangar at Essendon
Change of ownership: Miss Freda Thompson, Melbourne Vic
Photo at Essendon shows name Christopher Robin on the engine cowling
noted at Moorabbin in hangar
Change of ownership: Charles H. Sears, Deepdene Vic
noted at Moorabbin, silver and white, flying, named Christopher Robin.  Also 9.7.61
Change of ownership: Allan P. Mahoney and J. Casey, Melboune Vic

Mahoney was Managing Director of Bee Aircraft Ltd, Moorabbin Vic which was promoting Australian development of Benson design gyrocopters.
Departed Brisbane-Archerfield as race #12 in R. M. Ansett Air Race, entered and flown by A. P. Mahoney. Finished the race at Adelaide-Parafield 31.3.64
Crashed destroyed at Cardigan Vic, near Ballarat. 
Pilot/owner A. Mahoney and his passenger were killed and aircraft destroyed by fire on impact. They had departed Moorabbin for Ballarat and descended to low altitude due cloud and rain, while attempting to sight Ballarat aerodrome.
DCA accident report summary: "The pilot, who was not qualified for instrument flight, attempted to find his destination in low cloud and rain, but the aircraft flew into level ground"

Moorabbin March 1961, name "Christopher Robin" on the engine cowling.        The Collection p1234-1340

VH-UYO arrives at Parafield SA on 31 March 1964, at the finish of the 3 day Ansett Air Race from Brisbane.   
It was destroyed in a crash only three months later.                                                Photo by Geoff Goodall

                            C/n 8019          DH.87A, to DH.87B                                                                            VH-AAV
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87A
Registered G-ADKF: Arthur G. N. Wynne-Eyton, Heston Airport
First flight Hatfield
British CofA issued as DH.87A
Sold to Royal Queensland Aero Club, Brisbane Australia

Shipped to Australia
Under assembly at Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane by Royal Queensland Aero Club
Test flown Archerfield after assembly, pilot G. Brunchkhurst. Airframe time 81 hrs.
DCA inspection report states "fitted with DH.87B square wings"
Australian CofA issued as DH.87B
Added to Register VH-AAV: Royal Queensland Aero Club, Archerfield Aerodrome,
Brisbane Qld
Structural damage to port elevator and rear fuselage due violent recovery from a spin at Townsville Qld by RQAeC instructor N. Blight.  Repaired at Townsville.
Test flight at Archerfield after annual CofA renewal, pilot Brunch
Undercarriage damaged at "Biddenham" Station near Augathella Qld, pilot L.D.Winten.
Repairs were completed on 26.5.39
Test flight at Archerfield after annual CofA renewal, pilot Brunch
Dept of Air, RAAF HQ file on availability of suitable civil aircraft for impressment by RAAF for light communications duties includes Hornet Moths, but notes that they are 2 seaters and the preference is for 3 seaters. Includes inspection reports on some aircraft:
VH-AAV owner RQAeC, inspected by DCA aircraft inspector W. L. Ellis:
Total time 1871 hrs, Gipsy Major No.8211 1919 hrs. Aircraft condition good. Market value £875 to £900
CofA expired, stored at Archerfield. CofA renewal will not be carried out at this time because the Royal Queensland Aero Club staff are fully occupied servicing aircraft for RAAF
CofA renewed at Archerfield
CofA expired
RQAeC request DCA approval for Mr. Henderson to fly VH-AAV from Beaudesert Qld to Archerfield then to western Queensland on an important charter from the Department of Interior carrying a passenger for the Allied Works Council.
DCA extend CofA until 14.9.42 and grant a 50 gallon fuel ration.
CofA renewed at Archerfield after CofA overhaul by Qantas Empire Airways
Minor damage to prop and wing when low flying along a beach at Southport Qld
RQAeC request to use VH-AAV for ab-initio pilot training for Mr.E.N.Davis.
DCA agree subject to installation of dual flying controls and dual throttle controls
Annual CofA renewed at Archerfield. Also 25.10.46, 25.10.47, 15.12.48
CofA expired
Change of ownership: Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney

RQAeC's other Hornet Moth VH-UUD was sold to KSAS on the same date, both traded on new Austers from KSAS who were Australian Auster dealers
CofA renewed at Bankstown Aerodrome, Sydney for 12 months.
(KSAS had moved its base from Mascot to Bankstown)
Change of ownership: Lloyd K. Hamblin, Melbourne Vic
Change of ownership: Eric E. Condon, Wagga NSW t/a Wagga Flying School
CofA renewed at Bankstown for 12 months
Damaged landing at Canberra Airport due starboard brake jammed.  The port wing, undercarriage and propeller were damaged. Pilot A.Sidthorpe
CofA renewed at Wagga NSW after repair, for 12 months
Change of ownership: D. G. Condon, Wagga NSW
Crashed at Hughenden Qld. Struck a fence during a go-around from a landing approach, badly damaged. No injuries.
Struck-off Register

Parts of VH-AAV were held by John Ford who owned DH.87B VH-ABO. These parts were sold with ABO to Geoff Mathews, Werribee Vic in 10.73

Archerfield Qld 1939 with Royal Queensland Aero Club rudder stripes.                           Photo: The Collection

                          C/n 8139         DH.87B                                                                                                     VH-UYX
37Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87A
27.9.37British CofA issued VH-UYX: De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW

Shipped to Australia

Assembled by De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd at Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney
19.11.37Testflown at Mascot after assembly
23.11.37Added to Register VH-UYX:  Newcastle Aero Club, Broadmeadow airfield,
Newcastle NSW
23.11.37Australian CofA issued

Based at Broadmeadow airfield, Newcastle, used for hire as a touring aircraft
7.40Dept of Air, RAAF HQ file on availability of suitable civil aircraft for impressment by RAAF for light communications duties includes Hornet Moths, but notes that they are 2 seaters and the preference is for 3 seaters. Includes inspection reports on some aircraft:
VH-UUD owner Newcastle Aero Club. At the time that the NAC fleet was inspected by DCA aircraft inspector W. L. Ellis, UUD was advised as being away in Darwin.
23.12.41CofA expired, not renewed. Stored at Newcastle due to the club's workshop staff being fully engaged in overhaul and repair work for RAAF

Stored Newcastle for the duration of WWII
14.8.45Letter to DCA from Newcastle Aero Club: "This aircraft has been in store from some time and was recently returned to the Club's hangar for inspection for CofA renewal."
5.10.45 CofA renewed at Broadmeadow NSW
27.3.47Casino Aero Club pilot Milty Sheppard pilot Log book: local flights at Casino NSW in UYX from 27.3.47 until 20.4.47.

At that time Newcastle Aero Club was the largest aero club in Australia, often basing its aircraft and instructors at country towns across northern NSW.
19.2.49Crashed on takeoff Casino NSW. Stalled after takeoff, spun in, two on board injured
Struck-off Register. Newcastle Aero Club do not intend rebuilding the aircraft
Registration application: Jack Neal, Tamworth NSW
REstored to Register as VH-UYX
CofA renewed after rebuild
Jack Neal entered VH-UYX in the 1954 REDeX Air Reliability Trial around Australia
Undercarriage damaged during landing at Broadmeadow aerodrome, Newcastle, pilot Jack Neal and passenger Rex Hall were unhurt. Repairs were rushed to enable them to check in with REDeX Air Trial officials at Bankstown by the deadline of noon next day.
Departed Bankstown in the REDeX Air Reliability Trial. Route via Brisbane, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Wagga, Bankstown, flown by Jack Neal and navigator Rex Hall
Change of ownership: H and S Credits Pty Ltd, Sydney NSW
Damaged on landing at Darwin NT.
DCA accident report: "During conversion training on to type the instructor failed to assist the pupil to correct a swing during the landing run and the aircraft executed a ground loop collapsing the undercarriage."
UYX noted at Darwin, reportedly operated by North Australian Developments, in a hangar with undercarriage removed, painted cream.
Struck-off Register
The stripped airframe of VH-UYX noted stored on a farm just south of Darwin, along with DH.87A VH-RKM which had been damaged in a groundloop.
By now RKM & UYX acquired by Russell K. Brodie, Rangitata Island NZ
Both Stored at Brodie's property, Rangitata Island NZ as a restoration project

No recent reports

VH-UYX looking brand new, soon after delivery to Newcastle Aero Club in 1937.       Frank Walters collection

Bankstown circa 1954 following a complete rebuild                                                           Photo by Eddie Coates

                            C/n 8014          DH.87A, to DH.87B                                                                                     VH-ABO
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87A
Registered G-ADKT Brooklands Aviation Ltd, Hounslow
First flight at Hatfield, 25 minutes, pilot Geoffrey De Havilland
British CofA issued
early 36
Flown to Hatfield where De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd changed the wings to the DH.87B squared design. This change was offered to owners by the manufacturers.
Type re-designated DH.87B
Change of ownership: Air Hire Ltd, Heston Airport, Middlesex
Struck-off British Register as sold to Australia

Robert O. Giles, Manager of Royal Aero Club of WA for many years wrote in his book Wings in the West that by 1937 the Club had an urgent need for 4 more Moths, which had ceased production and available second-hand examples were hard to find.
"In England Club President Mervyn Bay reported no Gipsy Moths available, no Tiger Moths for some time to come, but the latest in cabin luxury for the private pilot, a DH87 Hornet Moth offering 110mph for five hours range. The Hornet Moth would provide for much solo flying at Maylands and so release a Gipsy Moth for training. 
The Hornet was bought to arrive in December.
The Hornet carried two occupants on deeply upholstered armchairs, with a throw-over yoke for dual control. With a Gipsy Major engine, requiring only complete overhaul at 1,000 hours and a 40 gallon fuel tank, its range covered Albany, Kalgoorlie, Wiluna or Geraldton without landing. It was fitted with wheel brakes, air brakes and a tail wheel. The purpose  of the air brake was to steepen the glide to avoid  overshooting in small fields. Its only drawback was a rather gymnastic entry to avoid knocking one's hat off on the upper mainplane."
DCA allocated registration VH-ABO to Hornet Moth for Aero Club of WA
Unloaded from cargo ship Zealandic at the port of Fremantle, Perth WA. Packed in two crates which were moved by road to Maylands Aerodrome the same day.
Assembled in Airlines (WA) Ltd hangar at Maylands by aero club staff. Press photo shows it under assembly, still painted as G-ADKT and fitted with DH.87B squared wings.
Airframe total time on arrival from England was 680 hrs
Testflown Maylands by Aero Club instructor K. W. Steele
Named Guyalla in ceremony at Maylands
Registered VH-ABO: Royal Aero Club of WA Inc, Maylands Aerodrome, Perth WA
Airframe log book shows VH-ABO was flown regularly from 3.38 to 1.40, including periods when it flew almost every day
Overturned during forced landing in heavy rain at an emergency landing ground at Mogumber WA
Flown from Perth to Carnarvon WA. pilot J. G. Money
Crashed during landing at Pingelly WA when stalled from fifty feet, badly damaged
Wreck returned to Maylands where stored by Aero Club pending advice on whether it was to be impressed by RAAF. An impressment requisition was not issued, but rebuild was not commenced due to the wartime restrictions on civil flying.
RAAF Officer Commanding, Western Area (Group Captain H. F. Delarue) wrote to RAAF HQ outlining the need for communication aircraft to cover large distances in Western Australia. He suggested that a solution could be found by the supply of a "light aircraft, preferably three passenger type, with a range of 350-400 miles at least, and a reasonable cruising speed."  He recommended that an aircraft of this type be acquired and allotted to Western Area, and suggested (as one of three alternates) "A Hornet Moth (2 passenger, cabin, side by side) belonging to W.A. Aero Club.  Range 500 miles."
RAAF HQ reply: "Please advise whether you consider the D.H. Hornet Moth belonging to Western Australian Aero Club satisfactory for your purposes.  If so, please forward full particulars, registration, lettering, hours flown, speed and general condition also some idea of the value."
Memo to RAAF HQ from Western Area: "inquiry has revealed that the D.H. Hornet Moth referred to has been crashed, extensively damaged, and repairs have not been commenced.  In any case it was only mentioned as a possible alternative to a three seat aircraft."
No further RAAF interest in impressing VH-ABO or any other civil Hornet Moths.
VH-ABO was stored damaged at Maylands Aerodrome during the war, when civil flying training had ceased due fuel rationing
Aero Club internal report: the club is expecting to take delivery of a number of Tiger Moths from RAAF disposals and will then make decision on rebuilding VH-ABO
Work has commenced at Maylands by the aero club on the rebuild, but is a low priority to other maintenance work.
Struck-off Register by DCA
New registration application: Royal Aero Club of WA Inc, Maylands Aerodrome, Perth
Log book: first test flight Maylands after rebuild
Restored to Register as DH.87BVH-ABO
Log: local flight Maylands, pilot Jim Zucal
Log: local flight Maylands, pilot Charles W. Edmonds. Same 4.12.48
Log: Maylands-Albany WA, pilot C. W. Edmonds. Returned to Maylands next day
Change of ownership: Arthur H. Schutt & Frank Roche, Melbourne Vic
Log: 18 hours ferry flight from Perth to Melbourne over 3 days
Change of ownership: L. K. Hamblin, Ganmain NSW
Change of ownership: John T. Ford, Hillston NSW, later St George Qld
visited airshow Cootamundra NSW
Log: last recorded flight
Damaged at St George Aerodrome Qld, overturned when its shed was blown away by Cyclone Little Audrey
Struck-off Register
VH-ABO noted stored dismantled in a garage at 201 Victoria Street, St George Qld: generally good condition, cracked windscreen and minor damage, painted silver with blue trim. Has been stored here since blown over in 1964, still owned by John Ford who has not had the aircraft repaired because he erroneously believed DCA regulations required that all aircraft must have radio installed
Purchased from Ford by Sqn Ldr Geoff K. Mathews, Radio Section, RAAF Laverton Vic
Geoff Mathews and his brother arrived at St George by vehicle from Melbourne, towing a glider trailer to collect VH-ABO. Loaded the aircraft and moved it to Victoria
Under restoration at Werribee Vic by Geoff Mathews. The forward fuselage will be rebuilt to correct a unsatisfactory repair from the 1940 accident
VH-ABO noted at John Pettit's property "Wooloomanata", near Avalon Vic: restoration project. Also there was Pettit's airworthy DH.87A VH-UTE.

No recent reports

Maylands WA 1938, immediately after assembly.     Photo: Royal Aero Club of WA via Geoff Goodall collection

Flying at Maylands during an aero club event 13 November 1939.                             Geoff Goodall collection

VH-ABO visiting an airshow at Cootamundrs NSW in March 1962.                              Photo by Bob Neate

                           C/n 8066         DH.87B                              Myth Moth                                 VH-AMJ, VH-AFJ, VH-UDH
Built by De Havilland Aircraft .Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B
Registered G-ADMJ Clifford Ogle, Woodford
Change of ownership: Light Planes (Lancashire) Ltd, Avro Aerodrome, Woodford, Cheshire
Impressed by British Air Ministry, issued to RAF with serial W9389
W9389 was with RAF No.529 Squadron engaged on radar and Anti-Aircraft calibration work. Operated impressed Hornet Moths and Avro Rota autogiros along English coastal radar installations the length of the country as far north as Scotland using  Based at RAF Halton and later RAF Henley-on-Thames.

The following W9389 flights are recorded thanks to British researcher Darren Pitcher:

- 21.2.45 F/O Gillies to Brough for work with 5th Anti-Aircraft unit
- 1.5.45 W/O Davidson to Wick for azimuth calibration of Tannach 70 Wing
- 1.6.45 W/O Davidson at Wick for Tannach 75 Wing
- 22.6.45 W/O Davidson to RAF Henley from Wick on completion work with Tannach
W9389 ferried from 529 Sqn to No.5 Maintenance Unit Kemble, allotted for storage
Restored to Register G-ADMJ William A. Rollison, London
Change of ownership: Leonard H. Riddell, Harrogate
G-ADMJ noted in hangar at Sherburn-in-Elmet airfield
Sold to Australia
Australian Registration application:
Jayworth Tiles Ltd, Adelaide SA c/- J. G. Weatherspoon.  Based Parafield Airport
Being testflown at Parafield under its current British CofA
Registered VH-AMJ
Australian CofA issued
Forced landing Menalpyn SA due engine failure, no damage
Change of ownership: John P. Conley t/a Australian Aircraft Sales, Sydney NSW
Change of ownership: Wally G. Knight, Dennington Vic
Change of ownership: Hearns Hobbies, Melbourne Vic

Hearns Hobbies was a Hearn family-operated Melbourne city store specialising in aircraft models and flying kits. Established in the 1940s, it is still in business today.

noted at Moorabbin Vic, parked in a hangar
local flight over Melbourne, pilot B.G. Hearn
noted at Moorabbin, blue fuselage, silver wings, with white lettering, "Hearns Hobbies" on cowling
Change of ownership: M. L. Keating, Mackay Qld
Change of ownership: Thomas P. Drury, Brisbane Qld.   Named Myth Moth
noted at Brisbane-Archerfield, parked outside, yellow, black and white scheme
Departed Archerfield Qld as a competitor in the three-day Warana Air Race, race #59.
VH-AMJ was place as the overall winner. Painted yellow with black and white trim
Struck-off Register as withdrawn from service
Restored to Register as VH-AFJ: George C. Sutherland, Gympie Qld
Retained name Myth Moth
Previous registraton VH-AMJ had been re-allocated to another aircraft
VH-AFJ noted at Gympie Aerodrome in yellow, black and white scheme.
Sutherland's DH.85 VH-BAH was also present.
VH-AFJ and DH.85 VH-BAH noted in a hangar at George Sutherland's property "Sutherland Downs", 6 miles east of Gympie Qld
Auction of Sutherland's vintage aircraft collection. VH-AFJ was not sold
visited Maroochydore Qld airshow, yellow with black and white trim
Change of ownership: Malcolm D. Bone, Gympie Qld.  Retained name Myth Moth
flying, based Gympie Qld

Retired and stored on the premises of an ammunition factory at Gympie
Struck-off Civil Register
Still in storage at Gympie Qld by Malcolm Bone. Reports of its export to NZ were incorrect
Acquired by Alan McVinish, Toowoomba Qld
Removed from storage shed near Gympie and moved by road to Toowomba Airport Qld for inspection at Aviation Specialists Pty Ltd, where Alan is Chief Engineer.  The aircraft was then moved to Warwick Qld to commence an airworthy restoration.
Registered VH-UDH A.R. McVinish, Wilstonton Qld

Moorabbin 1956, blue fuselage, silver wings and white lettering.                               Photo by Eddie Coates

 About to go flying at a wet Moorabbin in May 1962, same blue and silver scheme with "Hearns Hobbies" in white.
Photo by Geoff Goodall

Just after dawn at Archerfield on 3 October 1969, lined up with other Warana Air Race competitors.
Race number 59 sticker has not yet been attached.             Photo by the early-rising Bob Livingstone

Re-registered VH-AFJ, seen at Gympie Aerodrome Qld in July 1976.                 Photo by Nigel Daw

                         C/n 8131           DH.87B                                                                                                        VH-UXY
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B
Registered G-AEZG: Dudley Stewart-Clark, Greywalls, East Lothian, Scotland
CofA issued
Change of ownership: John C. Stewart-Clark, Greywalls, East Lothian, Scotland
Change of ownership: Flight Refuelling Ltd, Tarrant-Rushton airfield, Dorset
Impressed by British Air Ministry as BK830

Military service during WWII not known
Restored to Register G-AEZG
Change of ownership: Vivian H. Bellamy t/a Flightways, Winchester
noted at Eastleigh under overhaul
Change of ownership: David Auld Graham, Glasgow, Scotland
noted at Scone, Scotland, based here
Change of ownership: William H. Byers & David B. Lindsay, Perth, Scotland
noted at Scone, Scotland, hangared with other resident aircraft. Also 5.56, 5.58
Change of ownership: Marian K. Wilberforce, Ramsden Heath, Essex
She had been a pilot in the RAF Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII, ferrying aircraft between bases, including 4 engined bombers
Based Stapleford owned by Mrs. Wilberforce
Sold to Sander Veenstra, Melbourne Vic Australia
Veenstra was a Dutch  businessman living in Melbourne who established a short-lived business venture in the late 1970s to import a variety of British-registered vintage aircraft for re-sale in Australia: Austers, Thruxton Jackaroo, Stinson 108, DH.89 Rapide.  They were shipped to Australia and most were assembled at Berwick near Melbourne,

Veenstra advertised the DH.87 in Australia prior to it being shipped from England
Commercial fisherman Don McBain, Port McDonnell SA signed an agreement to purchase G-AEZG based on his inspection of the aircraft on arrival in Australia.
(McBain had earlier attempted to purchase a DH.87 advertised in sale in South Africa but was forced to drop the purchase due to high shipping cost.)
Shipped to Australia
Struck-off British Register as sold to Australia
G-AEZG arrived crated at Casey Field, Berwick Vic where assembled.
Don McBain inspected it at Berwick prior to assembly and found the condition was satisfactory so his purchase went ahead
Added to Register VH-UXY:  Don A. McBain, Port MacDonnell SA
VH-UXY was ferried from Berwick Vic to Port MacDonnell SA by Don McBain and his son Harvey who was a LAME
UXY noted at Don McBain's airstrip Stringbag International at Mount Schank near Port MacDonnell. VH-UXY's CofA had lapsed. It had previously been maintained by a LAME at Ararat Vic, who had died and his paperwork not yet sorted. UXY will soon be ferried to Mount Gambier SA for CofA renewal.

Also based at this airstrip were Don McBain's DH.82 BPU, and 4 Austers owned by others.
At his house in Port MacDonnell, McBain also had former RAAF DH.82 A17-255 as a restoration project.
Advertised for sale: VH-UXY s/n 8131, Total airframe time 1,530 hrs, original engine,
red leather interior, very good condition.
noted at Nelson Vic in Don McBain's hangar, with DH.85 VH-BAH
noted at Nelson Vic in Don McBain’s hangar. Plate “G-AEZG” inside the cabin door.
Also in the hangar were Leopard Moth VH-BAH and five Tiger Moths.
Change of ownership: Geoffrey G. Wills, Ocean Grove Vic
visited Caboolture Qld fly-in, flown from Victoria by new owner Geoff Wills
visited Swan Hill Vic fly-in
Advertised for sale: total time 1607 hrs, 142hp Gipsy Major 1F.  Not sold.
visited Echuca Vic fly-in


VH-UXY at owner Don McBain's airstrip near Port Macdonnell SA in June 1983.      Photo by Geoff Goodall

Repainted in a "period" style scheme, visiting a fly-in at Swan Hill Vic in April 2005.      Photo by Phil Vabre

                          C/n 8085            DH.87B                                                                                                          G-ADUR
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B
Registered G-ADUR
CofA issued
Change of ownership: Rt Hon Lord Lloyd of Dolobran, Hendon
Change of ownership: De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Hatfield
Flew in camouflage as wartime civil-registered DH communications aircraft
Change of ownership: The London Aeroplane Club, Panshanger
noted at Panshanger, under overhaul in a hangar
Magazine report: London Aeroplane Club based at Panshanger has a fleet comprising:
4 Tiger Moths, 1 Moth Minor, 1 Auster, 2 Chipmunks and 2 Hornet Moths including G-ADUR
visited Southend, owner London Aeroplane Club
Change of ownership: L. W. Clark, Elstree.  Based Gatwick
noted at Gatwick, having CofA renewal inspection 
CofA renewal, owner L. W. Clark
visited Elstree for a fly-in
based at Panshanger until that airfield closed in 7.59 when it moved to Denham
visited Luton for a fly-in
visited Oxford-Kidlington for a fly-in
Change of ownership: George J. Davidson, Twickenham, Middlesex
Change of ownership notified. Not registered to new owner
Registered Webster Aviation Ltd, Leavesden Aerodrome
Change of ownership: Jannock Loan Co, London
Change of ownership: Spencer R. Flack, Shenley, Herts
Change of ownership: Roger C. Lenton, Cuckfield, West Sussex
Change of ownership: Wessex Aviation and Transport Ltd, Chalmington, Dorchester
Change of ownership: Richard A. Seeley, London
Currently airworthy, based on airstrip at Phoenix Farm, Lower Upham
noted at Popham, silver with red trim. Also 29.6.03
G-ADUR was among vintage aircraft shipped from Great Britain to New Zealand to take part in the New Zealand Bluff to Cape Air Rally.  Silver with red trim
Struck-off British Register as exported to USA
Registered N9026Y Lonnie E. Autry, Santa Cruz, California
N9026Y visited Antique Airfield, Blakesburg IA.  Still painted as G-ADUR, silver with red trim, with "N9026Y" on the tail and "Experimental" under the cockpit
Struck-off USCR as exported to Great Britain
Restored to British Register G-ADUR: Richard A. Seeley, London
Based Phoenix Farm, Lower Upham
Change of ownership: Willem A. Gerdes, Hailsham
visited Woburn Abbey fly-in, silver with yellow trim
noted at private farm strip, East Tisted, Hampshire
visited RAF Halton fly-in, silver with red trim, "For Sale" sign
Purchased in England by John Fisher, Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
Struck-off British Register, sold to Australia
Unpacked from crate at Maryborough airfield, assembled as G-ADUR

John Fisher was closely involved in the formation of an aviation museum at Marybough airport, which became The Old Aviators Flying Museum Inc
Two hangars at the airport displayed a variety of vintage aircraft and artifacts, with an emphasis on De Havilland types. G-ADUR displayed in immaculate condition, silver with red trim

John Fisher was killed when his Tiger Moth VH-GVA crashed on takeoff from Maryborough Vic on 27.1.12.  His widow continued his association with the airport museum until its closure in late 2015.
G-ADUR sold to Paul Harvey, Old Buckenham, England
Restored to British Register G-ADUR: Paul R. Harvey & Caroline J. Harvey, Old Buckenham

Current, flying in England

G-ADUR visiting a fly-in at Woburn Abbey in August 1987.                                       Photo by Roland Jahne

Two views of G-ADUR in The Old Aviators Flying Museum at Marybough Vic in September 2015.
 Photos by Dion Makowski

                          c/n 8136            DH.87B                                                                                               SE-AGE
Built by De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd at Hatfield. Production DH.87B
Delivered to Norrkoping, Sweden
Registered SE-AGE  Norrkoping Automobile and Flying Club 

Svensk Flygtjanst
Operated as a target tug for military gunners
Damaged Lake Storuman, Sweden while target towing
Sold by Rune Hedlund, Falkoping, Sweden

Aerobolaget Tengler

E Jerreborn

L Andersson, Hagersten, Sweden
CofA lapsed
Struck-off Register
Owned by Föreningen Veteranflyg, Kungsangen Airport, Norrköping.
Under restoration to airworthy in their hangar at Kungsangen Airport
Restored to Register SE-AGE:  Föreningen Veteranflyg, Norrköping
Rolled out at Norrkoping after extensive rebuild. Blue & silver.
Purchased by Umberto (Bert) Filippi, Perth, Western Australia

Stored in Sweden for several years then shipped to Perth WA
SE-AGE noted at Serpentine airfield WA, parked in Bert Filippi's hangar, wings folded back,
blue and silver.

DH.87B SE-AGE at Serpentine airfield WA in March 2015.                                              Photo by David Eyre

                       *                         *                          *                          *                          *                       *                                    *

                         VISITING HORNET MOTH PK-WDR:

                          DH.87B PK-WDR (c/n 8095) was a new aircraft registered to W. D. Rous of Batavia, Netherlands East Indies
during 1936. Rous was De Havilland Aircraft's agent for the NEI. On 22 September that year Rouse, accompanied by
H. J. van Beekman, departed Batavia in the Hornet Moth for a holiday trip to Australia. They crossed the Timor Sea to Wyndham
then flew to Broome and south down the WA coast, arriving at Perth late in the afternoon of 28 September.

                        On 30 September 1936 Rous and van Beekman departed Perth for Kalgoorlie but did not arrive and were posted
missing.  They had made a forced landing on a dry salt lake after becoming lost while diverting around a severe storm. They
camped with the aircraft for 4 days, using up their small supply of food and water. Eight aircraft took part in an aerial search,
including a Short Scion sent from Adelaide.  They were finally located on 2 October by Captain Charles W. Snook flying an
Airlines(WA) Ltd Spartan VH-URB. He dropped food and water. Next day a MMA Dragon flown by Captain Jimmy Woods
landed alongside the Hornet Moth. Both men were suffering from exposure. After transferring some fuel from the Dragon,
PK-WDR was flown to Kalgoorlie that evening by Aero Club of WA pilot Bob Giles, accompanied by Rous.

                       After resting in Kalgoorlie,  the Dutchmen departed on 6 October 1936 to continue their flight around Australia.
First they made an unsuccessful search for the lake where they made their forced landing with hopes of landing to collect their
abandoned baggage, so continued to Zanthus, Rawlinna and Adelaide. The log book for H. C. Miller's Lockheed Vega VH-UVK
has a notation to a flight Adelaide-Perth on 9 October by MMA Captain James Woods "Half hour search for Dutchmen's baggage
at Zanthus". A truck was sent from Kalgoorlie to collect the luggage, which contained important papers and their passports.
PK-WDR flew on to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Charleville and then completed the adventurous holiday flight back to the
Netherlands East Indies.

PK-WDR at Kalgoorlie WA in October 1936, after being lost for four days.               Geoff Goodall collection

Two views of PK-WDR at Kalgoorlie aerodrome October 1936 after its forced landing on a dry lake bed.
Both courtesy of Robert Beer, whose father took the original photographs.

                       *                         *                          *                          *                          *                       *                                    *

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